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This Week in Social Media… Facebook Trending, Interest Targeting, and Slideshare Analytics

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Juan Valle

Dec 15 2014

In this edition of “This Week in Social Media,” we talk about Facebook launched two new updates with Facebook Trending for Mobile and Interest Targeting, and Slideshare introduces Analytics to all users.

Facebook Trends Lands On Mobile

In January Facebook launched “Trending” on the desktop version (right-hand column) of the site. Trending was introduced to help people discover timely and relevant conversations about the news that they care about the most. Last week it was announced that “Trending” was making its way to mobile devices.


With the latest Facebook App update when users click on the search icon (magnifying glass) you will now see “Trending” below your last several searches. Now, when you tap on a topic in Trending, you’ll see conversations organized in up to five different sections:

  • Articles shows you how news organizations are covering the story.
  • In the Story shows you posts from people who are part of the story.
  • Friends and Groups shows you what people in your network are saying.
  • Near the Scene shows you posts from people near where the story is unfolding.
  • Live Feed shows you a real-time stream of reactions from people around the world.

The way Trending topics are selected for users has not changed from the desktop version. It uses the same algorithm to determine which topics are relevant to the individual users. The update is available for Android users now with iOS and other countries coming soon.

Interest Targeting With Facebook

One of the more exciting updates that Facebook introduced recently is Interest Targeting. The new capability gives Page admins the option to target individual posts to specific users. Very similar to running a Facebook Ad, you can now select “Interests” to determine which users see a particular post.


In the example to the right BuzzFeed is posting an article about Boy Meets World. They are targeting users based on “Girl Meets World,” “Television,” and even “Friendship” to reach people who might find this article useful. By using specific interests you can make your posts more relevant to users who have added those particular interests to Facebook. With Page reach decreasing, this could be a way to make ensure your content is getting in front of the correct people.

This update is available right now as long as your Page has enabled the Targeting and Privacy setting and is currently only accessible on the desktop.

Slideshare Rolls Out Analytics To All Users

One of the best ways to increase website traffic and overall SEO is by using Slideshare presentations. Last week the company announced that all users will now have access to the analytics dashboard. The update will give users deeper insight into the effectiveness of your content.

Geographical distribution, traffic sources, and timing are just some of the new ways you can track the overall effectiveness of your Slideshare presentations. Additionally, you will see an improved view count accuracy as bot (web crawler) views will be removed. Now you can create powerful, and relevant content that your audience wants to see.

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