November Social Media Round Up

Social media news monthly round up

Check out our round-up of the biggest changes in social media and digital marketing from the last month. Let us do the work for you, we gather the updates, you reap the benefit of having all of them in one place!

We read all of the latest social media news so you don’t have to.

As a value add for our All Access Pass Members, we provide a monthly call where in 30 minutes we share the biggest changes in social media and importantly how they impact your social media strategy and 30 minutes of open Q&A where we answer questions from our members!

The top news in social media that we covered this month includes:








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Announcing 2016: Digital Marketing Training Workshops

Announcing 2016 DM Training

I’m extremely excited to announce that coming to you in 2016 – Digital Marketing Training Workshops – covering both social media and internet marketing.

Starting in 2016, our top-rated training will expand to include more digital marketing topics based on demand from attendees.

In the past year, we’ve had attendees from around the globe including as far away as Indonesia, Nepal and Haiti. To provide a more in-depth training opportunity, we’re expanding our course offering.

In addition to our best-selling 2-Day Social Media Marketing Boot Camp, we will now offer a complete 4 day Digital Marketing workshop. The new 4-Day Digital Marketing classes include 2 days of Online/Internet Marketing training and 2 days of Social Media Marketing training.

Participants can join the entire for days or choose to attend:

Day 1: Online/Internet Marketing Strategy Workshop

The first day kicks off with trends and the future of digital marketing. Discover how to build a strategy for your business that gets results. We’ll also dive in to the internet marketing tools that can grow your business including:

  • Websites: Usability, design, UX
  • Conversion Planning & Optimization
  • Website Analytics
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Reputation Management & Review Sites

Day 1 ends with a Happy Hour (drinks are on us)

Day 2: Online/Internet Marketing Workshop Continued

We continue day 2 with continued exploration of the most important online marketing tools including:

  • Email marketing
  • Online advertising: Search ads, display ads, video ads, mobile ads, social media ads
  • Mobile marketing: Mobile website optimization, mobile search, mobile ads, mobile email, mobile app, mobile shoppers, the future of mobile + trends
  • Managing digital campaigns
  • Creating a digital strategy and measuring success (ROI)

Day 2 ends with an open Q&A period

Day 3: Social Media Strategy Training

We will kick off the social media marketing training by starting with the state of social media as well as trends and future opportunities. The first day will cover:

  • Social media strategy and the steps to building a social media plan
  • Social Media best practices
  • Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

Day 3 ends with a Happy Hour (drinks are on us)

Day 4: Social Media Training Continued

On day four we’ll continue to dive into social networks and explore how smart businesses are using them.

  • Social Networks: Blogging, Instagram, YouTube/Video, Google+
  • High-level overview of emerging social networks: Snapchat, Tumblr, Vine, Periscope/Meerkat, Slideshare, Flickr and more.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency including tools, workflows, time management and strategies for success
  • Measuring social media, reporting, KPIs and ROI
  • Getting started successfully and implementation tips

Day 4 ends with an open Q&A period

As you can see, there is LOTS of content in the new Boot Camp training format. Based on the success of our training last year, we will continue to offer the Boot Camp in locations across the United States. Our 2016 Digital Marketing Workshop schedule includes:

San Diego, CA – February 23-26, 2016

Washington D.C. – April 26-29, 2016

New Orleans, LA – June 21-24, 2016

San Francisco, CA – September 20-23, 2016

Miami, FL – November 1-4, 2016

Government Social Media Workshop: 10 questions to answer when creating a Government Social Media Policy

10 Questions Blog Post header

We know from Government Social Media Workshops — Social Media has changed the way that people, companies and government agencies communicate and interact – completely! We no longer wait to communicate with the public until the monthly council meeting, election day, or for the latest edition of newspaper op-ed page, we go online and voice our thoughts – good or bad – immediately. And, we expect a response – immediately!

Creating a Government social media policy is a necessity for today’s digital communications, concerns and opportunities. It also is a legal requirement that all employees of your governmental organization must understand and follow.

