What Does a Social Media Certification Mean?

What does a social media certification meanCertifications exist in a wide variety of industries. Accountants, financial advisors and even sales and marketing professionals gain certifications to showcase their skills and knowledge of a specific area. While many business professionals take courses, a certification takes a course one step further; a certificate in a specific professional field should demonstrate that the individual both has knowledge of the content and has demonstrated the application of the knowledge. A certification should signal that the individual possesses both the knowledge and has demonstrated the application of the knowledge.

Demonstration of Knowledge

A solid certification program requires participants to demonstrate their knowledge, generally through testing. The objective of most tests is to showcase that the participant learned the key materials.

Demonstration of Application of Knowledge

The application of knowledge is one thing that sets a certification apart from a general training. While showing that you know the material is helpful, most certifications require that participants demonstrate that they can also apply the knowledge that they have gained during the course. In the case of a social media certification, knowledge may be demonstrated by creating a social media strategy or creating actual social media accounts and demonstrating the ability to use best practices in managing those accounts. Be cautious of certification programs that don’t include these requirements. While there is no “official” certifying body for social media marketing, a quality certification should include demonstration and application of knowledge.

What you Can Do With a Certification in Social Media

While social media isn’t a regulated industry like accounting or law, a certification shows that you have knowledge and can implement that knowledge in the field of social media. Some of the benefits of a certificate in social media include:
  • Shows your commitment to the field of social media
  • Can set you apart from other professionals in your field
  • Demonstrates knowledge and application of social media marketing
  • You can highlight your certification on your resume, LinkedIn and other social networks
  • Gives you a “leg up” versus other professionals

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What makes Twitter so powerful is the public nature. This means you can find and connect with your customers; even prospects who might not be following you’re on other social networks. Most companies know that being active on Twitter is a necessity, many just don’t know what to do and don’t know realize how much power it has.

Twitter 101 Training CourseWe’re going to help you be successful on Twitter

We’ll show you exactly how to:

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  • Why businesses are using Twitter
  • The “insider” language and lingo of Twitter to get you up-to-speed
  • Everything you need to get your business started on Twitter

What you’ll get:

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Smart marketers understand the importance of using Twitter for marketing.


Twitter provides you with a unique opportunity to reach out and open line of communication with your fans and followers. Thousands of marketers have generated quality leads from Twitter, and now you can too. Discover how to use twitter for marketing, so you don’t get left behind. Get ahead of your competition today with Twitter.

Business-to-business, e-commerce, even local retailers… no matter what line of business that you are in, Twitter can make it easy to communicate with your customers. If you are new to Twitter, or just need a refresher course, join us for our Twitter 101 training course. The course will show you how to use Twitter for business and teach you everything you need to see incredible results.

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- Krista Neher, Founder and CEO

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This week in social media… Important updates for your business

This week in social media… Finally start seeing results from your Twitter campaigns, start a conversation on Pinterest, and meet the new Foursquare.

Optimize Twitter Campaigns: New Features!

Twitter is finally offering competitive ad features in its attempt to catch up to Facebook’s impressive ad platform. The new features help you optimize your ads and get the most out of your ad budget. Creating campaigns that align specifically with business goals keep you from paying for “interactions” like retweets and follows; while new objective-based pricing ensures that you only pay for the results that impact your marketing goals. Before creating an ad, you can now select exactly what you’d like to pay for: followers, leads, app downloads, clicks, and even website conversions. To learn more about the valuable new features check out the video below.


Pinterest Messaging

Pinterest users now send over 2 million pins per day and before this newest update, there was little interaction beyond pin comments. Now, when someone sends you a pin you can reply back with another pin or just a message. You can also send Pins to multiple users to start a group pinning conversation, much like a private Pinterest chatroom. This opens up all kinds of doors for businesses on Pinterest who want to privately engage with a handful of customers or even manage contests through Pinterest.

Leave us a comment below with some creative ways you might use this new feature and win a free Pinterest Training Course!

Introducing the new Foursquare

The traditional Foursquare days are over. Following the release of Swarm and the elimination of check-ins, they’ve completely reinvented the Foursquare app. The new app, focused on personalizing your in-app experience “learns what you like, and leads you to places you’ll love.” With the risk of leaving its 50 million users behind, the newly repurposed Foursquare is in direct competition with business guide/review app Yelp. Whether it takes off or crumbles under its new identity, we’re not going to speculate. However, local businesses who haven’t yet explored Foursquare, desperately need to make sure they’re listed and optimized in the new app.


