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The Facebook Marketing Checklist [Infographic]

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Carolyn Coates

Mar 13 2014

With well over 1.2 billion Facebook users, you can’t ignore that they are looking for your brand on Facebook – you need to make sure they can find you.

So how do you get their attention?

Facebook Brand Pages are facing more difficulty than ever to get in front of their target audience. It’s important to make sure your marketing efforts are effective and efficient. Here are a few key tips to master the basics of Facebook Marketing…

1. Optimize Your Page 

By using recognizable, branded images for your profile photo and cover photo as well as filling out your company description efficiently, you can improve your ranking in both Facebook and Google search. Give the important details your customers need to know – location, contact info, hours of operation, etc..

2. Connect with Your Audience

Fill in the blanks about your brand by telling our story using Facebook milestones – include founding dates, when products were added, and other big moments. Bring in your audience from other sites by promoting your Facebook page on your website and other networks. Create a brand personality and share a variety of relevant content that your audience would find interesting.

3. Maintain Your Presence

You can’t just create a Page and walk away from it – stay on top of what’s going on by replying to messages, responding to posts by others on your page, and create a calendar of fresh content. Prioritize what you need to do so you aren’t wasting time.

4. Improve and Refine

Facebook analytics offer a huge amount of information. Spend time analyzing demographics of your audience as well as what posts have done well to learn from both. Test ads and boost posts to see what your audience responds to most. Finally, don’t try to reinvent the wheel – take a look at your competitors’ Facebook Pages to see what’s working for them.

Use the Facebook Marketing Checklist infographic to make sure your Page is on the right track. Pin it, tweet it, share it, and keep it in your pocket to use next time you visit Facebook. Check out our Facebook Marketing Training to learn even more.

The Facebook Marketing Cheklist 

This is only the beginning, our Facebook 101 Training will cover everything you need to know to start seeing results for your brand’s Page on Facebook. Register today!

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