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Social Media Marketing: What’s In It For B2B Companies?

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Apr 13 2011

Social media marketing is being so successfully adopted by consumer oriented companies that everyday there are more and more cases, tips and triumph stories on how to use social media in the business to consumer market.  There are definitely less real examples and inspiring stories in the business to business environment, but this shouldn’t deter you!  According to statistics on socialmediab2b.com the interest and use of social media in the B2B sector is growing: 53.5% of surveyed B2B companies said they currently use social media tools as a part of their marketing strategy.   This is a perfect time for you to create your own story on how to grow your business with social media marketing that you can share tomorrow with the world.

It’s no longer a secret that social media is a great asset for a company.  If you are still wondering what is in it for the business to business environment here are 3 key reasons why social media is so important for B2B companies.

Building relationships

handshakeSocial media allows you to present your company online and work in different directions like connecting with consumers, generating leads, delivering customer service, testing new ideas and many others.  It doesn’t matter what your company chooses, the main goal is to engage your targeted audience online and continue your relationship in real life.

Using social media tools as B2B company brings you to a completely new level of communication with your partners, customers and vendors.  Your interaction becomes more casual, relaxed and has a personal touch to it.  This makes it easier to negotiate price increases, production issues or new product sales.  Social media is a great way to build a deeper connection!

Social media boosts traffic to your website

trafficIn today’s reality you need more than just a website with a list of your products and services.  If you want to stay competitive online and recognizable by search engines you have to be more active on internet and let people find you and your employees via social media platforms.

Connecting social media accounts between each other and with your company’s website and providing a website’s link on each employee’s LinkedIn profile are some of the best ways to increase traffic to your website and make yourself more visible online.  This will give your B2B company a new way of generating more sales leads for your business.  People are always searching for information and you can be the one who is sharing it with others in your industry field.

Your competitors and customers are already out there

Waiting might cost you too much in a long run if you are still sitting and debating ‘To be or not to be on social media websites?’. During this contemplation your competitors are all out there building new contacts and becoming industry leaders.

Your customers, who you think don’t use social media at all, are taking the plunge into social media outlets at home and in the work place as we speak.

For those of you who are saying to yourself, my customers, vendors and business partners are not involved in social media, ask yourself these questions: How many young professionals graduating college are involved in social media? How many young professionals do I know that communicate more through social media than email, phone and person to person interaction?  Who is the face of future growth for my business?  Is my business communicating in a way that will reach out to them?

Why does your B2B company need to start using social media?  Share your ideas with us!

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