A governmental Social Media policy is required to make sure that government agencies and officials have a clear and legal plan for handling social media involvement/communications. Here are 10 questions to answer when creating a government social media policy:

  1. What can employees share or not share on social media networks?
  2. What disclaimers and guidelines do government employees need to post in social media?
  3. Who is allowed to participate (on behalf of the government agency/official) on social media?
  4. What content is allowed to be shared in Social Media communications?
  5. What content is not allowed to be shared in Social Media communications?
  6. Who do you follow? What do you ‘like’ in Social Media? (And who do you NOT follow or LIKE?)
  7. Who needs to be trained?
  8. Who needs to approve the Social Media policy? Legal? Management/Leadership?
  9. How should the government Social Media policy be managed/maintained?
  10. What is the process for handling crisis management, approvals, and questions regarding the government Social Media Policy?

Can your government agency/officials answer all of the above questions?

Government social media training covers all these questions for elected officials to community organizations. Boot Camp Digital conducts social media workshops for government agencies and officials. We can help your government organization define your Social Media policy and can provide Social Media training and strategy guidance. Contact Boot Camp Digital today for help in creating a custom government social media workshop, policy and strategy for your organization.

October Social Media Round Up

Social media news monthly round up

Check out our round-up of the biggest changes in social media and digital marketing from the last month. Let us do the work for you, we gather the updates, you reap the benefit of having all of them in one place!

We read all of the latest social media news so you don’t have to.

As a value add for our All Access Pass Members, we provide a monthly call where in 30 minutes we share the biggest changes in social media and importantly how they impact your social media strategy and 30 minutes of open Q&A where we answer questions from our members!

The top news in social media that we covered this month includes:


  • Facebook personalizes their search: With over 1.5 billion searches per day, Facebook recognizes the importance for user experience to make sure their search makes it easy to find what you’re looking for on Facebook. They’ve made it easier to stay up to date on what’s trending by not only sharing those results but also including individuals’ posts, conversations, and articles.
  • Facebook launches Instant Articles on iPhone: Users of the Facebook iPhone app will now have access to Instant Articles every day in their Newsfeed-grab your audiences attention with visuals to share your story.
  • Facebook rolls out better GIF support for Pages: Prior to this update, businesses were having trouble sharing those viral GIFs and animated photos, now they appear to be working which is great for businesses looking to generate appeal and increase their engagement with a funny/interesting/share-worthy GIFs.
  • Facebook tests new mobile selling experiences with canvas: With mobile purchasing becoming more of the norm, Facebook is making it easier for businesses who are not mobile optimized to sell online (or at least less frustrating for their customers). By clicking on the ad in their News Feed, a customer can browse from a variety of products before going to the retailer’s actual website. Seems like it could be a win-win for the customer and the business.
  • Facebook is supporting new immersive video formats: Recently Facebook released live video options via Mentions, now they’ve released 360 video to allow views from multiple angles. In addition to new video tools for Pages, they’ve begun testing features for video publishers as well. Look for more video updates from Facebook in the near future!
  • Facebook begins to roll out Reactions: Facebook is testing this new way for users to share their feelings about posts. The intent is to give users the opportunity to expand beyond  simply”liking” something. This is great for businesses who want to learn more about their audience.
  • Facebook opens leads to all advertisers: Facebook offers all advertisers lead ads where their prospective customers can easily sign up for information through mobile devices.
  • Facebook offering verified badges for local businesses: Much like celebrities, public figures, sports teams, etc. can verify their official Facebook Page, local businesses with a physical address can display a grey verified checkmark badge.
  • Facebook introduces new tools for broadcasters: The resources and tools being made available fall into 3 main areas: engaging, deciding, and displaying. All of these areas allow for more interaction between broadcasters and their audience.



  • LinkedIn introduces new LinkedIn Groups experience: LinkedIn listened to their members and improved their users’ group experiences by making engagement easier, more shareable,  creative and accessible…including a new iOS app specifically for groups.
  • LinkedIn makes changes to groups: Previously the options of public and private were available to groups. By default, all groups will now be private with only members being able to view and contribute to conversations.
  • LinkedIn introduces LinkedIn Pulse for Apple watch:Get the latest and most popular articles on your wrist! Breaking news, article summaries, and the ability to save articles for future reading are just a few of the features.




