How to Fail at Twitter with Lazy Community Building

I’ve been on Twitter since early 2007, and recently, I’ve noticed more and more businesses are joining Twitter and totally screwing up their “community building” or whatever it is they are trying to do.

When I logged into Twitter today, I had the 3 Tweets waiting for me to view. All from businesses/organizations, none of which I’ve ever talked about. They are mentioning me in their Tweets as a way to get my attention. The problem is that rather than striking up a conversation with me about something I’m interested in, they are basically just advertising at me.

Twitter marketing fail Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 5.52.53 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 5.50.12 PM You can’t just identify people that you’d like to do your marketing for you and send them Tweets about your business. It is annoying, makes you look bad and amateur.

We do business with people we KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. Build these elements first and people will happily Re-Tweet you. Asking me to RT something when I don’t know who the hell you are is just stupid.

  Telling me about your business by calling me out on Twitter is just annoying. I don’t follow you, I don’t know you, so don’t try to sell me crap on Twitter.

I’m on Twitter to share and connect with people – NOT TO HAVE BUSINESSES ADVERTISE AT ME.

  Honestly, this is social media 101, and I find it surprising to see smart businesses still making these mistakes. What blows my mind is that Twitter is extremely powerful at outreach and community building if you take the time to do it right.

  How to Do Community OutReach on Twitter:

1) Identify the Influencers or the People You Want to Reach

Start by deciding who you want to reach and identify the people who are already interested in and talking about what you do. I hate bourbon (it seriously grosses me out – even the smell), and have never talked about it online (although in fairness I have done the bourbon trail twice).  Know who you really should be reaching.

2) Start ACTUAL conversations with them based on common ground.

If I had actually shared something about Bourbon the distillery could have started a conversation. The conversation would have made me interested to learn about what they do, and I would have discovered the business.

3) Don’t intrude.

Don’t intrude on my conversations with an ad. Talk, share and discuss. Act like you give a crap.

4) Don’t ask for things from people you don’t know.

Seriously, I’m not on Twitter to promote your business to my friends and followers. Why would you even ask me to?

5) Talk, share and discuss.

The art of conversation is about finding areas of mutual interest and discussing – where both parties contribute. “Hey @KristaNeher check out the stuff we sell” isn’t a discussion…. There isn’t even something for me to say to that. Cool? Congratulations? Oh, except that I don’t know you and don’t care.

6)What’s in it for them?

If you are asking someone for something (to RT or click) remember to ask what is in it for them? Are they your friend and they’ll be happy to do you a favor?  Will they look important? Are you promoting their content and making them look smart? Seriously, why would they want to help you if they don’t know you?

OK, so this was kind of a rant (I did try to share some tips)…. But seriously – just because you can talk to people publicly on Twitter, doesn’t mean that they want you to.

Build Relationships First

PS – If you’d like to learn how to do this RIGHT, we’ll have a beginner and advanced Twitter training course available online next month.

stop the twitter spam

Meet Our Healthcare and Pharma Social Media Training Specialist: Jonathan Richman

Boot Camp Digital is pleased to announce that Jonathan Richman, Principal at Dose Marketing will be joining us as our Pharma and Healthcare social media training specialist. Boot Camp Digital has been training companies since 2008 in Social Media and Digital marketing, and has worked with a wide variety of healthcare companies including hospitals and healthcare providers, healthcare and pharma advertising agencies, pharma companies and medical device manufacturers. Adding Jonathan to our team allows us to provide more depth and expertise in healthcare and pharma social media marketing training.

Healthcare companies have unique concerns when it comes to social media and digital marketing. By working with Jonathan we’ll be better able to incorporate these unique considerations into our training programs.  This will allow us to offer more customized training with an industry leader and internationally recognized expert. Jonathan has deep experience in both pharma and healthcare marketing, as well as digital and social media. Jonathan was even invited by the FDA to speak at its public hearings on social media in pharmaceuticals.

We are so excited to bring Jonathan’s expertise to our clients, and combine it with our top-rated training programs.

