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This week in social media… More changes in your Newsfeed, Twitter Ads, and Slideshares

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Patrick Carroll

Sep 22 2014

Newsfeeds Changes, Again

Seeing more trending topics in your Newsfeed? Facebook’s most recent newsfeed update is giving posts related to a trending topic a higher ranking in your feed. And with the obvious goal of providing the most timely and relevant content to your newsfeed, Facebook will also be measuring the rate at which posts receive likes, and not just the overall number of likes, when deciding whether or not to show you a post.

trending topics

What does this mean for your business page? Facebook says this update will apply to pages as well, so post often about trending topics (related to your page) in order to see higher engagement. Also expect that posts receiving little attention early on won’t turn the tables and go viral.

Turn Your Slideshares Into Animated GIFs

Sharing slideshares just got a lot more exciting. The new tool GIFdeck.in allows you to take the URL of your slideshare and instantly turn it into an animated version of your presentation in the form of a GIF. You can even determine timing between slides and size of the GIF.

Here’s our first test:


Twitter Improves Audiences and Ad Targeting Tools

Twitter is now letting you use more data to find your customers on Twitter. Basic retargeting from your website is just a small part of what Twitter Ads can do for you. In a recent blog post, Twitter released details of their newest improvements to “tailored audiences”:
“To augment the total reach of tailored audiences you can create using your customer info, you can now build audiences using mobile phone numbers in addition to email addresses.”

As an added bonus, once you’ve built your audience, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of the new feature “look-alike” targeting. This will allow you to target Twitter users who are similar to your audience. Twitter continues to expand its ad platform and is doing everything in its power to make its targeting tools as powerful as Facebook’s. If you haven’t yet, dive into ads.twitter.com to check out some of the features.

Twitter Updates Profiles on the Iphone

“This is our biggest update to profiles to date, and we hope you enjoy what’s new. Featuring a fresh design, the updated profiles focus on your bio, Tweets and photos, making it easy for you to get a glimpse into the people you care about on Twitter.”

Why should you care? This new update puts a stronger emphasis on your profile and recent activity. Do a quick audit of your photos and bio to make sure your profile is looking sharp.

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