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This Week in Social Media: Klout Steps Up Its Game, Facebook Admin Changes, LinkedIn Company Page Updates, and More!

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This week in social media

Carolyn Coates

Feb 14 2014

This week in social media

This week in social media brought big changes for LinkedIn. With over 277 million users, LinkedIn is helping you take your personal and company page to the next level. Twitter’s redesign might not be here to stay with new options in the mix while Facebook changes admin capabilities to help manage your page.

Stay on top of your game with the new Klout capabilities and search Pinterest by your interests. Can’t make it to a Google hangout? Call in from your phone through a new app. Learn how these changes can affect you and your brand…

1. LinkedIn: How You’re Connected

LinkedIn How You're Connected

LinkedIn recently added this feature to find the strongest commonalities between you and someone you’re not connected with. When looking for an introduction, you can see “who” in your network knows them and now also “how.”

Why is this helpful?

Now, you will be able to tell which common connection is most valuable for an introduction. This is an added way to expand your network and grow connections – take advantage of it today.

2. Twitter’s Redesign – More Changes Ahead

Not long after announcing the more appealing profile for Twitter users, rumors are a new one is again in the works. The newer version resembles Facebook and Pinterest featuring photos and includes additional changes.

How does this change Twitter for you?

Twitter's New RedesignTwitter is always testing so it’s unknown whether this design will happen but it emphasizes the importance of photos. Creating appealing photos and videos is vital – if that’s not your forte, check out our Instagram, Infographics, and Images Online Training or our Marketing in 15 Seconds or Less Online Training.

3. Pin Your Interests

A new tool allows you to explore Pinterest based on a wide variety of interests – available on desktop and mobile soon. The more you use Pinterest and your interests change in real life, so will they on Pinterest.


How can you take advantage of this?

Before, pins were organized in broad categories. Rich, descriptive board names and pin descriptions will help Pinterest organize your uploaded pins into the new interests and easier for consumers to find.

4. Klout Steps Up Its Game

New Klout Changes

Recent changes have morphed Klout into a social media “coach” with information about your activity as well as a stream to easily share content to all networks – similar to Hootsuite. Additionally, you can morph and track your impact, schedule content posts, and more.

Is this of any value?

Klout is a great way to now watch over your activity on all networks with an easy way to see when you haven’t been active. Check it out to see your score and opportunities to grow your personal and company brand online.

5. Call into Hangouts

UberConference gives the hangout creator a free phone number that those wishing to join through their phone can call and connect. Join a hangout, see who’s talking, mute the call, record the call, and more – check out the demo below…

How is this helpful?

Google hangouts are a great way to connect with consumers, colleagues, friends, and more – this provides an extra way for people to join hangouts and connect on the go.

6. Facebook Admin Changes

Recently announced, Facebook admins can edit link and text only updates, finally. Starting February 20th, Page admin names will appear next to updates and comments they post – only admins can see names.

Does this affect you?

Facebook Page Admin RulesAllowing Page admins to finally edit updates is huge – everyone has hit “post” at one point or another just to see a typo. If you’re page has many admins, the new feature of seeing who posts what is helpful. In case anything inappropriate was ever posted, you can easily identify the responsible party.

7. New LinkedIn Company Page Updates

New LinkedIn Company Page features include the option to upload a custom image to accompany a link, like and comment as the company, and the new company feed you can see at linkedin.com/company/home.

Can this be valuable?

Upload Image on LinkedInLinkedIn recently purchased Bright, a matching service for prospects and employers for $120 million so it isn’t going anywhere. Company pages are great ways to connect with current and potential employees and build brand awareness, learn how to optimize your company page in our LinkedIn 101 Online Training.

Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions for next time. Have a great weekend!


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