July Social Media Round Up – Facebook Doubles Down on Video, Instagram Search Improves, Meerkat Gets Cooler and More…

Social media news monthly round up

Don’t have time to follow all of the most important social media news? Who does? Check out our round-up of the biggest changes in social media from the last month.

We read all of the latest social media news so you don’t have to.

As a value add for our All Access Pass Members, we provide a monthly call where in 30 minutes we share the biggest changes in social media and importantly how they impact your social media strategy.



  • Twitter Removes Background Images – This isn’t a major change, but Twitter has removed background images that could previously be customized when viewing the site. Now you’ll just see a light grey background, which IMO reduces the clutter.
  • Twitter Makes Account Management Easier with Data Dashboard – It is now easier and more transparent to control your account.
  • Twitter Summary Cards Have More Detail – If you get traffic to your site from Twitter you should be using Twitter cards – which are now even more in-depth. Twitter cards show more of your content directly in the Twitter stream – check out the new features.
  • Twitter Launches Safety Center – This makes it easier for people to understand how to protect themselves and report inappropriate behavior on Twitter. If you engage in spammy tactics or other offensive behavior you may find more people are reporting you.
  • Twitter Launches Mobile Ad Manager – You can now manage Twitter ads on the go 😉


  • New Search and Explore – Instagram makes discovering the best photos easier with new search and explore. Make sure that you accurately tag your photos and consider adding locations to your images to maximize your visibility.
  • Instagram Launches Desktop Search – Instagram announced that the search feature is now available on Desktops 😉 You can search users and hashtags from a computer now. YAY!


  • Rolling Out Buyable Pins – Pinterest is rolling out buyable pins with select partners (if you have a Shopify store you can get them). Integrating commerce may increase sales and this is a trend we are seeing across social networks.


  • SlideShare Announces New Lead Generation Tools – If you are in B-to-B, slideshare can be a great way to acquire new leads. Check out SlideShare’s newest lead generation tools if you want to advertise on SlideShare to drive leads.


  • Google+ Begins to Dismantle – Google announced a while ago that it would start removing Google+ integrations from their other services (like YouTube, App Stores, etc). It has finally taken the first step by removing the Google+ account integration from YouTube!


  • YouTube 360 Degree Ads – If you want to explore the future of Video Ads, check out the new YouTube video format. Their new 360 Degree video ads turn video into an interactive experience where users can click to view more. Definitely worth a look.


  • If you haven’t paid attention to Vine yet, you probably didn’t notice that they recently repositioned themselves. Rather than a platform focused on sharing videos, they view themselves more as a media platform where people consume videos.
  • Vine Announced Recommended People to Follow – Which lets you discover accounts that are interesting to you.



  • First, if you don’t know YikYak it is a mobile micro-messaging app where you can see messages from people nearby. It is growing in popularity with teens
  • YikYak added photos – This makes the platform even more robust and interesting.





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Information with out Analysis is Pointless: Digital Marketing Analytics

Digital Marketing Information Analysis

I recently started using a FitBit, which gives me all sorts of information about my body. My fitbit gives me sleep information – it tells me how often I sleep, restlessness and how often I’m awake. The sleep information is really interesting – apparently I’m very restless and sometimes wake up a lot at night. I kind of already knew this.

FitBit Sleep Tracking

Here is the problem with this information.

What do I do with it?

So I don’t sleep well. What do I do with that information?

Is it good? Is it bad? What causes it?

I know none of these things.

I do nothing. I look at it. I find it interesting. I do nothing.

This got me thinking about digital marketing analytics.

I’ve worked with countless companies who struggle with measurement and analytics. The reason they struggle is that they print out reports, they look at them, they find them interesting…. but they don’t really know how to interpret the results or act on them.

For example when you show a CEO that you grew Facebook fans by 5% one month, what is that actually telling them? Is it good or bad? How did we achieve the growth and can we replicate it?

The problem with digital marketing reporting is that many people pull reports and overwhelm themselves, their clients and their bosses with data without providing any analysis or insight.

When it comes to digital marketing analytics and reporting, it is important to provide analysis and insights to bring meaning to the information.

The next time you create a report, ask yourself:

  • What does the information mean?
  • What is it telling you?
  • What caused the results?
  • Are they good or bad?
  • What conclusions can you draw from the information?
  • How does it inform your strategy?
  • What action can you take?

Do You Work in Marketing? Why You Should Get Smart on Social Media.

Social Media Smart 07282015

Social media isn’t going away, and it doesn’t work like other channels. You can’t simply hire agencies and rely on social media executional excellence. Smart marketers are enhancing their skills with education and training in social media to increase their effectiveness and marketability.

