6 Social Media Trends to Take Advantage of NOW

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Krista Neher

May 04 2016


Social Media continues to grow and evolve, and many marketers read articles about trends to watch or predictions on the next big thing.

Stop wasting your time on the next big thing and take advantage of what is trending now.

1) Video

    All of the big social platforms are making significant video plays now. Our latest and greatest monthly call almost always has updates about how the big networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc) are enhancing video features.

Get video into your strategy now.

2) Social Media Advertising

    Advertising is growing in importance across social networks. All major networks have ad platforms and for the most part they are cheap ways to reach your target audience. Invest in getting results from social ads now – you’ll reap the rewards now and in the future.

3) Cheap & Quick

    Figure out how to do things quickly and cheaply. Waiting for a big budget or following traditional creative processes is time consuming. Find quick ways to prove your concept and then invest more. Try things fast. Be nimble. Experimentation and quick iteration is key to your success.

4) Visuals & Images

    Visuals and images also drive every social network. Other than copywriting this is the top thing that can make or break your success online. Get good at creating great visuals to accompany your content and social network strategies.

5) The Right Content Strategy

    Many businesses still lack a coherent content strategy. You need a well thought out strategic content plan. Invest in creating great stuff that people are actually interested in and link your content strategy to your website to your SEO to your lead generation to your social media. Integrated content planning is vital to online marketing success today.

6) Get Out of the Silo

    If you are a social media manager you can’t afford to sit in a silo and think ONLY about social media. Social should support digital which should support traditional which ultimately should all support achieving a marketing goal. If you manage social media as a stand-alone you will miss out on big picture opportunities that connect the consumer journey and drive real results.


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