This Week in Social Media… Facebook goes local, Twitter gets audio, and much more

In this edition of “This Week in Social Media,” we talk about Facebook launching an update to its ads platform, Twitter gets an audio update, and Pinterest allows iOS users to Pin directly from their browser.

Local Awareness Ads debut on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook for business owners just got more interesting with the rollout of Local Awareness Ads. Now, advertisers will have the ability to target mobile users- who have their location settings enabled of course. How many times have you noticed everyone on their mobile devices while shopping, or even walking around? Before now, you did not have the potential to reach your audience that was within walking distance to your store.

Facebook Local Awareness Ads The new ad platform lets you target users who are as little as 1 mile away from your desired location. There is one major drawback to this new feature. In order to use the new ad platform, “all audiences must meet a minimum required size.” As of this writing the exact number has not been disclosed but we are assuming the absolute minimum would be at least 500. This means businesses who don’t have a good location or their search parameters are too specific might not meet the minimum requirement. The new feature is set to roll-out to all U.S. advertisers in the coming weeks.

Advertise Music on Twitter?

Not long ago Twitter introduced us to Twitter Cards. The feature allowed users to attach photos, videos and media experience to Tweets that drive traffic to your website. Many wondered why audio was excluded from the content that you could attach- well, that is no longer. Recently, Twitter made the announcement that they have partnered with SoundCloud to bring you a new audio experience.

Twitter Audio Card With a single tap, the Twitter Audio Card lets you discover and listen to audio directly in your timeline on both iOS and Android devices (and of course, your desktop). If you or your business creates podcasts, you can now share them with your Twitter followers- which can reach a much larger audience. There is one drawback with the new Audio Twitter Card. Only certain partners with SoundCloud have the ability to utilize the new feature. As they continue to test the functionality, they will begin to roll-out the new Card to more users.

Pin Anytime, Anywhere with iOS8

Pinterest introduced a new feature with the most recent launch of the iOS system. Now users can Pin directly from your mobile browser. Just a tap away, the Pin It button will allow you to share that must-save article, or that new recipe you just found without leaving your browser. All you have to do is click on the Share button within the browser on the item you would like to Pin and select Pinterest from the list of available options.

Pinterest Pin It Button What makes this a great addition, and in a sense more efficient while online, is you can save the Pin and continue on with what you were doing. Once you select an image, you would like to Pin (swipe right or left to select an image if the website provides multiple images), it gets sent over to your Pinterest app. From here, you can continue to browse the site you are on and the next time you open your Pinterest app on your mobile device the Pin you just saved will be there waiting for you.

Place Stickers on Facebook Comments?

Let’s be honest here for a minute, how many have you used Facebook stickers when messaging someone? I’m just as guilty as the next person. In fact, I sometimes go overboard! Facebook just announced the ability for users to leave these stickers that were only available in the messenger, on comments.

Facebook Stickers in CommentsI think stickers will allow people to reply to a variety of posts in a more fun way than words alone,” Facebook engineer Bob Baldwin wrote in a Facebook post. “You can now easily show your excitement for a post with good news, cheer up a friend who’s feeling down, and express a variety of more nuanced reactions.” As of now, and since the beginning, the stickers are available to use for free and are updated on a some-what regular basis. What do you think, are you excited to leave stickers on comments now?

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21 Social Media Marketing Tips

21 social media tipsI’ve been doing social media marketing for many years now, and I wanted to share with you some of my favorite quick tips.
  1. You beat your competition by doing things smarter, faster and better…. Not by doing the same things the same way.
  2. Everyone is a marketer
  3. Do a few things well instead of many things mediocrely.  #SocialMedia
  4. Stop vomiting boring content on the internet.
  5. Start with the end in mind: What do you want to achieve?
  6. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. What is your social media strategy?
  7. Which social networks should you join? Fish where the fish are.
  8. Don’t buy in to national averages on “the best time of day to post”. Do what is best for your unique audience.
  9. Our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. What is your visual marketing strategy? #VSMM
  10. You get out what you put in. You won’t magically get results from social media just because you start posting content.
  11. ABA: Always Be Analyzing. This is how you improve.
  12. Social media ROI is improved by doing things a little better every day.
  13. Integrate social media into your day – it doesn’t have to be a separate task.
  14. The ROI of social media? What is the ROI of having a phone line, a website or email?
  15. The bar in social media marketing is constantly being raised – are you raising your game?
  16. A picture is worth 1,000 words – are you making the most of them? #VSMM
  17. Don’t jump on the latest shiny object in social media. Have a strategy and evaluate.
  18. You have 2 ears and 1 mouth. Listen on social media 2x as much as you talk.
  19. Social media 5 minute rule: Spend 5 extra minutes on each post making it better.
  20. We “like” businesses on the internet that we actually like.
  21. WIFM? Your fans are asking: “What’s In It For Me?”
  22. Marketing today is customer centric. What do they want?

