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Don’t Forget Traditional Digital Marketing – Pete Blackshaw at ad:tech NY

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Krista Neher

Nov 18 2009

pete_blackshawI primarily attended social media panels at ad:tech NY, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear one panelist (and friend) remind us of the power of some old fashioned, tried and true marketing techniques.

Pete Blackshaw, EVP of Digital Services at Neilson reminded us of some traditional online marketing tools that should not be forgotten in the gold-rush for social media.

His advice?

There is probably a lot of untapped value for brands to better leverage some of the more traditional digital marketing vehicles.

  • Work your database – Working with your own database is critical.  These people are already interested in hearing from you.
  • Brand Websites are one of the most trusted vehicles – (see the chart below).  People trust brand websites as an information source.  Don’t neglect your website.
  • Engage through your website – Brands need to figure out how to better engage through their websites.  Brand websites are often underutilized and act as a commercial for the brand.  Think of ways to use it for engagement.
  • Engage Advocates – Advocates are probably already checking out your website and on your email list.  These are your best tools to reach them.

trust who do you trust groundswell

What other non-social media online marketing tools do you think are being neglected by marketers?

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