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New: Instagram Marketing Training Course

No matter your industry, you can’t ignore the most recent social media statistics. Instagram posts get 15x the engagement of Facebook and 40x the engagement of Twitter. Instagram users love to engage and unlike Facebook, engagement levels aren’t based on ad spending. Take advantage of one of the most popular social networks and learn exactly how your business can leverage Instagram as part of social media strategy. We recently conducted our Instagram Marketing training course that shows why you and your business need to be on the social network. The in-depth program covers everything from the basics of using Instagram to the more advanced topics of how to build an engaging strategy. Now is the opportunity to discover why you should be using Instagram. In this training course you will learn:

Program Content

  • instagramInstagram stats that will blow your mind
  • How Instagram works and how its being used by people and business
  • Creating a strategic plan for Instagram
  • Optimizing your company’s Instagram profile
  • Connecting and sharing on Instagram
  • Building awareness and growing engagement
  • Harnessing Instagram photos for other social networks
  • Grow brand awareness with user-generated content
  • Tools to maximize Instagram efforts
  • Measuring Instagram success

What you get with the Instagram Marketing Training

  • 75 minutes of detailed training on Instagram marketing
  • Unlimited access to the presentation slides and video
  • Downloadable version of the slides to view and take notes
  • Quick start guide for Instagram for your brand
  • Exclusive tips and tricks to get results
Learn More   AddtoCart Stop wasting your time and money on strategies that aren’t working – discover exactly what you can do to start seeing results immediately.

NEW: Start Your Social Media Business with LAUNCHEST, our newest product

Every week we encounter at least one trainee with questions about starting their own social media business. With the amount of businesses outsourcing social media marketing up 130% this year, we are always enthusiastic about the idea. But, even though we have vast experience on the subject, we always fell short when helping our customers because we weren’t offering them more than just a few tips and tricks. Our mission has always been to empower customers to get results from social media marketing, so we wanted to come up with a comprehensive solution.

We’re taking it a step further with our newest program, Launchest, and empowering you to start a social media business today. Launchest is a virtual toolbox with everything you need to start and run a successful social media business.

Learn exactly how to start a social media marketing company, get professionally developed resources, a social media certification, and support from the industry leaders in social media training.


Here’s a quick sample of what’s in the Launchest Toolbox

  • A social media pricing guide:  One of the biggest challenges that most people have is figuring out how much to charge. Our pricing guide includes industry norms and averages for managed social media services, hourly consulting rates and packages.
  • Social Media Proposal Template: Creating a proposal can be challenging – especially figuring out how to sell yourself. Our proven proposal template does the heavy lifting for you – all you have to do is fill in the sections.
  • New Client On boarding Discussion Guide: Once you’ve landed the client, you’ll want to understand their business. Look professional and organized with your branded on boarding discussion guide.
  • Client Management Checklists: Continue to wow clients with our client management checklists that keep you on-track to execute social media marketing with excellence.
  • Reporting Template: Keep clients happy, continue to prove your value and retain business.
  • And so much more (30+ professionally developed resources)

If starting a social media marketing business has been a thought of yours, its now a great time to get started. Launchest will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by giving you every resource you need to start today. Learn from years of social media marketing experience with a business built for you and ready to go; filled with insider tips and secrets that other social media marketers won’t tell you. With 30+ tools, templates, and resources we’ve covered all the basis to get you started immediately.

What Launchest members get

  • The Launchest Toolbox
  • Launchest Exclusive Q&A Site
  • Online Social Media Certification
  • Quickstart Guides, Templates, and Tools
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This Week In Social Media… Facebook for the famous and Pinterest Interests

Facebook releases a “save” feature, Public figures get improved fan interaction in a new Facebook app, and Pinterest builds communities with “specialized interests”.

“Facebook Mentions” App

Interacting with millions of fans is a fairly difficult task for most “influencers”, or at least for their social media managers. Facebook wants to maintain its position as the most manageable social network for the famous. The new Facebook Mentions App streamlines notifications, alerts you of press mentions, and allows you to easily interact with fans through in-app Q&A’s. Think you’re a big enough deal for the new app?

“Mentions is currently only available for people with verified Pages in the US. We plan to roll out to more countries and verified Profiles in the coming months. If you are an admin of a verified Page, you can request access to Mentions directly. If you are a public figure, you can also download the iPhone app to request access.”

facebook mentions

Facebook “Save”

Find something you like on Facebook but don’t have time to read, or want to find it at a later date? Scrolling back through your newsfeed or trying to remember who posted that ridiculous buzzfeed article can be difficult. Facebook’s new “Save” feature allows you to save content in your newsfeed to view at a later date. Facebook REALLY doesn’t want you to miss anything, so after your save it, they’re going to send reminders to your newsfeed that you have saved content waiting for you. Check out Facebook’s video below for even more details:

Pinterest: Explore specialized interests

Pinterest categories just became so much more exciting to explore. Click on a Pinterest category and now you’ll find specialized interests under each category that you can explore or follow so that you get related pins sent to your feed. This is a great opportunity for businesses to discover popular niches that their audience enjoys. Make sure your pins are being seen under the most popular categories by using descriptive and relevant keywords. pinterest specialized interests  

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How to Fail at Twitter with Lazy Community Building

I’ve been on Twitter since early 2007, and recently, I’ve noticed more and more businesses are joining Twitter and totally screwing up their “community building” or whatever it is they are trying to do.

