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4 Social Video Stats You Can No Longer Ignore

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5 Tips for Creating Great Video

Allison Chaney

Jan 03 2018

It’s undeniable that video is an incredibly powerful form of content. It’s engaging, entertaining, and everyone’s viewing it. When you do it right, the results are amazing. When you don’t, they’re disappointing, at best. We’ve got social video stats to prove why it needs to be part of your digital strategy immediately, even if you’re uneasy.

4 social video stats that should matter to you:

  • 92% of mobile viewers share videos with others (Invodo)
  • Internet video traffic will be over 80% of all consumer traffic by 2019. (Cisco)
  • 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. (TechSmith)
  • Video content drives an increase in organic traffic from search engines over 150% (Brightcove)

Why marketers resist video:

If you haven’t incorporated video into your digital strategy yet, you’re not alone. For some, it feels like one of the most intimidating forms of content to tackle. If having a professional feel is paramount, production costs can grow quickly. If you’re not editing savvy, you’ll take a hit in time learning how. If you’re shy in front of the camera, figuring out what to feature on the screen while you get your messaging across can seem daunting.

Despite there being a list of reasons why it’s difficult to jump into video, if you care at all about your engagement rates, there’s only one reason you need to take the leap NOW. Instead of focusing on it being perfect, focus on the video being on-message. Instead of investing times of time and money, risking it not ever being completed, focus on getting something simple done.

Follow these 5 tips for creating great video:

  • Make your audience feel something immediately – you have two seconds, max, to grab their attention.
  • Make sure your value proposition is clear from the start. What in this video for me?
  • Add captions to your video so they are useful when watched without sound.
  • Use Live Video to share important information in real time.
  • Put your storytelling skills to work by creating great stories through video.

Check out the Boot Camp Digital collection of videos on Facebook for examples.

One Reply to “4 Social Video Stats You Can No Longer Ignore”

  1. Allison, even I watch Facebook videos without sound when I travel in the metro. Yes, the video has a great impact on the modern marketing mix. It has become a powerful tool for any marketing campaign. I prefer to watch videos which are really appealing and hold s a bold content about service. Video length is very important as Youtube prefer short videos for ranking faster. Live video streaming with a combination of appealing content is the best way to promote any service which is seasonal. I personally go live on Facebook when I want to pull more students for my academy by offering discounts on different pieces of training. It works tremendously and allow me to do live interaction with my followers and also increase my site traffic.

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