  • Twitter rolls out polls to all users: Now, everyone on twitter will be able to create polls where users can weigh in on conversations, etc. This allows businesses to quickly engage with their followers and get feedback on products, etc.
  • New video upload options on Twitter: There are now 3 ways to upload videos to Twitter. Similar to Facebook, Twitter wants you to be able to share videos directly versus having to upload to YouTube, etc.
  • Twitter releases new reports for businesses: Advertisers can use these consumer data-driven reports to help better understand the impact of their Twitter Ad campaigns.
  • Twitter introduces Moments: A new icon will take you what is most popular on Twitter in the moment. This includes more than just those who you follow.
  • Twitter announces new collections API: A new website display option gives companies the ability to create stories and engage with followers through campaigns.


  • YouTube offers paid viewer membership: This membership, similar to Pandora/Spotify, allows viewers to watch videos without the interruption of ads or commercials. Members also have access to features such as offline viewing and exclusive content.


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5 Social Media Mistakes that are Sabotaging Your Success (and how to avoid them)

5 Social Media Mistakes Blog

As social media has grown and evolved, getting results has become more and more difficult. Many businesses still struggle to get results from their social media marketing. Not because social media doesn’t work, but because they are making simple mistakes that are sabotaging their success.

1) Your Content is Totally Boring

This is probably the number one mistake that most businesses make when it comes to social media. They post stuff that isn’t awful, but it isn’t awesome.

Social media is a competitive space. Mediocre doesn’t cut it. You need great content that is interesting if you want to grab attention and break through the noise. Most businesses post boring content.

How to fix it: Spend some time looking at really great stuff for Inspiration. Checkout Pinterest. Look at how leading successful organizations position, package and structure their updates. Learn from other businesses that have figured it out.

2) You Don’t Have the Right Resources

Many businesses don’t have the right resources to be successful. It is 5% – 10% of a job (and that person knows nothing about social media). Success isn’t magic (or everyone would be successful).

How to fix it: Evaluate your biggest social media opportunities and be strategic about where you invest your time. Do a few things well vs. many things poorly. Make sure that social media is a priority for at least one person, and agree with them on the resources needed to do it right.

3) You Ignore Analytics

So many businesses don’t spend time with analytics. They post and occasionally create reports for their boss or leadership. The problem is that the only way to really know what works in social media for your business is to look at your analytics.

How to fix it: Review your analytics monthly (put it in your calendar) and look for actionable insights that you can use to adapt and improve your execution.

4) You Aren’t Strategic in Where you Spend Your Time

Many businesses don’t have a clear strategy around what they do and where they spend their time (or $$) when it comes to social media. This leads to a lot of effort going in to not a lot of results.

How to fix it: Determine the resources that are appropriate for each tool, and stick to it. Every social network should have a clear resource allocation so that you know that you are spending your time on the things that matter most.

5) You Don’t Stay Up-to-Date

Many businesses don’t stay up-to-date with social media, so they are implementing strategies that worked 5 years ago. Social media changes quickly and this means that you have to stay on the cutting edge if you want to stay relevant.

How to fix it: Check out our social media training diet or join a social media training program that includes regular updates and keeps you current on the cutting edge of social media marketing. You can also sign up for our monthly email updates!

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Quick Tips for Digital and Social Media Marketing

10262015 BCD Blog Post

We know that Social Media & Digital Marketing can be ever-changing and entrepreneurs can be so busy and in need of that extra push! So, we bring you quick and easy social media & digital marketing DIY tips and reminders for entrepreneurs to keep motivated!

  • Owning a business isn’t for the faint of heart; if you’re not a risk-taker, you should get the hell out of business!
  • It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop! Even the smallest move forward is progress.
  • Less talk, more do! The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
  • Social Media isn’t just a channel, integrate it. Make it a key part of your marketing strategy!
  • Trouble finding content inspiration? Try Pinterest. It’s is a great place to find inspiration!
  • A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new. Mistakes will happen, lessons will be learned.
  • Risk more than others think is safe. Dream more than others think is practical. The bigger your dream, the more people will doubt.
  • Follow your passion, not your paycheck. The money will eventually come. Find your passion and you’ll find your happiness. 
  • Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is. Take the risk to reap the reward.
  • It isn’t digital marketing. It’s marketing in a digital world. If you’re not marketing digitally, catch up!
  • Content is king but excellence is queen.  Make sure your content is valuable to your audience.
  • Transform your organization. Digital should be embedded in everything. Yes, it is THAT important!
  • Who cares when you post, if you post boring content. Content always trumps timing. 

