Who Cares What the Next Big Thing is in Social Media?

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Krista Neher

Mar 30 2016


People often ask this question – “What is the next ‘big thing’ in social media?”

The question is usually asked by marketers or social media marketers who are hoping to gain insights that will allow them to beat their competition to the next big site. The idea is that by getting in early they’ll have an advantage over competitors.

Trying to choose the next big thing is a big waste of time.


You are Guessing

First, you don’t actually know that this next big thing will actually be worth your time. Remember Ello? Or brands on Vine? Or even Google+? Trying to determine the next big thing is a gamble and you may waste valuable time and resources trying to get in early.

Nobody is There Yet

You don’t need to beat your audience to a social network – you want to meet them there. If you get on a network too early, chances are that you won’t get any real ROI because your customers are not using it yet. Meet your customers, don’t beat them.

Your Biggest Opportunity is Optimization

This is my primary issue. Your biggest opportunity is optimization of your existing social networks. The largest social networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. – are where your biggest and most obvious opportunities exist. If you have already nailed them, have optimized your content and are getting results then maybe move on to something new. For example, Pure Michigan is one of the top global tourism boards on social media and has a tremendous presence on the big sites. It makes sense for them to experiment with SnapChat and other tools.

Most of us will get bigger bang for our buck by optimizing what we are already doing.

Don’t get sucked in with shiny objects and jump on every new network. You’ll waste considerable time and resources. Focus on the big places where you can really play to win and get in front of your customers.

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