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Social Media Automation: What you should NEVER Automate

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Krista Neher

Nov 04 2014

Social Media AutomationWhen it comes to social media, everyone is looking for ways to save time and become more efficient. One of the ways to do this is to automate social media. Even in the early days of social media, services automating almost every aspect of social media quickly emerged.

As social media usage by businesses and individuals has grown automation has become even more popular.

While social media marketers have opinions about automation – some say never automate anything and others automate everything – there is a happy middle ground. There are some aspects of social media that can and should be automated, like posting, while other types of automation can backfire and annoy people, like automatic replies.

Here is a quick rundown of what you should and shouldn’t automate.

What to Automate:

  • Scheduling standard posts (tips, advice, etc.)
  • Scheduling promotional posts
  • Repromoting your content (that is evergreen – even then be careful)

What not to Automate:

  • Replying to people
  • Automatically posting from one social network to another (customize your posts for each channel)
  • Direct messages
  • Automatic responses

What to Carefully Automate:

  • Following and unfollowing people
  • Likes/Favorites

The bottom line is that you don’t want to annoy people with spammy content or responses that are not relevant or genuine. While automation can help speed up some of your social media management, be very cautious about what you automate and be sure to check back to make sure that your automation is working the way you think it does.

You can’t just put it on autopilot and forget about it. Check back often to make sure that it works the way you think it does.

3 Replies to “Social Media Automation: What you should NEVER Automate”

  1. Automation is good but over automation can be devastating for a brand or an individual. Useful content promotion with moderated automation is a handy way to save time and reach millions on social media sites.
    Krista, thanks for sharing and I further sharing this with my followers.

      1. Hey Krista ..Thanks man.I read your content very often.it is as always very unique and interesting.I usually do automation for social media posting and also use automation to increase my page’s followers and likes.But i don’t know there will be any problem can happen.but after read i think i should not use excessive automation.

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