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This Week in Social Media… Important updates on LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Facebook

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This week in social media

Patrick Carroll

Aug 25 2014

This week in social media… Slideshare gets an impressive update, Pinterest tests out MORE new features, and Facebook makes huge changes to their newsfeed algorithm.

LinkedIn ads premium features to Slideshare:

Slideshare, a highly effective presentation sharing platform, owned by LinkedIn, is now getting better. LinkedIn has now given premium features to Slideshare users that include: detailed analytics, profile customization and additional upload options, like video and private uploads. Learn which presentations are most effective, beef up your profile, and take advantage of the free premium features, like the chart shown below.

Haven’t used slideshare yet? Check out what everyone is sharing

Pinterest Tests a “News” Tab

In Pinterest’s move to become a more versatile social network, they’ve added a “News” section to the notifications tab for mobile users…

Pinterest describes the tab as a way to stay up to date with your friends and followers, “Your News tab gives you a snapshot of what’s up with your Facebook friends and all the different Pinners, brands and boards you follow. You’ll discover things like the latest projects people are collecting Pins for, or interesting companies they’ve found to follow.” 

Take advantage of this feature by staying ACTIVE on Pinterest. Consistent Pinterest usage will land you in the News notifications of your audience and get your more exposure and activity.


Facebook Changing Newsfeed Algorithm to Reduce Click-Bait

Buzzfeed and Upworthy, are two of the biggest click-baiting bandits on Facebook and they’re about to lose a lot of traffic. What is click-bait? “Click-baiting is when a publisher posts a link with a headline that encourages people to click to see more, without telling them much information about what they will see.” Says Facebook. 

You may notice that these type of articles seem to be the most popular trend on Facebook. But, according to Facebook surveys, it’s not what users want, which is why Facebook is making a change.

This algorithm change will now improve the ranking of posts that include links shared through the proper Facebook link format, this will in-turn reduce the ranking of posts that include a link in the caption.

What does this mean for your business page?

The goal of this update is to provide Facebook users with more information about links before they click and reduce spammy click-bait that floods newsfeeds. You can take advantage of this update by posting descriptive headlines and using the Facebook link format (as seen below). The combination of the two will better inform users of what they’re clicking on improve the rank of your Facebook posts.

This is what a linked Facebook post should look like after the newsfeed algorithm update:

proper facebook post

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