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Krista Neher

Nov 03 2013

At the Pubcon conference last week I had the pleasure of hearing Annalise Kaylor, the associate creative director at AimClear talk about how to optimize for edgerank.

Facebook engagement ratesSome of the Edgerank trends to consider…. 

  • Facebook engagements have gone WAY up versus even a few years ago. People are open to like, comment and share your posts if they are done right.
  • Your Facebook competition isn’t your competitors. It is the other content that your audience is interested in. If you are coke, you aren’t competing against Pepsi, you are competing against cute dogs, and my friends baby and the latest post from UpWorthy that my friends are sharing.
  • Cheap tactics that ask for engagements are annoying. Don’t think that your audience is dumb. Asking them to like for mundane reasons can be insulting and annoying….. cheap tactics on Facebook can isolate your fans.

How can YOU optimize for edgerank:

  • On-site images should be highly relevant and check out how your metadata is pulling in images from your site. You can also upload images to your page when sharing a link on your page – optimize this image to maximize their impact.
  • Facebook analytics should be your best friend. Analyze what is driving your page and what content may be driving “unlikes” of your page.
  • Tag your webpages so that you can see exactly where your website traffic is coming from. Your SEO or web development team can help you customize your links to see where your traffic is coming from.
  • Social media isn’t a part of one persons job – it is everyones job
  • Redefine good content – content that breaks through the noise requires a lot of effort – it isn’t just about throwing up quick content that isn’t GREAT isn’t going to work. Great content can generate links, traffic, exposure and social media awareness
  • Use A/B testing to understand the content that is most effective – you can use location targeting to run tests and see what works.

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