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STUDY: Digital Literacy Top In-Demand Skill

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Digital Literacy In Demand Skill

Krista Neher

Sep 03 2020

LinkedIn announced the most in-demand skills based on job postings on their site.

According to their analysis Digital Literacy ranked #9 as one of the top skills businesses are looking for – across all jobs.

What is Digital Literacy?

“Digital literacy means having the skills you need to live, learn, and work in a society where communication and access to information is increasingly through digital technologies like internet platforms, social media, and mobile devices.”


From a job skills point of view, digital literacy is about being able to communicate, research, market and complete your work in a digital world.

For marketers this means having the following skills:

  • Understanding the digital landscape
  • Knowing key digital terms and language
  • Being able to use digital tools and technologies
  • Integrating digital marketing into marketing plans
  • Creating a digital marketing strategy
  • Measuring digital marketing success
  • Understanding how customers use digital
  • Communicating with digital technologies


Why Does Digital Literacy Matter?

Digital is only becoming more important in every industry and across every role. This means that employees are expected to keep pace (or become early adapters depending on the industry.

Employers and businesses are looking to grow their digital literacy because digital is increasingly a key component of how work is done.

Business professionals and marketers should care about digital literacy because it is in-demand from businesses. Also, it shows that they are adaptable and continuously learning and growing. Keeping pace with new trends and changes in business is key to your continued success.

How can you Gain Digital Literacy

Growing your digital literacy should be at the top of your list, regardless of your profession. There are a few ways you can grow your digital literacy.

  1. Read digital publications regularly within your industry and function to stay up-to-date.
  2. Get the foundations with a Digital Foundations 101 Course that covers everything you need to know to build a strong foundation.
  3. Read a handful of books focused on how digital is impacting your industry and profession.
  4. Engage in conversations (via social media, at networking events, etc.) with digital leaders in your industry to connect to what is happening.
  5. Read blogs or publications that are specific to digital in your industry.
  6. Follow digital leaders in your industry on social media to get updates in your newsfeed.
  7. Attend events (virtual or real) to get up-to-speed on digital and learn from others.

All of these suggestions are great ways to get you started in growing your digital literacy and understanding the impact of digital on your industry and function.

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