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Social Media Training in 2013: What You Should Know

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Feb 05 2013

Unless you were just MIA in 2012, you know it was a huge year in the world of social media. At this point, social media marketing isn’t a Visual Social Medianew project that businesses focus on when they have time – it’s a necessity for any company that wants to connect with consumers in the modern world. If you don’t believe me, just check the statistics:

  • Facebook now has over 1 BILLION users!
  • Twitter has over 500 million users.
  • Pinterest was the fastest-growing network to reach the 10 million unique visitor mark.
  • There are 575 likes and 81 comments by Instagram users every second.
  • The Google +1 button is used 5 billion times per day.

So hopefully at this point, you’ve agreed you need to look into some social media training classes – even if you’ve had them in the past! When it comes to searching for the perfect training program in 2013, here’s what you should think about:

It’s not just about learning how to use networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and the like. It’s so much more than that. When it comes to planning your strategy for 2013 and beyond, your focus should be earned media – meaning that you have to earn the attention of consumers and fans online by having great social media accounts, posting relevant content, sharing cool articles and pictures, and the like.

This isn’t a television commercial, where you pay thousands of dollars because you know the viewers have to listen to you. If your Twitter account is spammy or your Facebook page is boring, then click! – your customer is gone in a millisecond.

When it comes to getting yourself prepared and up-to-speed with the latest in social media, you need to find the training programs, books, webinars, free reports, white papers, and more that are going to show you how to post the right content, how to connect with customers, and how to come off as being real people behind the scenes – not just a giant corporation or robotic company posting about themselves all day.

So that’s what you need to think about what it comes to searching for the perfect social media course today. The days of talking about yourself constantly and assuming people will listen are long gone. If you’re stressed out, don’t be. There’s plenty of content out there that can help, including an awesome social media marketing training course that we run every quarter, our 2-Day Boot Camp! The content is updated constantly because – hey, social media is constant. This is where you’ll get the most in-depth, up-to-date, personalized, comprehensive, results-oriented program you can find out there! And it’s even $400 off until this Friday!

Our 2-Day Social Media Boot Camp is coming up in Cincinnati February 27th-28th, and we do have a couple spots left. So stop being passive and start being active! Whatever you do to get your social media marketing on track, just remember – it’s always about the fan, not the company!

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