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This Week in Social Media… Vine, Atlas and LinkedIn all launch huge updates

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Patrick Carroll

Oct 06 2014

This week in social media, Vine gets the long-awaited features that it’s users have been begging for, Atlas is re-launched and is incredible, and LinkedIn adds a useful feature for power users.

Facebook Relaunches Atlas

Atlas, an advertising tool being tested by some of Facebook’s largest advertising partners, allows digital marketers to track online activity across multiple devices and even into the real world. This is a huge step for digital marketers who struggle to prove the effectiveness of online campaigns for driving in-store sales. Facebook calls this new development “people-based marketing”. Is it as creepy and intrusive as it sounds? Yes. Cookies don’t work on mobile and following users across devices doesn’t work. Facebook has solved that problem and taken it one step further, by tracking you all the way to your offline activity.
Again, this is amazing data available to big digital media spenders, but it is getting a little creepy for the consumers.

Get the low-down from Facebook’s most recent post about Atlas.

LinkedIn Reveals More Data on Profile Views

Find out what LinkedIn activity is actually helping you build your network… LinkedIn has added deeper insights into who has viewed your profile that will help you be more efficient and effective when using the largest professional social network. The new feature is described in their latest update,
“…in addition to seeing who is looking at your profile, you can see which actions you took that led to that specific increase in engagement”.
Tracking how your LinkedIn activity leads to profile views will give users actionable data for improving their LinkedIn interactions and expanding their network. So far, it looks to only be available to LinkedIn premium users with the intention of expanding to the entire LinkedIn population.

Vine Update Allows Uploads, In App Editing

Vine’s latest update has added a long-awaited feature: video upload. For years, Vines had to be created through the app’s camera and offered few editing options for the most creative users. This most recent update not only added the upload feature, but also included extensive video editing capability to give Vine users complete control of chopping and editing their 6-second clips.

As Vine becomes more versatile, look for bigger brands to step up their presence on the visual social network. Check out the video below for an in-depth look into the new features.

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One Reply to “This Week in Social Media… Vine, Atlas and LinkedIn all launch huge updates”

  1. I am a regular user of Linkedin and the recent updates are really good to understand, measure and track the effective communication and results. It gives more insights to on how to strategize the future communication and content marketing.
    Never used Atlas and still to be explored. Will be looking ahead to read such informative articles in future.

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