Boot Camp Digital is Hiring a Graphic Designer in Cincinnati

We’re hiring a graphic designer and video editor.

Boot Camp Digital is a growing business located in OTR Cincinnati, and we are looking for a designer and video editor who can help to take our brand to the next level. Work at a growing company with a passionate team where you can add real value and help grow the business.

This is a “work hard play hard” culture. We’re looking for a team player who is passionate, demonstrates ownership, takes initiative and wants to be a part of building an amazing company.

What Does the Job Include:

We’re looking for someone who can take our visual brand to the next level by bringing our brand to life in a consistent way across all mediums including:

  • Print + Brochures
  • Websites
  • Visual marketing assets
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Videos
  • E-Learning
  • Learning tools and templates

What are we looking for in a successful candidate?

  • Design experience
  • Video editing and light animation experience
  • Creates functional design assets
  • Thinks strategically about how design influences the business
  • Excellent work ethic
  • Gets things done
  • Shows passion, ownership and initiative
  • Superstar with Adobe design and video tools (photoshop, AI, Premiere, After Effects etc.)
  • Ability to translate brand standards to visual designs
  • Passion for social media or digital marketing a BONUS :-)
  • Listens to good music

This is an entry-level full-time contract to hire position.

How to Apply:

To apply, send your resume and a link to your online design portfolio to jobs (at) bootcampdigital (dot) com. Also include a video showing us why you’d be great for this job…

Emerging Social Networks Videos: What you need to know!

BCD Blog Post 10152015

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn: you’ve (hopefully!) been there — done that, right?! (If not, to be honest, we’ve got Boot Camp Digital training on all those!) 😉 But how do you keep up-to-date on the emerging social networks? How do YOU stay on top of the new/emerging social networks like Periscope, Meerkat, Tumblr and more?

From the executive who needs to know the high-level awareness of social media networks, to the hands-on social media/digital marketing manager who needs to understand social content, the strategy and management of a range of social networks, there’s a lot to stay on top of in the world of social media!

To help you, our Boot Camp Digital team has created some awesome overview videos of these emerging social networks:

PERISCOPE/MEERKAT: Have you Scoped yet? No medical procedure – scoping is live streaming your life (on Periscope) or your own version of an interactive show on your phone to people all over the globe. Relatively new, these two live streaming social networks offer new opportunities and challenges as an emerging social network. Find out more …

TUMBLR: If you’re over 35, you might think we just made a typo. If you’re under 35, you’re probably already on Tumblr. This social media platform allows users to post/curate content from Tumblr or other places on the internet. Bigger than Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn, do you know what businesses need to know about Tumblr?

SNAPCHAT: Really. We’re not trying to make you feel old … but you’re probably over 35 if you don’t use Snapchat. In fact, 85% of the under 35 crowd are on Snapchat. What is it? Well, I’ll give you 10 seconds to read this then it will disappear. :) Really it won’t, but a Snapchat update, or ‘Snap,’ would only last for 10 seconds. Quick! Watch the following video on what Snapchat is and how businesses are using this emerging social network!

SLIDESHARE: Want to be part of the 500% more traffic by business owners than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube? (Really!) Owned by LinkedIn, Slideshare is the largest community for sharing presentations – in fact, it’s one of the top 100 sites in the world! Want to know more? Check out this video then go check out some presentations on what Slideshare is that are posted on, you guessed it, Slideshare.

PODCASTING: Ever heard of ‘Serial,’ ‘Radiolab,’ ‘The Moth,’ or ‘This American Life’? They’re all very popular podcasts – which are audio/video shows that can be downloaded from iTunes or other sources. In fact, 1/3 of Americans have listened to a podcast. Businesses are using them too. Find out why and how to benefit from this emerging social communication channel.

To be honest, more emerging social networks are constantly launching. How do you stay on top of things? For more information on these emerging social networks and existing ones, we’ve got social media and digital marketing training – individual, group, live, online – all designed for professionals who need to know what is going on in the ever-changing world of social media and what it means to their business/organization.

Government Social Media Workshop: What is a Social Media Policy and Why Do You Need One?

Social Media Policy Blog Post header

A few years ago, government communications departments (PIOs, Communications Officers, government agencies) used traditional media for communication with their constituents and communities. Press releases, TV/radio/newspaper interviews, and press conferences gave the government official’s/agency’s positioning on topics/updates.