Please join us in welcoming Jonathan to the team and you can learn more about our healthcare and pharma digital and social media training programs here.

About Jonathan Richman our  Healthcare and Pharma Digital Training Specialist

Jonathan Richman
To meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations, we have a healthcare digital training specialist who brings over 18 years of pharma, healthcare and digital marketing experience. Jonathan Richman is an international trainer and speaker, Principal at Dose Marketing, a respected thought-leader and award-winning blogger on digital marketing in healthcare.

  Jonathan has deep roots in both healthcare marketing and digital strategy and marketing. He spent the last few years as the Vice President of Product Development at an innovative technology startup leading product development and marketing. Prior to that he was Group Director of Insights and Planning at Possible Worldwide, a global digital marketing agency owned by WPP. While at Possible, Jonathan provided strategic direction and leadership for healthcare and pharma clients. He also created and authored the industry-acclaimed blog “Dose of Digital”, which was an AdAge Power 150 top marketing blog.  

He has been a regular speaker at major national marketing conventions and featured as a thought leader in publications including The Wall Street Journal, NPR and The Washington Post. He was invited by the Food and Drug Administration to speak at its public hearings on social media in pharmaceuticals.

  Prior to joining Possible Worldwide Jonathan spent 11 years at AstraZeneca holding positions in sales, training, sales leadership and marketing.

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How to Build an Instagram Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

Instagram marketing strategy

Research and Listen

Start by listening and discover the photos people share related to your business or industry.

  1. How people use Instagram
  2. How your competitors use it
  3. What people talk about and take pictures of
  4. The most popular accounts 5) How people talk about your industry.

Develop a marketing strategy

Determine what you want to achieve by using Instagram. What specifically would you like to accomplish? How does this link to your business or marketing objectives?

Determine your target audience

Based on your marketing and business objectives, determine who your target audience is. Research them. Make a list of popular accounts they follow, the photos they like, the photos they share and the hashtags they use.

Build your Instagram plan

Determine who will post what when. Also make note of the hashtags you’ll use and how you can encourage your customers/fans to share photos on Instagram. 

Connect with people

You’ll get more from Instagram if you connect with other people. Build a following by interacting with other people. 

  • Mention other People
  • Comment on photos
  • Include Hashtags
  • Follow People
  • Like photos

Implement your plan with best practices

  • Share interesting photos
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Post when people are online
  • Engage your audience
  • Write catchy descriptions
  • Share on other social networks

Track and adjust

Use sites like IconoSquare ( to track your progress. Adjust your strategy based on what you learn as you go. Continue to test & explore.

Measure and link to ROI

Measure your results and don’t forget to link back to ROI (return on investment). Consider the multiple sources of value that Instagram brings to your business.

To learn more amazing Instagram marketing strategies, take a look at our Instagram training course

This Week in Social Media… Exciting New Apps and Incredible Twitter updates

This week in social media features an exciting new visual app called Pixotale, important (and incredibly useful) analytics updates from Twitter, ANOTHER LinkedIn App, and a few interface updates from Vine.

twitter activityNew Tweet Activity Dashboard

Looking for more detail from Twitter’s analytics platform? Just released on Friday, the “activity dashboard” offers more metrics for the data-driven social media marketer, including the long-awaited “impressions” stat.

“In addition to the number of impressions, Retweets and favorites your Tweet received, the dashboard gives a breakdown of how people are engaging with it. Just click on the Tweet you’re interested in and it will expand to show you more detail. For Tweets with links, for example, you’ll see link clicks; for Tweets with hashtags, you’ll see hashtag clicks; for Tweets with App Cards, you’ll see how many times people clicked to install your app or open it (if it’s already downloaded). And if you receive follows or profile views from a particular Tweet, you’ll see that too.”


connected appNew LinkedIn Connected App

A few weeks after releasing the job search app, LinkedIn has launched another app targeted toward the super-networkers. LinkedIn Connected offers networkers a clean app simply for networking and staying in touch with your connections. Just like the job search app, LinkedIn Connected offers features already available in the standard LinkedIn app, but with a much simpler interface and narrower focus.

