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How to Best Incorporate Customer Experience Into Your Digital Strategy

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customer experience

Krista Neher

Oct 17 2017

The role of customer experience design (CX) continues to lead the way as being the most successful business strategy across all industries. It addresses the entire experience customers directly and indirectly encounter with your brand, and encompasses all senses at every imaginable touchpoint.

Now more than ever, companies have opportunities to form relationships with their customers on a personal level. Traditional marketing tactics begin with a single source that delivers a message to a large audience – some of which may become customers. There is no direct feedback and no way of knowing a customer’s thoughts and opinions about a business.

With the advance of digital communication we have the opportunity to form interpersonal relationships with our customers. We craft unique messages for specific venues, thought-leaders or influencers that then deliver those messages to a targeted audience. Feedback is encouraged and relationships are sparked.

The Impact of Digital in Customer Experience

With digital we now have more touch points with our customers than ever before. A Deloitte study estimates that digital data influences 64 percent of consumers before they make an in-store purchase. Your product is being researched on websites, blogs, in communities and forums, and in social media long before a decision is made to buy. Businesses must also leverage user-generated content in a smart way. Brand advocates are sharing their experiences and influencing and inspiring others to make specific purchasing decisions.

Consumers are constantly connected and receiving information. These digital touchpoints should express your brand values to the consumer in a way that creates a personal and meaningful experience.

How to Create A Winning Customer Experience

  1. Understand your customer journey. Keep your customer at the center of all your business and design decisions.
  2. Orchestrate your online and offline touchpoints so that they compliment each other seamlessly. Be creative with how these touchpoints work together.
  3. Stop thinking in silos. At every stage of development and delivery all departments must work in collaboration.
  4. Don’t discount the cashier or the social media intern! Every employee in your company plays a role in creating a unified customer experience.
  5. Create new ways to connect with your customer. Adapt, experiment and have fun!

Your customer experience needs to be defined up front and used as a roadmap to plan every aspect of your business. As a company, how do you relay your story to your consumers in everything that you do?


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