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Why Social Media Training is Vital for Advertising Agencies

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Krista Neher

Nov 10 2011

We work with a large number of advertising agencies, both large and small to provide them with social media marketing training programs.  As traditional agencies are shifting into digital, many of them are beginning to invest in training for their agencies, but many, still haven’t made the leap to begin investing.

The reality is that for agencies, working in digital is more difficult than working in traditional advertising.  It requires a learning organization that is flexible, informed and passionate about bringing innovative solutions to clients.

Three Reasons Digital is More Difficult for Ad Agencies

1) Many top Creatives don’t Yet Understand Digital

Many agencies have fabulous creative talent that does not yet fully understand digital and social media.  They know that digital is important, but there isn’t typically a great framework to learn digital in an efficient way.

While it is important to have digital/social media talent that really understands the space, true success will only come when the entire organization understands it.  All of your key players need to have a deep and fundamental understanding of digital and social media as it becomes a bigger part of your spending.

2) Digital Changes Quickly

The digital space also changes much more quickly than traditional marketing and advertising has.  Every time Google changes their algorithms your search and social media strategies may need to be updated.  New trends emerge quickly, like social gaming, and there are first mover advantages.

Digital is still new and evolving, so it is important to stay up to date.  This means that training is not a one shot event.  It is about building a learning program that continues to grow and evolve as your team does.

3) Your Audiences are Changing Quickly

The other reason that digital training is more important than ever is that PEOPLE are changing quicker than ever before.  This means that marketers and agencies need to be ready to change quicker than ever before.

People are adopting new technologies quicker than ever.  Google+ added over 25 million users in the first month, despite being invitation only.  Ipads and tablets have been adopted at an alarmingly quick rate.  This means that agencies need to stay on top of new trends in digital and understand the new places that their customers are spending their time.

The Key Implications for Ad Agencies and Training

As people and technology adapt more quickly than ever before, agencies must adapt as well.  The key opportunities for agencies are:

  • Create a continuous learning program
  • Have internal champions that constantly share new information with teams
  • Engage top leadership
  • Find new learning opportunities – webinars, newsletters, etc
  • Give staff time to learn
  • Make learning a priority
  • Engage and include clients in your training program

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