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Using SlideShare to Increase Exposure and Grow Your Brand

I got an email from Slideshare recapping my stats from 2009.  I speak and present at a variety of industry events on social media, branding and digital marketing, and slideshare has been a valuable tool for me to share my presentations with participants and those who were not able to make it.

First, for those of you who don’t know, Slideshare.com is a free service where you can post and share slideshow presentations.  I speak at a variety of events and this gives me a way to share my presentations with attendees.  In addition Slideshare allows you to show a video from your blog or linkedin account.

According to Slideshare, in 2009, I uploaded 11 presentations and got:

  • 858 average views per presentation
  • 42 favorites

My presentations were also featured by SlideShare on their homepage twice (YAY!)

I was pretty shocked with these results – almost 10,000 people have seen my slideshare presentations.

What is that exposure worth?

10,000 people were exposed to my brand and ideas AND I was only sharing content that I had already created!  These were also high touch impressions – they didn’t casually see an ad for my business – they took time to look through a presentation that I created about an idea related to my area of business.

If you aren’t using SlideShare as a part of your social media brand building strategy, you may want to reconsider.

When I get speaker requests, I often send people to my SlideShare account to give them an idea of my presentations.  I also get requests from colleagues to borrow slides for their presentations (which I am happy to do and they usually give me credit).

Below is my most popular speaking presentation – given to the Cincinnati AMA on Online Brand and Reputation Management.

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