When I logged into Twitter today, I had the 3 Tweets waiting for me to view. All from businesses/organizations, none of which I’ve ever talked about. They are mentioning me in their Tweets as a way to get my attention. The problem is that rather than striking up a conversation with me about something I’m interested in, they are basically just advertising at me.

Twitter marketing fail Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 5.52.53 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 5.50.12 PM You can’t just identify people that you’d like to do your marketing for you and send them Tweets about your business. It is annoying, makes you look bad and amateur.

We do business with people we KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. Build these elements first and people will happily Re-Tweet you. Asking me to RT something when I don’t know who the hell you are is just stupid.

  Telling me about your business by calling me out on Twitter is just annoying. I don’t follow you, I don’t know you, so don’t try to sell me crap on Twitter.

I’m on Twitter to share and connect with people – NOT TO HAVE BUSINESSES ADVERTISE AT ME.

  Honestly, this is social media 101, and I find it surprising to see smart businesses still making these mistakes. What blows my mind is that Twitter is extremely powerful at outreach and community building if you take the time to do it right.

  How to Do Community OutReach on Twitter:

1) Identify the Influencers or the People You Want to Reach

Start by deciding who you want to reach and identify the people who are already interested in and talking about what you do. I hate bourbon (it seriously grosses me out – even the smell), and have never talked about it online (although in fairness I have done the bourbon trail twice).  Know who you really should be reaching.

2) Start ACTUAL conversations with them based on common ground.

If I had actually shared something about Bourbon the distillery could have started a conversation. The conversation would have made me interested to learn about what they do, and I would have discovered the business.

3) Don’t intrude.

Don’t intrude on my conversations with an ad. Talk, share and discuss. Act like you give a crap.

4) Don’t ask for things from people you don’t know.

Seriously, I’m not on Twitter to promote your business to my friends and followers. Why would you even ask me to?

5) Talk, share and discuss.

The art of conversation is about finding areas of mutual interest and discussing – where both parties contribute. “Hey @KristaNeher check out the stuff we sell” isn’t a discussion…. There isn’t even something for me to say to that. Cool? Congratulations? Oh, except that I don’t know you and don’t care.

6)What’s in it for them?

If you are asking someone for something (to RT or click) remember to ask what is in it for them? Are they your friend and they’ll be happy to do you a favor?  Will they look important? Are you promoting their content and making them look smart? Seriously, why would they want to help you if they don’t know you?

OK, so this was kind of a rant (I did try to share some tips)…. But seriously – just because you can talk to people publicly on Twitter, doesn’t mean that they want you to.

Build Relationships First

PS – If you’d like to learn how to do this RIGHT, we’ll have a beginner and advanced Twitter training course available online next month.

stop the twitter spam

Meet Our Healthcare and Pharma Social Media Training Specialist: Jonathan Richman

Boot Camp Digital is pleased to announce that Jonathan Richman, Principal at Dose Marketing will be joining us as our Pharma and Healthcare social media training specialist. Boot Camp Digital has been training companies since 2008 in Social Media and Digital marketing, and has worked with a wide variety of healthcare companies including hospitals and healthcare providers, healthcare and pharma advertising agencies, pharma companies and medical device manufacturers. Adding Jonathan to our team allows us to provide more depth and expertise in healthcare and pharma social media marketing training.

Healthcare companies have unique concerns when it comes to social media and digital marketing. By working with Jonathan we’ll be better able to incorporate these unique considerations into our training programs.  This will allow us to offer more customized training with an industry leader and internationally recognized expert. Jonathan has deep experience in both pharma and healthcare marketing, as well as digital and social media. Jonathan was even invited by the FDA to speak at its public hearings on social media in pharmaceuticals.

We are so excited to bring Jonathan’s expertise to our clients, and combine it with our top-rated training programs.

Please join us in welcoming Jonathan to the team and you can learn more about our healthcare and pharma digital and social media training programs here.

About Jonathan Richman our  Healthcare and Pharma Digital Training Specialist

Jonathan Richman
To meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations, we have a healthcare digital training specialist who brings over 18 years of pharma, healthcare and digital marketing experience. Jonathan Richman is an international trainer and speaker, Principal at Dose Marketing, a respected thought-leader and award-winning blogger on digital marketing in healthcare.