Here are 4 reasons why all marketers need to better understand social media:

1) More and More Marketing Dollars will Go To Social Media

Social media is continuing to dominate time and attention. More people check Facebook each day than listen to the radio or read a newspaper. 20% of online time is spent on social media, not to mention that social also dominates mobile time. The point is that as time shifts to social media, so do marketing dollars. This means that you can’t afford to ignore it. Social is big and here to stay. Get used to it.


2) You need to understand it to do your job.

Whether you work for a big brand, an agency or a small business you can’t afford not to understand social media. A basic understanding of social media is required for you to effectively do your job. Knowing how things like SEO (search engine optimization), visual content, paid search, paid social and more work individually and together is important to making smart choices. You’ll get pitched more and more ideas from your agency, startups and other vendors and really understanding how social media works (even if you don’t want to use it) is vital to making smart choices.


3) It is more complex than the marketing channels you are used to.

Social media is more complicated than traditional channels, which means you need to really consider what you want to do and why. Traditional advertising is centuries old, and we have well-established approaches, best practices and metrics for these channels. They are also relatively stagnant.
Social media on the other hand is new and constantly changing and evolving. New opportunities emerge regularly, and you need to at least understand them to be effective. You don’t have to be a pro, but you do have to have a solid understanding of what things work, why they are effective and how brands can play.


4) It should be integrated upfront with EVERYTHING you do

Consumers don’t have a single-channel relationship with your business. They interact seamlessly through digital and traditional channels. Social should be connecting experiences with your product, in your store, with your sales team or at events. It isn’t a stand-alone or independent idea, and simply posting about a traditional or real-world event isn’t integration. Integration means creating experiences that connect across the mediums that your audience participates in is vital. Disconnected teams don’t work anymore.

Fast and Easy DIY Digital Marketing Tips

BCD 07242015

We know that Social Media Marketers are BUSY. So, here is our speedy solution to help you stay aware of some Fast and Easy DIY Digital Marketing Tips. Actually, here’s over 10 digital marketing tips in under 1 minute …. Here goes:

  • Marketing channels should not be silos. Cross-share content across social networks.
  • Get your audience involved by asking for user-generated images and captions. *
  • Use fun facts to engage with people in a way that is highly sharable.
  • Drive traffic to your blog with relevant images. If a great post doesn’t have an interesting image, it’s less likely to be clicked on. *
  • Find brand influencers. Follow influencers who are already talking about your brand and build relationships with them.
  • Like other users’ photos to get noticed. Most brands have to work for their audience by participating and interacting online.
  • Build a promotion map. Your promotion plan should include PAID sources, EARNED sources, and OWNED sources.
  • Repurpose your infographics. A great infographic can be turned into at least 3 different blog posts! *
  • Google has expanded mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal! Be prepared! Optimize your site for multiple devices.
  • Is your content getting the most bang for the buck? Once the initial buzz of your content has worn off, promote it again to get the most out of it!
  • Instagram adds new filters and emoji hashtags – Making Instagram even more fun! *

* VISUALS are vital! Get our FREE Checklist for Visual Social Media Marketing!

Why You Should Always Allow Comments on Social Networks

Allow Comments 07212015

I recently spoke to a group about social media, and was asked about blocking Facebook comments. The group I spoke with deals with a particularly sensitive topic and is regularly under scrutiny. They have a higher level of risk when it comes to social media, and they could be held responsible for comments on their Facebook page.

When the question was asked, my response was – blocking comments because of risk is like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Here is why You Should Always Allow Comments on Social Media:

  • The negative/risk comments will probably be under 1% of the total engagement on your page. There is a lot of fear about Facebook comments, but the reality is that most people leave positive comments – they aren’t out to hurt you. Don’t let a small risk compromise your entire strategy.
  • There are controls in place to help identify issues early on. Facebook allows you to add a list of words that will automatically flag content on your page, you can choose to be notified with every comment and you can change your “offensive” filter. Use the tools to reduce your risk.
  • Unless there is real legal risk, negativity or complaints are usually legitimate and the advantage is that you now have the opportunity to respond and participate. Facebook doesn’t create a bad customer experience – it simply gives your customers a voice for it. Treat feedback as a gift and try to resolve issues. Many organizations have been successful in providing social care by opening up communications with dissatisfied customers. In many cases, this prevents them from losing customers.
  • Blocking comments from your page doesn’t block them from Facebook. Just because you don’t allow comments, doesn’t mean that people aren’t complaining. It just means that they are complaining on their own Facebook feed instead of yours and now you don’t have the opportunity to reply (or even see it).
  • Build a plan to mitigate risk and decide how to respond to issues upfront. Unless you are at the forefront in your industry, chances are that other businesses or organizations are already dealing with this issue and have build a process, or have assumed a certain level of risk. Look around your industry for common practices and reach out to see how others are overcoming obstacles.


