AI Skills and Career Development Fuel Training Plans for 2024

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Krista Neher

May 14 2024

Generative AI is transforming organizations and the way we work. Almost every large business has plans to integrate AI into their organization. We work with countless Fortune 500 businesses – they are all integrating AI into the business.

The Demand for AI Training

A recent study by LinkedIn showed that 4 in 5 people want to learn more about how to use AI in their profession. That means 80% of employees want to learn to use AI professionally.

WHY Grow AI Skills?

Employees see the writing on the wall. They know that AI is here and only getting bigger. They want to learn how to use AI responsibly and effectively.

HOW Do You Grow AI Skills?

How can you meet this demand? With a comprehensive AI training program for your organization.

AI training and skills stats for career development

How to Build an AI Training Plan

So how do you build an AI training plan for your organization? How can you meet the demand for AI training?

1) Determine the goals of the training. Is it to get familiar with AI, learn the foundations, apply AI in the workplace, or advanced AI training?

2) Decide who should be trained. When it comes to training, the more the merrier. Ensure executives, managers, and directors are effectively trained on AI as well as individual contributors and implementors.

3) Incorporate ethical and responsible use training. Ensure you include training on the risks and ethical use of AI. AI can create significant organizational risk if employees aren’t properly trained.

4) Build a training plan. Training on AI can include online, on-demand training, webinars or training sessions, and hands-on workshops. Determine the best modality of training based on your budget and organization.

5) Measure the impact. Based on your goal, measure the impact of the training. Are more people using AI? Are you getting productivity savings?

Upskilling your organization or team (or yourself) in AI isn’t a one-time effect. Multiple touch-points to build AI skills will help you be successful.

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