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Planning Your Digital Marketing Investments for 2022

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Planning Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2022

Krista Neher

Nov 18 2021

2022 is around the corner and many businesses are starting the planning process. But with so many options on where to spend money and focus, how should you focus and prioritize your plan for 2022?

There are so many “trends” and ideas that it can be overwhelming:

  • The metaverse (especially after the Facebook name change)
  • AI and smart automation
  • Chatbots and customer care
  • Influencer marketing
  • Smart devices
  • Voice activation
  • Cookieless advertising
  • Privacy and marketing
  • Blockchain + Bitcoin + NFTs

Not to mention to core components of your digital marketing execution in the existing digital landscape:

Digital Marketing Ecosystem and Landscape


So where to focus your digital strategy in 2022? What really matters? How do you see through the noise and prioritize.

Prioritize Your Digital Spend: Hero, Hub, Hygiene

The key to maximizing your ROI as you plan is to FOCUS on the things that add true value to your business and OPTIMIZE those things. NOT taking on more things. Do fewer things better to unlock real digital growth.

Digital Investment Prioritization - Hero, hub, hygiene


First of all, most businesses don’t have the Digital Marketing Foundations optimized and running smoothly. This is where the bulk of your effort should be. This is the tried and true marketing that you know works. Sometimes as marketers we have a “set it and forget it” mindset once something is “launched”.

In digital we need to be focused on always optimizing the HUB. The fastest way to grow your ROI is to do the things that you know work even better.


The hygiene part of the pyramid are the foundational things that you have to do, but don’t necessarily drive ROI. For example, you need a phone number, email address and website, regardless of whether you can directly tie these back to ROI.

Depending on your business maturity your hygiene focus may be more or less, but these are things that you need to do. They don’t need to be done great or fully optimized, but they need to be in place.


Hero is your innovation spend. Here you focus on trying new things. These don’t have to be break-through ideas – they can be things that are new to you and not yet proven. For example, if a B2B business hasn’t done LinkedIn ads, that could be an innovation for them. If a consumer business has been exploring Snap Chat, that could be innovation.

The key to the innovation budget is to make sure that you have a plan in place to test and learn. The goal should be to prove that something works (or doesn’t) and move it into the hub.

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