CEO Mistakes Twitter for Google Search – Don’t Let This Happen to You

Lays CEO Tweets

First the post about this was SATIRE – it didn’t really happen.  An article on Medium showed Tweets allegedly from the CEO of Lays that were intended to be Google searches. They are hysterical.

While this didn’t actually happen, it could have – especially since many executives don’t have a clue about social media.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 11.26.51 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 11.27.20 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 11.27.36 AM

The thing is that many executives are not educated about social media and digital marketing. While this didn’t happen, it easily could. As business leaders it isn’t ok to ignore social media tools that are used by your employees, suppliers, customers, competitors, press and business partners are all using it.

You can’t afford to ignore it any more and run the risk of making this kind of a mistake.

As an executive, or someone who works with an executive you owe it to yourself to discover the tools that are driving business today. Check out our executive social media training and coaching to get started.

3 Easy Ways to Link Your SEO Strategy to Your Content Strategy

Content SEO 07142015

I was recently on a content marketing panel with other industry experts, and one of the other panelists said that SEO shouldn’t even be considered in a content marketing strategy.


Why do we need to make everything black and white?

It seems like the question is approached as either you ignore SEO or you create crappy content in order to optimize for search.
Clearly there can’t possibly be a middle ground where creative smart marketers have figured out how to do both. <sarcasm>
If you are a content marketer, or a social media marketer and you don’t know your SEO strategy and keywords, you are missing a huge opportunity.

Pretending that considering SEO in content marketing somehow necessarily results in crappy content is a narrow way of thinking.


Your social media strategy shouldn’t just consider SEO, but it should also consider brand equity, brand character, marketing and business objectives, your traditional advertising campaigns and strategies and everything else.

Back to content and SEO.

Smart content marketers don’t think in black and white.
They think in grey.

How can I create great content that also incorporates our SEO strategy?

How can I create great content that matches our brand character?

How can I create great content that build our equity?

Content can be awesome and also meet other marketing objectives.

While there are a number of deeper strategies that can link your SEO and Content, here are 3 easy ways to incorporate your SEO strategy into your content plan:

  • After you have created awesome content, give it a quick look over for keyword opportunities. This often simply involves swapping words or phrases without impacting the quality or tone of the content. For example, if I’m mentioning social media education, I may change it to social media training to link to my keyword strategy.
  • Prior to creating content, do a brainstorm with your keywords handy. The best content strategies clearly link back to SEO. When determining your content, keep a list of your keywords front and center and try to ideate around them. Again, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality content, but you shouldn’t ignore your keyword strategy either.
  • Search for your keywords on content sites for inspiration. If you are having difficulty creating really good content around your keywords, try to get inspired. Look on Pinterest for content that is shared related to your keywords or search blogs, Instagram, slideshare, youtube, etc. The idea is to find content that is great and incorporates your keywords as a source of inspiration.

Announcement: Debba Haupert Joins the Boot Camp Digital team!

Debba Haupert Boot Camp DigitalBoot Camp Digital is extremely excited to welcome Debba Haupert to the Boot Camp Digital team!!!

I’ve known Debba since I first got into the social media space — back in 2006 we were among the first social media marketers in Cincinnati and we met at a MeetUp. We both quit our corporate jobs in the same month to dive in to social media and work on StartUps.

Debba has been a Social Media Pioneer and Thought Leader for the past 10 years – creating among the first successful business Twitter accounts, running a digital media company and growing one of the largest female communities on Facebook and Pinterest. What has always impressed me about her is how she dives in to new digital marketing channels and executes with discipline and excellence. I couldn’t be more excited that she is joining the Boot Camp Digital Team today.

– Krista (CEO of Boot Camp Digital)

Debba brings over 25 years of marketing experience and 10 years of digital marketing experience to the team. She is passionate about digital marketing and is a recognized speaker, award winning marketer, thought leader and expert in the field. She speaks at leading industry events as a keynote speaker and has also run successful digital marketing conferences, workshops and online learning programs.

Debba has worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry including Sears, Honda, T-Mobile, Healthy Choice, The UPS Store, Kroger and more. She understands the challenges that marketers, brands and social media practitioners face and enjoys working with them to find solutions.

As VP of Marketing & Development, Debba will work with Boot Camp Digital to provide digital marketing workshops and presentations to clients, and also lead the development of our expanded digital marketing e-learning program. Debba is a seasoned and experienced digital marketer, and we are delighted to add her to our team.

Do you have a Digital Development Plan for Yourself? Time to Create one and Build your Digital Marketing Skills!!!

Digital Marketing 07072015

When you want to achieve anything – lose weight, get in shape, grow your career – you need a plan. We have diets, exercise programs and career paths to support these because we know that you are more likely to succeed if you have a specific and clear plan.