Permission vs. Interruption Marketing

Interruption vs. Permission MarketingSeth Godin coined the phrases permission marketing and interruption marketing may years ago, yet many marketers still haven’t truly come to understand the differences, and how they need to adapt their thinking.

Even in general interruption advertising like billboards and television commercials, those who are gaining attention are the ones creating content that people are actually interested in.

Let’s start with definitions:

Interruption Marketing

Interruption marketing includes most traditional marketing: you pay money to advertise and interrupt people from what they are trying to do with your message. Take a TV commercial for example. Someone trying to watch a program is interrupted and forced to watch your commercial, because you paid money. It doesn’t matter if your commercial is interesting (people are forced to watch it) it only matters that it sells your stuff.

Tide laundry detergent commercials are the perfect example. They are boring, nobody is interested in them, but they sell a lot of Tide.

Permission Marketing

Most online marketing is permission marketing, where people have to give you permission to market to them. People choose to follow you on Twitter, subscribe to your email or visit your website. They make the choice to connect with you (and allow you to market to them) because you provide great content. You must be interesting or useful for people to agree to your interruption marketing, or they will just ignore you.

Permission marketing is about providing value so that people choose to view your marketing.

Here are the Key Challenges for Marketers shifting from Interruption Marketing to Permission Marketing

  • Change your mindset: Stop thinking about selling, and start thinking about how you can create value for the people that you want to reach (in a way that links to your business and marketing strategy).
  • Change your message: Your message can’t be so advertising-ish. Your message must be something that people actually want to read (again, while at the same time growing your business).
  • Evaluate all of your channels: What is interesting is that even traditional marketing works better when it meets the difficult bar of both selling your product and being interesting to your customers.

The Big Idea

Instead of thinking about what you want to tell your audience, think about what you can provide them with that is valuable, useful, inspirational, etc. that ALSO highlights what you want them to believe.

Show them, don’t tell them.

If I want you to think I’m smart, I should write smart things.

If I want you to think I have great customer service, I should be active on multiple social channels.

Put your money where your mouth is.

If you want people to like you do things that people like

Why Getting Your Social Media Certification Can Help Land Your Next Job

For the longest time getting certified in any number of subjects, has required a lot of money and time. Two things that most job seekers do not have readily available. That has changed in the last few years, even more so in the digital marketing industry. With many recruiters looking at additional certifications in addition to degrees, earning a social media certification can be a huge benefit in the eyes of any employer.

Earn Your Social Media Certification Today!

How is having your Social Media Certification valuable you ask?

Simple, with the advent of social media many businesses, realize the power of connecting and engaging with their audience. The only problem is many companies don’t know how to manage their own social media accounts let alone their business accounts. That is where you can set yourself apart from the competition, and provide a true value to any organization even if you are not seeking a social media manager role.

It is becoming almost a common occurrence to see someone in the news for a comment they made online. These type of updates can not only cause them to lose their job, but also cost their employer negative feedback. No company wants that type of publicity. Having a social media certification could show recruiter that you know how to conduct yourself online. Depending on the position that you are applying for, being able to act in a professional manner online might be a necessity of the job.

Being Social Media Certified means more than just posting

But I already use Facebook, why do I need a certificate?” This is one of the more common questions that we get asked. The answer, believe it or not, is more intricate than you would think. Just because you know how to use Facebook does not mean you know how to build and execute an effective social media strategy. That is where our Social Media Certification course comes in to play.

Our Social Media Certification Program is available online, for you to take at your own pace. Unlike other programs, we don’t set a timetable for you to complete the course. We know that your time is valuable, and for that reason we do not want you to rush through the course. With that being taken into consideration, we have built our online social media certification course so that you can complete it in as little as 30 days! Yes, you can become certified before you land your next job.

