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Top 3 Digital Marketing Questions From Our Latest Boot Camp

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Allison Chaney

Aug 01 2019

We just wrapped up another SOLD OUT Boot Camp (I love saying that!) and this class came prepared with loads of great questions. So we decided to share the top three questions, and what this class learned.

Q: How do I convert my Facebook Personal Profile to a Business Page? 

A: If you’ve found that your business page was setup incorrectly, or if you have a personal brand that is big enough that you should actually be considered a public figure, then you might need to convert your page. It’s quite easy: just follow the steps here

Q: Is there a way to test an image to see if it passes the 20% text rule for Facebook ads?

A: Ahh the 20% ad text rule. If you’ve run an ad in Facebook, you’ve probably had at least one rejected because there was more than 20% text on the ad image. It’s frustrating! Here is a link to the Facebook Text Overlay Checker. Before uploading your ad to the Ad Manager, run it through this tool to test it. You can save a ton of time by submitting an ad that is more likely to be approved on the first try.

Q: How do we add captions to video?

A: We have a cheat sheet for that! Sorry, this one’s only for our members. But you can get the cheat sheet (and a TON of additional awesome resources) by signing up for our All Access Pass.

Every one of our Digital Marketing Boot Camps is unique, and this group really brought it with insightful questions that sparked lots of exciting conversation. Although we have a basic outline that we cover, no two Boot Camps are ever the same. Even these 3 questions took our conversation and training into discussions about influencer marketing, Facebook ad creative, and video production.

We love the smart marketers who take our courses and look forward to their questions. We truly mean it when we say this training is for YOU and when you come with great questions, you can make the training what you want it to be!

Are YOU the next smart marketer who’s joining us in our next training? Get your questions ready and sign up soon! Seriously – we sell out and our waiting list has a waiting list so click here to check out which city we’ll be in next. Don’t miss out on getting your questions answered by our team of digital marketing experts!

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