  Jonathan has deep roots in both healthcare marketing and digital strategy and marketing. He spent the last few years as the Vice President of Product Development at an innovative technology startup leading product development and marketing. Prior to that he was Group Director of Insights and Planning at Possible Worldwide, a global digital marketing agency owned by WPP. While at Possible, Jonathan provided strategic direction and leadership for healthcare and pharma clients. He also created and authored the industry-acclaimed blog “Dose of Digital”, which was an AdAge Power 150 top marketing blog.  

He has been a regular speaker at major national marketing conventions and featured as a thought leader in publications including The Wall Street Journal, NPR and The Washington Post. He was invited by the Food and Drug Administration to speak at its public hearings on social media in pharmaceuticals.

  Prior to joining Possible Worldwide Jonathan spent 11 years at AstraZeneca holding positions in sales, training, sales leadership and marketing.

Want a Custom Training Program for Your Company? Contact Us!

Contact Boot Camp Digital

How to Build an Instagram Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

Instagram marketing strategy

Research and Listen

Start by listening and discover the photos people share related to your business or industry.

  1. How people use Instagram
  2. How your competitors use it
  3. What people talk about and take pictures of
  4. The most popular accounts 5) How people talk about your industry.

Develop a marketing strategy

Determine what you want to achieve by using Instagram. What specifically would you like to accomplish? How does this link to your business or marketing objectives?

Determine your target audience

Based on your marketing and business objectives, determine who your target audience is. Research them. Make a list of popular accounts they follow, the photos they like, the photos they share and the hashtags they use.

Build your Instagram plan

Determine who will post what when. Also make note of the hashtags you’ll use and how you can encourage your customers/fans to share photos on Instagram. 

Connect with people

You’ll get more from Instagram if you connect with other people. Build a following by interacting with other people. 

  • Mention other People
  • Comment on photos
  • Include Hashtags
  • Follow People
  • Like photos

Implement your plan with best practices

  • Share interesting photos
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Post when people are online
  • Engage your audience
  • Write catchy descriptions
  • Share on other social networks

Track and adjust

Use sites like IconoSquare (www.iconosquare.com) to track your progress. Adjust your strategy based on what you learn as you go. Continue to test & explore.

Measure and link to ROI

Measure your results and don’t forget to link back to ROI (return on investment). Consider the multiple sources of value that Instagram brings to your business.

To learn more amazing Instagram marketing strategies, take a look at our Instagram training course

This Week in Social Media… Exciting New Apps and Incredible Twitter updates

This week in social media features an exciting new visual app called Pixotale, important (and incredibly useful) analytics updates from Twitter, ANOTHER LinkedIn App, and a few interface updates from Vine.

twitter activityNew Tweet Activity Dashboard

Looking for more detail from Twitter’s analytics platform? Just released on Friday, the “activity dashboard” offers more metrics for the data-driven social media marketer, including the long-awaited “impressions” stat.

“In addition to the number of impressions, Retweets and favorites your Tweet received, the dashboard gives a breakdown of how people are engaging with it. Just click on the Tweet you’re interested in and it will expand to show you more detail. For Tweets with links, for example, you’ll see link clicks; for Tweets with hashtags, you’ll see hashtag clicks; for Tweets with App Cards, you’ll see how many times people clicked to install your app or open it (if it’s already downloaded). And if you receive follows or profile views from a particular Tweet, you’ll see that too.”


connected appNew LinkedIn Connected App

A few weeks after releasing the job search app, LinkedIn has launched another app targeted toward the super-networkers. LinkedIn Connected offers networkers a clean app simply for networking and staying in touch with your connections. Just like the job search app, LinkedIn Connected offers features already available in the standard LinkedIn app, but with a much simpler interface and narrower focus.

“We know you’d love to reach out and catch up with everyone in your network over coffee, but that isn’t always possible. Connected gives you relevant, and timely, reasons to reach out and keep in touch with the people in your network. This app helps you invest in your relationships today, so opportunities blossom for you tomorrow.”

vine appVine Adds Loop (Play) Counts and Milestones

Vine has added a counter on every video that shows how many times the video has been watched. Interestingly, it updates in real-time to give users the feeling that they’re watching a video with others. Vine has also updated the activity feed to notify users when their vines reach certain milestones (view counts).

“With this update, there’s now a new way for you to quickly get a sense of how popular and interesting a Vine may be –– based on how many times people watch a Vine loop.”

pixotaleFormer Microsoft Engineers Launch Pixotale

Social media has gone visual and countless apps are taking advantage of the trend. Pixotale, a new app best described as a cross between Instagram and a blog, is one to keep an eye on. Focused on creating deeper connections with long-form visual content, it is poised to compete with simpler but incredibly popular apps like Instagram.

“The app is also designed to make creating longer-form content easier on mobile, with a simple interface for adding text, photos, a map and soon video and audio. You can tap to add elements to the story or adjust its layout on the page before publishing. You can also work on stories while offline, and save them to publish later.”


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