That was not even the best part about our social media certificate, for a limited time we are offering an additional savings of $200 off! Now is the time for you to become social media certified!

Social Media + Public Relations – Live From Pubcon!

Today I had the pleasure of moderating a panel on Social Media PR at Pubcon.Social Media PR at PubCon with Lisa Buyer and Melissa Fach Lisa Buyer, a good friend, CEO of The Buyer Group and author of Social PR Secrets shared some amazing tips, tricks and things to think about:
  • One Tweet can make or break you. Personally or for your company. Carefully consider everything that you post.
  • PR Communications is Changing – there is a social PR revolution.
  • New PR is based on RELATIONSHIPS (just like old PR)
  • It is a combination of audience and content
  • Create content to 1) Help them 2) That they like 3) That they need
  • 84% of people use social media to follow news
  • Social news posts with images drive 44% more engagement
  • 65% of searches start on a smartphone
  • 64% of people use social to share and recommend news
  • The best words to share on Twitter “Follow, Free, New Blog Post, Please, Post, How To, You” that people retweet
  • Running a contest — Use “Winner, Win, Winning, Events” Don’t Use “Contest, Sweepstake”
  • Questions work well on Facebook (there is an infographic on this on Sprout Social)
  • Social Chats are the new talk shows
  • Speak visually – use Emojis
  • Use random acts of Kindness to make people love you ;-)
Tip From Melissa Fach:
  • Have core values and use them to connect with your customers
  • Publicize your values and live up to them!
  • Don’t be defensive
  • TAGFEE is their guiding principle:Transparent, Authentic, Generous, Fun, Empathetic, and Exceptional as possible.
  • If you make a mistake, own up to it quickly
  • Be honest and real
  • Every decision you make should be guided by your principles
  • Building Your Team: Experience is crucial, understand the different social networks, care about people, have similar core values
  • Go the extra mile to make people happy — find people who will do right by your brand and protect you
  • Your community team members are your brand guardians
  • Have a plan and strategy for different issues that may arise
  • Reduce support tickets
  • What is best for the person – you are talking to humans – help them. They deserve respect (even if you don’t agree)
  • Validate peoples feelings – don’t be defensive
  • If people are VERY ANGRY take the conversation offline
Tips for LinkedIn - Use these words on your profile

This Week in Social Media… Vine, Atlas and LinkedIn all launch huge updates

This week in social media, Vine gets the long-awaited features that it’s users have been begging for, Atlas is re-launched and is incredible, and LinkedIn adds a useful feature for power users.

Atlas Facebook Relaunches Atlas

Atlas, an advertising tool being tested by some of Facebook’s largest advertising partners, allows digital marketers to track online activity across multiple devices and even into the real world. This is a huge step for digital marketers who struggle to prove the effectiveness of online campaigns for driving in-store sales. Facebook calls this new development “people-based marketing”. Is it as creepy and intrusive as it sounds? Yes. Cookies don’t work on mobile and following users across devices doesn’t work. Facebook has solved that problem and taken it one step further, by tracking you all the way to your offline activity. Again, this is amazing data available to big digital media spenders, but it is getting a little creepy for the consumers.

Get the low-down from Facebook’s most recent post about Atlas.

LinkedIn Reveals More Data on Profile Views

Find out what LinkedIn activity is actually helping you build your network… LinkedIn has added deeper insights into who has viewed your profile that will help you be more efficient and effective when using the largest professional social network. The new feature is described in their latest update, “…in addition to seeing who is looking at your profile, you can see which actions you took that led to that specific increase in engagement”. Tracking how your LinkedIn activity leads to profile views will give users actionable data for improving their LinkedIn interactions and expanding their network. So far, it looks to only be available to LinkedIn premium users with the intention of expanding to the entire LinkedIn population.

Vine Update Allows Uploads, In App Editing

Vine’s latest update has added a long-awaited feature: video upload. For years, Vines had to be created through the app’s camera and offered few editing options for the most creative users. This most recent update not only added the upload feature, but also included extensive video editing capability to give Vine users complete control of chopping and editing their 6-second clips.

As Vine becomes more versatile, look for bigger brands to step up their presence on the visual social network. Check out the video below for an in-depth look into the new features.

