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4 Steps to Building A Powerful Personal Brand At Work

Allison Chaney

May 01 2019

I just did a training for a group of professionals on personal branding and there was one theme that rang true throughout the entire training - everyone needs a personal brand at work. At first, when you think of personal...
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LinkedIn Pages Checklist (directly from LinkedIn): How to grow your LinkedIn Page

Krista Neher

Apr 04 2019

LinkedIn Pages have been around for a while, but many marketers struggle with how to get real results from their page. GOOD NEWS! At SXSW we met with LinkedIn and they gave us this handy Checklist for LinkedIn Pages with...

March 2019 Digital Marketing News Updates – Facebook Privacy Check-Up, Third Party Posting for Instagram Videos, and Twitter’s New Desktop Interface

Krista Neher

Mar 15 2019

Facebook News Updates Facebook Watch Changing Programming - Facebook watch is currently only available in the US, and Facebook hasn't been pushing advertisers towards the Watch mid-roll ads. In a new announcement they have cut 2/3 of their content, suggesting...

Built to Suck – How to Suck Less with Joe Jaffe at SXSW

Krista Neher

Mar 12 2019

Joe Jaffe recently wrote his latest book - Built to Suck focusing on how businesses need to adapt to thrive. Spoiler alert - the book is awesome - and I wanted to share some of the best tips from his...
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Even Mindy Kaling Finds Personal Branding a Struggle Sometimes – #SXSW

Melissa Byers

Mar 09 2019

If you ever want to see a mostly-female company flash into full focus mode, put them in the LinkedIn Studio at SXSW for a conversation with Mindy Kaling. You know and love her from her role as "Kelly Kapoor" on...
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Chat with Goldie Chan at #SXSW, LinkedIn Influencer, on Personal Branding

Allison Chaney

Mar 09 2019

We’re at #SXSW, catching a chat with Goldie Chan, Top Voice and LinkedIn learning instructor, also known as “the Oprah of Linkedin.” Goldie shared three big tips about how to build an interesting and engaging standout personal brand using LinkedIn...

Free Digital Marketing and Social Media Training for Federal Employees

Krista Neher

Jan 23 2019

UPDATE: While the shutdown has ended for the moment, we are keeping this offer open until a permanent agreement is reached. Please apply here: We've been watching the news of the government shutdown, and the impact on federal employees and their families and wanted to do something to help. While we can't impact the shutdown, we can try to help some...
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How to Hit the Sweet Spot of Great Content

Melissa Byers

Jan 21 2019

Members of our Digital Marketing Insiders group get the opportunity to connect with and learn from experts from all corners of the digital marketing industry so they can do their jobs better! If getting better results and boosting your skills...

Top Trends in Digital Marketing for 2019 That Actually Work

Krista Neher

Jan 02 2019

So you've probably read a thousand posts on 2019 Digital Marketing Trends. Personally, I HATE these annual trends reports and posts. Why? Well, they usually contain all the same ideas and honestly, most of these ideas are on the list...
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