“We know you’d love to reach out and catch up with everyone in your network over coffee, but that isn’t always possible. Connected gives you relevant, and timely, reasons to reach out and keep in touch with the people in your network. This app helps you invest in your relationships today, so opportunities blossom for you tomorrow.”

vine appVine Adds Loop (Play) Counts and Milestones

Vine has added a counter on every video that shows how many times the video has been watched. Interestingly, it updates in real-time to give users the feeling that they’re watching a video with others. Vine has also updated the activity feed to notify users when their vines reach certain milestones (view counts).

“With this update, there’s now a new way for you to quickly get a sense of how popular and interesting a Vine may be –– based on how many times people watch a Vine loop.”

pixotaleFormer Microsoft Engineers Launch Pixotale

Social media has gone visual and countless apps are taking advantage of the trend. Pixotale, a new app best described as a cross between Instagram and a blog, is one to keep an eye on. Focused on creating deeper connections with long-form visual content, it is poised to compete with simpler but incredibly popular apps like Instagram.

“The app is also designed to make creating longer-form content easier on mobile, with a simple interface for adding text, photos, a map and soon video and audio. You can tap to add elements to the story or adjust its layout on the page before publishing. You can also work on stories while offline, and save them to publish later.”


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Learn what a Pinterest marketing strategy can do for your business and exactly how to pin effectively to see results… With over 70 million highly-active users, you can’t write off Pinterest as just a trend. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are – B2B or B2C, Pinterest is the most engaging visual marketing venue for your product.


Did you know? Pinterest is the #1 web traffic source for many active Pinterest users.

Pinterest users spend over $140 on average when referred from Pinterest. Almost half of US online shoppers have purchased something because of a Pinterest recommendation. Our Pinterest training course will show you exactly how using Pinterest for marketing can get you huge results.

Pinterest Marketing for Your BrandWhat You’re Going To Learn About Pinterest Marketing

We’ll show you exactly how to…
  • Find out who is on Pinterest and what they’re interested in
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  • Improve customer engagement through strategic pinning
  • Learn strategies and techniques that will bring your immediate results

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Length: 75 minutes

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Successful Businesses are Taking Advantage of Pinterest…

pinterest pin on paper icon For all types of businesses, Pinterest is an effective way to drive traffic to your website. Pinterest allows you to share your visual content with a high-probability of driving visits to your businesses web page. If you haven’t taken advantage of Pinterest marketing, you’re missing huge opportunities. 20% of social referrals from social sites are from Pinterest. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn everything you need to know about Pinterest to maximize the affect of your images. Not only will this training teach you everything you need to know about creating a successful Pinterest presence, but you’ll also learn the advanced strategies you need to improve your ROI.

GuaranteeI can guarantee that you will love this online training and see results. I’ve helped hundreds of companies establish a strategy using these tools so I want to offer you the same trainings so your business can succeed too. After watching this training (within 30 days), if you’re not completely blown away, let us know how our program failed to generate results and we will be happy to give you a refund – 100% money back guarantee.

- Krista Neher, Founder and CEO

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The organizers at Cincinnati’s Integrated Marketing Summit were kind enough to give us a few extra tickets to the amazing event. We want to pass them along to you and give you the chance to learn from the brightest minds in marketing. Submit your info below, and we’ll automatically enter you into the drawing.

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integrated marketing summit

This week in social media… Keeping you in the know

This week in social media marks a huge boost for local businesses on Pinterest, Facebook’s new log in finally pushes more privacy, and product Ads become even more robust.

New Pinterest NotificationsPinterest Local Notifications

With the new Pinterest update for Android, small businesses are getting a huge boost. Each time you walk by that clothing shop whose dresses you always pin, Pinterest is going to let you know. Not only will the new Android update, notify you of Pins around you, it will even send directions directly to your phone or wearable device. This smart move by Pinterest is giving local businesses an amazing opportunity to get customers in the doors.

facebook anonymous loginAnonymous Login, Facebook

I love the ease of logging into an app or a website with my Facebook profile but I’m really tired of Facebook awarding these apps with my e-mail address. Facebook’s new anonymous log in will allow you the same ease of use but without compromising your profile data. Look for apps to be launching this feature in the coming months.

