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New Social Media Class: 10 AMAZING Social Media Tools to Streamline Your Social Media

social media toolsAre you using social media, but want to become more effective and efficient?  Do you want to discover the tools that I use to get the most out of my social media marketing (and earn 6 figures from it).

In this exciting session, you’ll learn how to make your social media efforts more effective and efficient while learning about new tools. International social media authority and expert Krista Neher will show you the 10 tools (plus some bonuses) that she has researched and discovered to be pivotal in getting a successful ROI from social media.

This class will show you the 10 amazing tools that will take your social media marketing to new heights while saving you hours each week.

Sign up now to get ahead of your competition, and watch your results skyrocket faster than you ever expected!

Whether you are new to social media or an old pro, join us to learn about tools that can help take you to the next level!


  • Topic: 10 Amazing Social Media Tools to Streamline Your Social Media REGISTER NOW!
  • Date: August 8th, 2012
  • Time: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
  • Investment: $27 *Lunch is included!
  • Special Offer: Buy 4 Lunches Get 1 FREE!
  • Location: Boot Camp Digital, 1600 Main Street, Cincinnati OH, 45202

*Please reserve your seat today, as our lunches often sell out*


  • Social media productivity tools
  • Tools and tips to get better results from your existing social media
  • Measurement and monitoring tools
  • How to create an endless flow of hot new content like infographics, PDFs and Slideshows to maximize search engine optimization
  • New niche social networks that can drive huge results fast
  • Business sharing tools that can streamline workflows and processes

“I am really excited about this seminar, because I will share the best tools and tricks in my toolbox, to help you get even more from your social media marketing.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn insider secrets and tips that can take you to the next level.”


  • Educational presentation
  • Case studies/Examples
  • Q&A
  • FREE lunch
  • Networking opportunities with other business professionals interested in social media

Learn everything you need to know to start getting results using social media!  Don’t miss this informative session!

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