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This Week in Social Media… Facebook goes local, Twitter gets audio, and much more

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Facebook Local Awareness Ads

Juan Valle

Oct 23 2014

In this edition of “This Week in Social Media,” we talk about Facebook launching an update to its ads platform, Twitter gets an audio update, and Pinterest allows iOS users to Pin directly from their browser.

Local Awareness Ads debut on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook for business owners just got more interesting with the rollout of Local Awareness Ads. Now, advertisers will have the ability to target mobile users- who have their location settings enabled of course. How many times have you noticed everyone on their mobile devices while shopping, or even walking around? Before now, you did not have the potential to reach your audience that was within walking distance to your store.

Facebook Local Awareness Ads

The new ad platform lets you target users who are as little as 1 mile away from your desired location. There is one major drawback to this new feature. In order to use the new ad platform, “all audiences must meet a minimum required size.” As of this writing the exact number has not been disclosed but we are assuming the absolute minimum would be at least 500. This means businesses who don’t have a good location or their search parameters are too specific might not meet the minimum requirement. The new feature is set to roll-out to all U.S. advertisers in the coming weeks.

Advertise Music on Twitter?

Not long ago Twitter introduced us to Twitter Cards. The feature allowed users to attach photos, videos and media experience to Tweets that drive traffic to your website. Many wondered why audio was excluded from the content that you could attach- well, that is no longer. Recently, Twitter made the announcement that they have partnered with SoundCloud to bring you a new audio experience.

Twitter Audio Card

With a single tap, the Twitter Audio Card lets you discover and listen to audio directly in your timeline on both iOS and Android devices (and of course, your desktop). If you or your business creates podcasts, you can now share them with your Twitter followers- which can reach a much larger audience. There is one drawback with the new Audio Twitter Card. Only certain partners with SoundCloud have the ability to utilize the new feature. As they continue to test the functionality, they will begin to roll-out the new Card to more users.

Pin Anytime, Anywhere with iOS8

Pinterest introduced a new feature with the most recent launch of the iOS system. Now users can Pin directly from your mobile browser. Just a tap away, the Pin It button will allow you to share that must-save article, or that new recipe you just found without leaving your browser. All you have to do is click on the Share button within the browser on the item you would like to Pin and select Pinterest from the list of available options.

Pinterest Pin It Button

What makes this a great addition, and in a sense more efficient while online, is you can save the Pin and continue on with what you were doing. Once you select an image, you would like to Pin (swipe right or left to select an image if the website provides multiple images), it gets sent over to your Pinterest app. From here, you can continue to browse the site you are on and the next time you open your Pinterest app on your mobile device the Pin you just saved will be there waiting for you.

Place Stickers on Facebook Comments?

Let’s be honest here for a minute, how many have you used Facebook stickers when messaging someone? I’m just as guilty as the next person. In fact, I sometimes go overboard! Facebook just announced the ability for users to leave these stickers that were only available in the messenger, on comments.

Facebook Stickers in Comments

I think stickers will allow people to reply to a variety of posts in a more fun way than words alone,” Facebook engineer Bob Baldwin wrote in a Facebook post. “You can now easily show your excitement for a post with good news, cheer up a friend who’s feeling down, and express a variety of more nuanced reactions.” As of now, and since the beginning, the stickers are available to use for free and are updated on a some-what regular basis. What do you think, are you excited to leave stickers on comments now?

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