The same is true for your personal social media education. If you want to grow your skills, you need to have a plan.


You Need a Plan to be Focused
This is why I created the Personal Social Media Training Program – it is your personal plan to grow your skills in social media. The idea is that with constant and continuous effort you can grow your skills over time.


Variety is Key

A good diet or exercise plan includes variety – so does the Social Media Training Program. Read articles, books, talk to people, go to events, attend social media training – the variety of content will help you maximize your learning.


Discipline and Consistency are Vital to Your Success

When you want to do anything you need to make a consistent effort. You don’t lose weight by eating well for one day and you don’t get in shape after one weekend of effort. Be disciplined to carve out the time to invest in yourself over time if you want to see results.


Sample Digital Marketing Skill Development Plan

Create a development plan that works for you – based on the amount of time and effort that you can realistically put into it.


Consider this as a starting point:

  • 1 Conference a year: Make a point to attend one digital marketing conference a year. Choose one that matches your skill development needs and that has similar sized organizations participating.
  • 1 Training a year: Attend one formal training program a year. This is your chance to disconnect and really dig in. I do this for my business each year and it really helps me to refocus and learn. I don’t need everything to be new, but if I return with 10 – 15 things I can do better, the training was a huge success.
  • 3 Blogs/News Sites each day: You may miss days, but find 3 blogs or news sites that are worth following for you. You don’t have to read every article, but get some highlights.
  • 1 Book a Month: A good book allows you to focus in on a specific area. Try to set a goal to read at least 1 digital marketing book (or e-book) a month to keep yourself focused.
  • 1 Networking or Local Education Event a Month: Regardless of how small your community is there are probably local events that you can attend to meet other digital marketers. Discussing with other people is one of the top ways to expand your knowledge. Attend one local event a month to build connections in your local market, and swap ideas with key stakeholders.

Social Media Monthly Round Up – Biggest News in Social Media This Month

Social media news monthly round up

Don’t have time to follow all of the most important social media news? Who does? Check out our round-up of the biggest changes in social media from the last month. We read all of the latest social media news so you don’t have to.

As a value add for our All Access Pass Members, we provide a monthly call where in 30 minutes we share the biggest changes in social media and importantly how they impact your social media strategy.

The top news in social media that we covered this month includes:


      • Facebook launches author tags – Stealing a move from the Google Playbook, Facebook announced author tags – you can now follow an author on Facebook to see more of their content – regardless of where they published it. Add authorship code to your website to allow people to follow you as an author.
      • Facebook Moments allows for private sharing and grouping of photos – you may want to share photos from a party with other party goers and not your entire Facebook friend list. Facebook Moments provides a platform to do this – share photo more privately and create groups who can all share photos. It also uses facial recognition to see who is in the photos #Creepy
      • Facebook launches place tips – If you have a local business (where people can check-in through a place) you may start to see tips displayed. Tips are customized for each user to provide a more relevant and helpful experience when checking in to a business. As a local business, you can also add a custom message to the tips view – be sure to take advantage of this to optimize your tips.
      • Facebook tests saved replies – which would allow businesses to send the same saved reply to multiple people… Stay tuned to see if this rolls out.


      • Pinterest search is smarter – it includes autosuggest and includes SPELLCHECK – YAY!!! Make sure your pins and boards are optimized for search.
      • Buyable pins announced – Pinterest announced buyable pins – you will be able buy directly from Pinterest (and pay in the app). This could be HUGE for ecommerce companies. Check it out and stay tuned for a launch date.
      • Expanded Promoted Pins and Cinematic Pins – these promoted pins include motion to get better results…. Pinterest is getting more serious about their ad platform with more targeting and better ad units.


      • Twitter launches auto-play videos – similar to Facebook, videos uploaded to Twitter will now autoplay in the stream. This means that video can be more impactful on Twitter – consider adding videos to your Twitter strategy, or uploading your Facebook videos directly to Twitter.
      • Longer DM (Direct Messages) coming soon – Twitter is removing the character limit from direct messages. This will probably lead to more spam (or at least longer spam messages)…. But as a business this can help to provide more robust customer service through Twitter.
      • Twitter now shows you conversations – This has been available in Hootsuite for a while – Twitter is finally catching up and showing conversation threads making it easier to talk to people 😉 This only really matters if you use Twitter.com to access Twitter.
      • Share block lists – You can now share lists of accounts you block and others can block your list more easily. This makes it easier to block spammy accounts.
      • Twitter ads audience insights – Learn more about your Twitter audience with Twitter insights… Use this info to customize your content or to discover more about your customers.


      • Instagram expands ads and includes calls to action – Instagram ads are now available to more marketers in more places AND they can include call to action buttons (shop now) to make them more effective for more marketing objectives. This is probably worth testing out.



FTC Releases New Disclosure Guidelines


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