October 2017 Digital Marketing News Updates

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October 2018 digital marketing news updates

Krista Neher

Oct 13 2017

Don’t spend hours researching to stay up-to-date! We’ve compiled the October 2017 Digital Marketing News Updates to keep you current on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram,  YouTube, SnapChat, and more!

Facebook News Updates

  • Crisis Response on Facebook – While it’s important to ultimately help the community, this is interesting from a PR perspective as they are focused on getting out the news in a timely and accurate manner. What a smart way that Facebook is trying to connect with news sources where people already are. In a crisis, we turn to Facebook to check in, report that we’re safe, and get the news about a crisis.
  • Facebook Messages Objective – There are new options for Facebook ads (coming soon to all advertisers). Here’s the really interesting part: “54.4% of US social media users said they preferred messaging channels, including Messenger, over email, phone and online chat.” These are ads that open conversations in Messenger and help reach people who more likely to reply to your business.
  • Facebook continues to introduce more ways to drive offline outcomes – They recognize that while online shopping is growing, 90% of sales still take place in store. So what solutions are they introducing? Businesses can now build custom audiences from their offline conversion sets – it enables businesses to re-engage shoppers based on their offline interactions. For example, a real estate company shows ads to people who scheduled a showing over the phone. You can also create lookalike audiences to find potential shoppers that share same characteristics. Also, the in-store visits objective (which is an ad type – when you setup an ad, you choose your objective) is an estimated metric, based on information gathered from people who have location services enabled. This helps to understand the impact of ads on foot traffic. And now you can create custom audiences based on who recently visited your store.
  • Facebook continues to crack down on the misuse of ads – They’re disallowing the targeting of some very specific demographics. This just shows a continuing trend by Facebook to provide a good user experience, even through advertisement.”

LinkedIn News Updates

  • LinkedIn announces audience network – it’s an ad network, but the targeting is really interesting and specific. Re-targeting ads can be annoying and not relevant, or there’s the fear that your ad will show on a competitor site. This is a great solution!

Twitter News Updates

  • Twitter brings teams to mobile! It’s now easier for teams to manage via mobile. Where this is helpful is if you have team members in the field, restaurant or retail, at an event, or conference simultaneously collaborating.
  • Twitter rolls out a 280 character limit for some – Users were annoyed enough with the 140 character limit that they were hacking the system to get longer tweets out there. Twitter has tested things like not counting images and usernames against the character count, but now they’re testing what we all want – the longer limit.

Instagram News Updates

Youtube News Updates

Snapchat News Updates

Pinterest News Updates

  • Hashtags! – Pinterest has finally rolled out the use of hashtags as a filing and discovery function on the platform.

Digital Marketing News Updates

  • Influencer marketing just got a major crackdown by the FTC – Now more than ever, it’s incredibly important to understand the regulations the FTC has surrounding influencer marketing and the transparency of brand affiliation. There’s a great infographic in this article with guidance on how to operate legally in this space.

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