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4 Tips for an Awesome LinkedIn Profile


Dec 20 2012

LinkedIn is probably one of the most underrated social networks out there today. Most people think it's a fairly unimportant site unless you're looking for a job or are just overly enthusiastic about networking. But LinkedIn is a lot more...

3 Things to Remember on Influencing Without Authority


Oct 02 2012

Last week Krista and I had the amazing opportunity of attending the 5th annual Women in Business Networking conference in Dayton, Ohio. It was amazing one-day event that brought together successful female professionals from all over the area. This year,...

Hottest Jobs In Social Media


Oct 07 2011

Social media, internet marketing and digital marketing are the most popular trends in the world of marketing right now.  Companies now understand the importance of social media and online community in building brand recognition and influencing the buying decisions of...

How to Get Started as a Social Media Manager with Little or No Experience

Krista Neher

Mar 02 2011

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Ad Club Career Rocket about careers in social media.  There are many young people looking to get in to this emerging and growing field, yet it is difficult to get...

Now Hiring – Marketing Interns in Cincinnati

Krista Neher

Jul 07 2009

BootCampDigital is now hiring interns (based in Cincinnati).  Interns will have the opportunity to work on cutting edge marketing in digital and mobile. This is a great opportunity to gain experience in one of the quickest growing areas in marketing. ...
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