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An Overview of Ello, The Social Network (VIDEO)

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Krista Neher

Oct 27 2014

A month ago, Ello was supposed to be “the next big thing”. Since then, interest has seemed to decline as marketers get back to work on the social networks that people actually use.

If you’ve bee interested in Ello but don’t have an invite or the time to check it out for yourself, I created a quick video overview of Ello. You can see exactly what Ello is and how Ello works.

The bottom line on Ello:

  • Very limited functionality
  • Not easy to use
  • People don’t seem to be on it
  • It can’t do much
  • No mobile app (50% of social network traffic is mobile)
  • Don’t waste your time (unless there are further developments)

If Google+ (which arguably has better functionality than Facebook) couldn’t get people to switch, Ello isn’t really going to make a splash.

Should I consider using Ello for Business Marketing?


Fish where the fish are.

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