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This Week in Social Media… Facebook adds two new features, Twitter Offers rolls-out, and Vine adds Favorites

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Juan Valle

Dec 01 2014

In this edition of “This Week in Social Media,” we talk about Facebook launched two new updates with FB Techwire and Facebook Groups, Twitter adds their biggest update with Twitter Offers, and Vine allows you to favorite Viners.

Facebook Introduces FB Techwire

Earlier this year Facebook launched FB Newswire, which made it easy for journalists and newsrooms to find, share and embed newsworthy content. Just this past week, Facebook took it a step further and rolled out FB Techwire, which focuses on useful content from technology influencers and organizations.

Facebook Techwire

Content focused on breaking news, first-person analysis, photos and videos will be featured on FB Techwire. Similar to FB Newswire, this resource is a great place to find content that users, depending on your industry of course, may find very useful. Both FB Newswire and FB Techwire is powered by Storyful, which verifies such posts for accuracy.

Talking with Groups is Easier with Facebook Groups App

Late last month Facebook rolled out a new app that focuses on communicating with groups- Facebook Groups app. The new app will help people share faster and more easily with all the groups in their life. The focus with the newly launched app was to keep individuals who participate in groups the most.

Facebook Groups app

When you open the app, separate from that of Facebook Messenger, you will see all of the Groups that you participate in one place. The groups are placed in ascending order with the groups you most frequent are at the top. For groups that converse and share a lot, you can easily control which notifications you want to see. Additionally, there is now a new “Discover” tab which will suggest groups based on the Pages you’ve liked, Groups your friends are in, and where you live.

Twitter Launches Twitter Offers

The latest change from Twitter could very well be the biggest of the year for the social network. Last week Twitter launched Twitter Offers, which is a feature that will enable advertisers to create card-linked promotions and share them directly with users. How exactly does it work you must be wondering. Companies can promote an offer that will display on a users timeline; very similar to current Twitter Ads and Twitter Cards.

When users see a Twitter Offer, they can add the offer to their credit/debit card of their choice in just a few taps. The user can then redeem the offer by using the card at the store. Since the offer is tied specifically to the card, redemption is seamless and easy. Customers can expect the savings on their statement within a few days.


Advertisers, marketers, and social media managers can attribute redemption’s directly to their campaign, which can be used to measure the ROI effectively. What makes this feature great for companies is they can use their existing payment network. There are no changes to the consumer purchase process, no employee training, and no new hardware or software to install. Twitter Offers is being rolled-out in the U.S. only for now and is being tested with a few select brands during the holiday season. The full lunch is coming in the near future.

Don’t Miss Vines from your Favorite Viners

Vine Favorites
Vine added a new feature with the latest update that will allow users to tap the “Star” button on their favorite Viners. By adding Viners to your favorites list, you will ensure you don’t miss any updates from the Viners you selected. Once your Viner uploads a Vine, you will receive a push notifications which alerts you to the latest update. Very similar to “bookmarking,” you can now stay up-to-date with all of your favorite Viners without feeling left out.

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