Social media has changed all that! Now the population gets their news online and on their phones. Real-time updates and social conversations are the norm. Newspapers are declining, social media networks continue to grow in usage, and, in general, the population is online and believes what they see on social media.

The changing landscape of communication from traditional to digital, and the legal ramifications of social networks and communications, demands that government officials and agencies create and follow social media policies.

Cookie Cutter Image Revised
There is no cookie cutter governmental social media policy. Each department and organization must take their specific situation, as well as digital  strategies and goals in mind. We’ve worked with several governmental groups on  their social media policies (from park boards to mayoral teams, PIOs to emergency  and health services) – and each social media policy for a government organization is  different.

A Governmental Social Media Policy covers:

  • Who can be the voice of the department/official in social media. What they can/can’t share, who they can follow/like/share, etc. (They also need to create a social media strategy in addition to the policy.)
  • Guidelines for all employees of the organization and their social media usage, and disclaimers.
  • Privacy guidelines for government agencies in social media. Not only HIPAA but general privacy policies on what can be shared about other employees, officials, residents, partners, volunteers, etc.
  • Use of logos and endorsements.
  • Photo rights and guidelines – for the general public, government officials, and employees.

A Social Media Policy for government officials/agencies protects the individual and/or organization from negative situations and potential legalities that could arise.

Need help with your government social media policy, we’d love to work with you. Boot Camp Digital offers social media and digital marketing training, speaking and social media policy workshops. Contact us to work together on a social media policy for your government organization.

September Social Media Round Up

Social media news monthly round up

Don’t have time to follow all of the most important social media news? Who does? Check out our round-up of the biggest changes in social media from the last month.

We read all of the latest social media news so you don’t have to.

As a value add for our All Access Pass Members, we provide a monthly call where in 30 minutes we share the biggest changes in social media and importantly how they impact your social media strategy.

Get the latest updates on your social media marketing – in 30 minutes learn about all of the changes and what they mean to your business strategy.

The top news in social media that we covered this month includes:





  • Twitter does a visual refresh: You’ll see something new next month on Twitter – the Tweet and Follow buttons will switch to a modern, high-contrast design of white text on a dark blue background.
  • Twitter expands self-service ads: Twitter has expanded their self-service ads platform from 33 countries to over 200 countries and territories. Now, small and medium-sized businesses can more effectively reach their target audiences on Twitter in 15 languages.


  • Lifespan of a Blog Post: A new study recently released states that a blog post has a ‘long tail’ of readers. There is an initial spike of impressions with 78% readers in the first month, and 28% of readers


  • Instagram hits 400 million accounts: Instagram continues to grow and released that the community has reached 400 million. Keep in mind that more than 75 percent living outside of the US. However, if you’re looking to reach consumers 18-35, Instagram continues to grow in size and influence.
  • Instagram ads open to all businesses: Instagram opened up ads for businesses earlier this year. They’ve extended this now to all businesses. Video ads have grown to 30 seconds in length, so brands can engage in richer storytelling.
  • Instagram improves Instagram Direct: Instagram made a number of changes to Instagram Direct making it more functional (threaded conversations, groups, emojis and private conversations around posts). It can assist with group sharing, which might be good for company teams using/sharing Instagram photos.
  • Instagram contest app makes contests easier: Contests are a way of generating more awareness, followers and engagement. Wishpond is a new app that makes contests on Instagram and Facebook easier to conduct/share.


  • Meerkat introduces live #Hashtags: Meerkat is a live streaming platform (similar to Periscope, below). They recently added live #Hashtags as a way for users to connect and follow conversations (similar to how #Hashtags are used on other social networks like Instagram and Twitter).


  • Periscope updates its iOS App: Periscope is constantly improving and updating its iOS. This upgrade allows viewers to share screenshots that they take during your stream as well as lets you see who follows you back and invite them in a single tap.
  • Periscope introduces Web Profiles: Another new feature Periscope added is Web Profiles. Basically it’s the same as other social networks – it shares your image/logo, description and the URL. Go to to see all the recent broadcasts for any Periscoper.
  • Periscope now supports landscape broadcasting: Most video is done in landscape (horizontal image) and Periscope has now adapted to allow portrait (vertical) or landscape live streaming broadcasts. This is great for sharing live streaming of things like company events, tradeshows, etc.

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