LinkedIn Job SearchLinkedIn’s New Job Search App

Available on IOS devices only, this new LinkedIn app focuses soley on finding you a job. The app allows you to search for job type and location, and allows you to one-click apply with your LinkedIn Profile if the job poster has enabled that feature. An additional bonus: All app activity is kept private from your network so you can put off those awkward conversations as long as possible. Besides the incredibly easy user experience, this new app doesn’t offer any additional functionality that’s not available in the standard LinkedIn App. We’ll notify you of any new updates to the job search app that will make it more powerful and a necessary download, but until now, you’re okay to stick with the original LinkedIn App.

facebook multiproduct adsFacebook’s Multi-Product Ads

This incredible new update has potentially turned newsfeed ads into online stores.  Facebook Ads are now capable of hosting multiple products within each individual Ad. Users can scroll through the ad to view the products, each with their own description and link. Facebook even boosted the retargeting function for this update, giving you more options for targeting former website visitors, most impressively, targeting based on purchase totals. My guess for the next step, one-click purchases directly in the newsfeed.


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social media policy Are you unsure about the social media guidelines you should have for your employees? If your employees are representing you online, it’s important to identify appropriate social media practices for personal and professional usage. Employee social media accounts can be a valuable asset or a ticking time bomb… Making sure you have social media guidelines in place will maximize the positive impact your employees have on your company and minimize any chance of a social media disaster for your organization.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a local restaurant, there’s potential for social media mishaps. Inappropriate tweets and disgruntled Facebook posts can turn into a PR nightmare if not handled properly. Whether it happens on company pages or personal profiles, your company is at risk of. Having a social media policy in place will help reduce the chance of these kinds of mishaps.

What you’ll learn

  • Why every organization needs a social media policy.
  • The primary risks that your social media policy should protect against.
  • What your social media policy should include.
  • How to create a social media policy that empowers your organization.
  • How to educate your organization about your social media policy.

What you’ll get

  • 75 minutes of online training showing you best practices, examples and case studies.
  • On-demand access to the training for 1+ years.
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Mobile Marketing Strategies Cheat Sheet

Is your digital marketing strategy mobile ready? Use this cheat sheet to evaluate each portion of your mobile marketing strategy. If you haven’t already optimized for mobile, the potential improvements to your marketing strategy could be incredible. And, if you’re really serious about taking your mobile marketing to the next level, join us for a mobile marketing training course where we’ll go in-depth into each of the concepts you’ll see in the infographic below.

Mobile Marketing Cheat Sheet

Your Mobile Website

Visitors expect everything to be mobile optimized and are quick to leave sites that are difficult to use from their phone or tablet. Poor navigation or improperly sized images could be the difference between a hot lead and a bounce.

Mobile Ads

Online ads need to be optimized for your mobile marketing strategy. A call to action that’s appropriate for mobile should be paired with a mobile landing page. Use this checklist to get the most value from your mobile advertising.

Mobile Optimized Content

How can you expect someone to share your content if it’s not mobile friendly? A proper mobile marketing strategy will consider that much of your audience is mobile and your content should be optimized so that their viewing experience isn’t limited by their screen size.

Mobile Applications

Although apps aren’t the right option for most businesses, understanding the apps that your customers use can be valuable. From Yelp to Snapchat, there are hundreds of apps that may help you better engage your customers on their mobile devices.

Mobile Optimized E-mail

High e-mail open rates are great, but are your e-mails friendly to read on a 5-inch screen? Huge images and over-the-top formatting will get your e-mail deleted in an instant. Review the cheat sheet and TEST your e-mails on mobile devices before they’re sent.

It’s beyond time to get your mobile marketing strategy together. To learn more about mobile marketing strategies, sign up for the Mobile Marketing course today.