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Announcing Facebook Marketing 101 Online Training: Getting Started with Facebook for Your Business

Carolyn Coates

Mar 19 2014

Facebook is the largest social network with over 1.3 BILLION monthly active users and 48% of them logging on DAILY. So, Facebook Marketing is an easy way to reach your audience, right? Not necessarily - it's becoming more and more...

Announcing Advanced LinkedIn Training: Growing Results By Connecting

Patrick Carroll

Mar 07 2014

You've already created a stunning profile, you've connected with most everyone you can think of, but nothing is happening. LinkedIn is a social network that can help grow your business by driving leads, creating greater brand awareness, and connecting with...

Announcing LinkedIn 101 Online Training: Putting LinkedIn to Work for You

Carolyn Coates

Feb 20 2014

LinkedIn is becoming one of the most important networks for professionals with over 277 million active users. Being your virtual resume and Rolodex, LinkedIn can help you organize contacts, give opportunities to meet others in your industry, and more. Why...
This week in social media

This Week in Social Media: Klout Steps Up Its Game, Facebook Admin Changes, LinkedIn Company Page Updates, and More!

Carolyn Coates

Feb 14 2014

This week in social media brought big changes for LinkedIn. With over 277 million users, LinkedIn is helping you take your personal and company page to the next level. Twitter's redesign might not be here to stay with new options...

The LinkedIn Checklist [Infographic]

Carolyn Coates

Feb 12 2014

LinkedIn has over 277 million users with 2 new members joining every second. While paper resumes continue to be replaced by LinkedIn, it is vital to optimize your profile whether you're looking for a new job, working on your personal...

10 Google+ Stats that Will Blow Your Mind!

Carolyn Coates

Jan 20 2014

It's no secret, Google favors Google+ Pages in search engine results. So why are so many people ignoring it? Some think Google+ is a desert but actually, it's the number 2 social media site around the world. Google+ has been...

Announcing: Google+ Training 101

Patrick Carroll

Jan 02 2014

Google+ training can no longer be ignored. With more than 540 million users and integration with other Google pproperties such as search, Youtube, Reviews, Authorship, and more, this network is here to stay. If you're still confused about why Google+...

I’m not on Facebook; Perspectives from a College Student

Brielle Pearson

Oct 24 2013

Millennials aren’t using Facebook anymore. Other social networks are grabbing our attention and we've lost our need to stay connected using Facebook. Many of my friends have even referred to Facebook as “Mombook” or “Fakebook” to express their frustrations with...

How to Pin Your Way to Success

Carolyn Coates

Oct 01 2013

Pinterest refers more traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined - this is extraordinarily valuable to your business. Not only do Pinterest users spend on average more time on this network searching for and engaging with brands but...
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