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Wallace Tucker

Feb 26 2019

My name is Wallace M Tucker II and I am a graphic designer, photographer, artist and actor. I’ve been published in Photoshop Magazine, sold images to Comedy Central and Scholastic. I’ve also created designs for Kroger and NFL players.  I’ve been in 7 feature films and over 15 commercials. 

Wallace M Tucker II
Wallace M Tucker II

Social media is one of the greatest contributors to my success. It has helped me to form invaluable professional connections and relationships. Having the world at your fingertips can be intimidating, but there is so much that social media can offer an entrepreneur or business. With social media, you have a platform to reach your target customer, and you can create connections to help advance yourself, and your business! 

Like others, for years I have used social media to follow some of my favorite celebrities and business owners. Not only can you stay up to date on their latest ventures, you gain insight as to how to grow connections with them. 

Early last year I saw a tweet that Daymond John was looking for Brand Ambassadors to help promote his new book on his entrepreneurial success. I took action and applied via email, attaching some of my best artwork and designs. A couple of weeks later, I got the email that I was one of the few to be handpicked by Daymond John himself!

Being a part of Daymond’s ‘Rise and Grind’ Ambassador Group has helped my business dramatically by linking me with other selected entrepreneurs and having access to Daymond’s knowledge and wisdom to achieve the impossible. The group gave us a forum to share tips and experience with each other. I can see first hand how my peers market their businesses, their success and their struggles.

Rise and Grind

My goal now was to shine within the group. I utilized the forum to showcase my skills, hoping to get further noticed by Daymond himself. I created art, sketched a photo of Daymond John and he liked the photos and even commented on my posts! Not only did I gain new clients and work, from sharing within the group, but Daymond noticed my grind and gave a shout out during multiple live feeds, and was interacting on my personal posts more.

August of 2017 I received a call from a private number. I answered and the voice on the other end was Shark Tank legend, Daymond John.  It was a casual conversation; we discussed fishing and other light topics. He thanked me for my role as an ambassador for his book and the extra work I put in to showcase my talents. He truly is a man of the people and his kind words still fuel me to this day. I’ve learned in order to make anything a reality you just have to hold that thought in your mind and work towards it anyway that you can and this experience proved it.

One strategy I’ve always used in networking is to keep climbing and trying to reach my goal clientele. My ideal clients are celebrities or major national brands. These high profile clients have very close knit circles that can be tough to infiltrate. I am always trying to pin down new contacts – a contact that could give me access to another contact, and another until I have access to the circle I want to be in. Social media has opened up the possibilities for everyday people to establish the connections with high profile people who used to be unreachable!  

The benefits of social media have been much more apparent since my experience with the Rise & Grind Ambassador Program. As an everyday person it allowed me to connect with a celebrity idol and gain a mentor! From a self-employed artist’s perspective, social media allows me to network and grow my customer base without expensive advertising. Even from Daymond’s side, he was able to create a group of talented individuals to help promote his book and utilize those talents to grow his brand!

Take action! 

  • Target your ideal client, or business. Follow them on all platforms. It could be as little as a repost, hashtag, tweet or email but keep doing it! 
  • Find groups that include your target customers, if there isn’t one- Create it! 
  • Post regularly, positive thoughts, and accomplishments and let the world know you are continually trying to reach a higher level.
  • Don’t get discouraged, and keep your eyes open to new opportunities. I’ve had more doors closed than opened but I keep knocking!

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