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Social Media Question: Is a Facebook Post Boost Worth It?

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Krista Neher

May 18 2017

What is your advice or opinion on Facebook Post Boost suggested by Facebook after I posted an article on my FB Business Page? 


The short answer is yes. The longer answer is “heck yeah”.

Boosted posts are:

  • Cheap (cost effective)
  • Can be targeted
  • Drive results
  • Quick and easy

But only if you do them right.

Why you should boost posts:

First of all, if you’re posting on Facebook, your organic reach will probably be very low. There are some businesses that spend a lot of time creating content that gets high organic reach, but it’s rare. More and more, you should expect to get 5% or less of your fans to be reach organically. That’s why Facebook always suggests you do boosted posts.

If your content isn’t good enough to pay to drive views, it probably isn’t worth posting anyways.

How Much Should You Spend:

In terms of the budget, I can’t say if $5 for 2400 people is good or bad. It depends on your targeted audience. I’d rather spend more to reach people that make sense. If Facebook is offering to boost a post to the people who like my page and their friends, how many of those people are relevant to me? There’s no way of knowing.

You Have to TARGET!!!!

What I recommend is that if you’re going to boost anything on Facebook, spend some time targeting. If you’re a local business, target geographically. At Boot Camp Digital, we’re always going to target job roles, age, gender, etc so that we’re getting the right people. $5 for 2400 people is really cheap, but if they’re the wrong people then who cares? It’s a waste of your time and energy. Don’t focus so much on how much it is to reach how many people. Focus on reaching the right people.

If Your Posts aren’t Getting Results it is You

Facebook ads are an efficient and effective way to drive business results. If you run ads but don’t get results you probably need to evaluate your strategy and implementation. It is probably you, not them. Almost any business can get results from Facebook ads when done well.

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