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5 Tips For Boosting SEO By Using Social Media

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Krista Neher

Aug 23 2017

Is there a connection between boosting SEO and posting on social media?

Will social media help me get to the top of a Google search?

As a service, Google wants to give you options that will be helpful to you and will provide you with the most relevant results. So how does Google decide which results are most relevant? When it comes to ranking in search engines the goal is to show that people are naturally interested in learning about you.

The most critical step in getting to the top of Google is creating great content. If you have information on your website that people find useful, Google will direct people to it. Whether the content on your pages is product information, guides, videos, infographics, lists, etc. this is what will motivate people to visit your site. More visits to your site will further validate your site as a relevant search result.

To up your SEO game even more, you need to have other sources link to your site. Having great content will naturally drive more people to share your information and direct others to your site.

Social media mentions actually play a huge role in constituting your site as a relevant option in search engine results. The more people being led to your site the more authoritative you appear to Google. Facebook shares, tweets, pins, shared articles, and other social sharing that link back to your site help designate your site as something of value.

Chances are you’ll have more links to your website and more social media mentions if you have great content. So, you see the correlation here:

Great Content + Social Media Mentions and Links Back to Your Site = Higher Google Ranking

When you think about how SEO and social media work together, consider this:

  1. Create good content on your website so that people are mentioning and sharing your information. Know what your audience is interested in and remember that this is always evolving. Always be listening so that you are providing relevant content on your site.
  2. Create good content on multiple social media platforms. For example, Boot Camp Digital created a YouTube video called “What Is A Hashtag” and it has received nearly 150,000 views. Now, when you Google “What Is A Hashtag” our video appears second on the list of search engine results. These YouTube views are linked to our website and drive our overall content ranking.
  3. Social media should naturally be driving good traffic back to your website. Be sure your customers are happy, entertained, informed, and are excited to share your products or services. Keep involved with your audience and stay focused on customer service. While the number of followers or likes on your social media networks increases brand awareness, it’s the sharing of good quality content that is going to excel your business as a credible resource.
  4. Each social network has their own set of search tools. Ensure the conversations happening around your company on social media are promoting you in a positive way. Also, keep involved in conversations around topics related to your field so that your business appears in searches related to your products or services.
  5. Don’t forget about your actual social media profiles themselves. Often your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social pages show up at the top of a search result when someone is searching for you online. Visitors may look here first to understand more about your business before even checking out your website.

Showing authority in your field works every time

In order to keep momentum in the climb to the top of search engine results, you need to show that you have authority in your field. Consistently produce excellent content that people are interested in and want to share. Use social media to broaden visibility and gain authority – build your outreach and get people engaged. The more your brand appears online the more credibility you receive over time and the higher you’ll rank in search engine results.


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