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Our Social Media Training Process [Infographic]

Boot Camp Digital Training Process The keyword that describes our social media training is CUSTOMIZATION. Our programs are created to meet your exact needs so that they’re engaging and effective for your entire team. Learn about our custom corporate social media training process below.


Discovery Meeting

Establish the purpose of the training, the audience, the current knowledge levels, the scope and the length of the training. Learn about your business, industry, and organization.

Establish Learning Objectives

Determine the desired post-training performance and establish learning objectives.

Deploy Digital IQ Test

Assess the organization with our digital IQ test. Analyze knowledge levels & interest areas.


Determine Design Strategy

Determine the structure and duration of the program, as well as the delivery approach for the program.

Establish Training Method

Establish the balance and mix of learning methods including participation, activities, application and instruction.

Develop Outline for the Program

Create the outline for the training program including topics to be covered, depth of coverage (strategic/tactical/executional).


Create Customized Presentation

Determine the structure and duration of the program, as well as the delivery approach for the program.

Develop Industry-Relevant Examples

Establish the balance and mix of learning methods including participation, activities, application and instruction.

Build Supplemental Materials

Create the outline for the training program including topics to be covered, depth of coverage (strategic/tactical/executional).


Prepare Trainers

Review all materials, practice presentation, create supplemental presentation notes and plan for activities or interactive segments.

Deliver Training

Deliver the training program. In the event of multiple session delivery, program will be adjusted and improved based on initial delivery.

Evaluate and Track Results

Evaluate the effectiveness of the training program. If applicable, track results in on-the-job performance.

Our programs are designed to educate, empower, and build the digital capability of your organization. From 1/2 day sessions to week long seminars, we’re able to increase the digital fluency of your organization and help you deliver results. Make your next training program more effective than ever with our custom social media training options.

The Social Media Boot Camp: Miami

There are 1000 different reasons you should join us in Miami, Florida for the 2-Day Social Media Boot Camp… Here are just a few:

  • Learn from a company that has taught some of the most innovative organizations in the world!
  • Learn more than just social media… We’ll talk Internet marketing and integrating social media as part of your overall strategy.
  • Our social media workshops are action-oriented so that you leave with ideas that you can implement right away.
  • Visit an amazing city (Coral Gables, Florida) and discover the next steps to growing your business or improving your organization social media presence.
  • Get our amazing online training so that you can continue to learn and grow your expertise.
Join the social media seminar that is sure to educate, entertain, and motivate you to get your social media marketing in shape!

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Using the power of social media to market a city

Nicole Ball and Stacie Dastoor of REDI Cincinnati present “It Takes a Village to Market a City: The power of social media and influencers.” The discussion highlights what the REDI Cincinnati team has accomplished over the the past few months to attract new companies, create jobs and to help the existing businesses in the region. During the breakout session at D2 Cincinnati, they showcased how they used social media, digital presence, and influencers from a very different perspective to highlight the Queen City.


How do you attract companies from around the world to a town in the Midwest? It’s not necessarily about the location of your city but more about what does the city offer companies that are looking to relocate. Cincinnati has many unique features and qualities that many other cities just cannot provide.

REDI Cincinnati at D2 Cincinnati

More Than A Midwest Town

The goal of REDI Cincinnati is to show potential companies why moving to a city in the Midwest is beneficial. Even with a small budget and team, REDI Cincinnati was able to use several different types of marketing tactics to create a strategy to reach and engage with their target audience.

The following methods were leveraged to get their message out to clients:

  • Traditional media/research
  • Earned and owned media
  • Social Media
  • Partnerships
  • Influencers
  • One-to-One Conversations

Using these methods, REDI Cincinnati was able to get the message across to key contacts getting them to commit to visiting the city. By partnering with local companies, they were able to give a tour of the city that highlighted what Cincinnati has to offer to their client’s companies. The results from the visit were successful as two immediate projects leads our currently being worked on with one more on the way.

What’s Next?

In conclusion, REDI Cincinnati leveraged their partnerships to show a group of potential companies looking to relocate, what Cincinnati has to offer. This tour was informative, and fun that built long-term relationships and landed two leads that will bring new jobs to the region.

The goal now is to replicate the process, refining and improving it to produce more results with future campaigns. These same tactics can be used by companies of any size to draw talent from not only across the country but also the world.