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3 Ways to Make Your Web Content Accessible

Allison Chaney

Feb 04 2020

Accessibility is important to ensure that your content is accessible to people of all abilities. Most web content creators are familiar with alt attributes which are tags that describe an image within content. This also applies to hashtags, which are...

The Best Stock Music Sites

Allison Chaney

Jan 28 2020

You've probably heard of stock photography, but did you know that you can also add stock music to your videos? Sometimes a video needs a little something extra to make it sound professional, and adding music and sound effects can...

My Personal Brand Transformation Journey

Allison Chaney

Jan 01 2020

After teaching our personal branding workshops and reading through our materials so many times, it hit me - it's time to take a closer look at my own personal brand! So, I decided to use our workbook and workshop format...

November 2019 Digital Marketing News Updates: Facebook News, Instagram Threads and New LinkedIn Features for Company Pages

Allison Chaney

Nov 06 2019

Members of our All Access Pass get the first look at the latest digital marketing news updates each month during a live webinar during which they can ask questions! Start your 14-day trial of our All Access Pass to get these...

The Ultimate Social Media Content Ideas Cheat Sheet

Allison Chaney

Oct 17 2019

You know content is everything, but when you sit down to create a social media post, do you often feel stuck? We've created this social media content ideas cheat sheet so you'll never get stuck on what to post again!...
digital marketing

Digital Transformation Drives Results and ROI: Are you Harnessing the Power?

Allison Chaney

Oct 13 2019

The Constellation Research Digital Transformation Study reports that digital transformation activities are yielding results with 68% of their respondents indicating a positive and provable ROI. In the Deloitte study, The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here—are you ready?, 94% of respondents agreed that...
Facebook Updates, Twitter Updates, Google Updates, LinkedIn Updates, Instagram Updates

September 2019 Digital Marketing News Updates: Facebook Rebrands, Stories Insights, LinkedIn Audience Data, Playable Podcasts in Search

Allison Chaney

Sep 09 2019

Facebook News Updates Facebook makes Group Privacy more Clear - Instead of public, closed or secret groups can now choose their membership and visibility. This adds transparency to how groups are setup. Facebook Stops Group Chats to Limit Spammers -...
digital sales, digital marketing sales funnel, digital sales funnel

With No Digital Strategy, You Have No Digital Sales

Allison Chaney

Sep 05 2019

Having a clear digital strategy is so important because we know that in every industry and category sales is a process. Even seemingly impulse purchases like a pack of gum at a checkout aisle are influenced far in advance of...
digital marketing strategy

What’s Your Game Plan for the Next Big Thing in Digital?

Allison Chaney

Sep 02 2019

It's tempting to dive into something new and shiny in digital, but clients tell us that the risk of poor results typically reigns that curiosity back in. It's a balancing act between cutting edge and tried and true. So where's...
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