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Top 5 Truths About Instagram Hashtags 

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Top 5 Truths About Instagram Hashtags BCD Blog

Krista Neher

Feb 14 2023

Top 5 Truths About Instagram Hashtags 

A great way to keep track of your digital imprint is through hashtags. Not only are they a way to mix up your content, but they serve a purpose. Let’s answer some of the biggest questions about Instagram hashtags.

LOCATION: Where should I put my hashtags on Instagram? 

From a search algorithm standpoint on Instagram, I don’t believe It makes a difference. I’ve never seen a study that suggests that It does.

Years ago, when Instagram first started connecting with scheduling tools, there was a common practice of keeping the description short and putting all hashtags in the first comment.  Today, it doesn’t matter where you add them to your post. Do whatever works better for your workflow and user experience.

RELEVANCE. Does it matter what hashtags I use? #ithinkthisisawesome 

The short answer is yes. Hashtags ultimately help people find you. By using relevant hashtags, you can help to boost your account by connecting with other businesses and profiles that are similar to yours.  Additionally, Instagram has even confirmed that using hashtags unrelated to your content or overly generic will reduce your likelihood of being found.

Power Tip: The Instagram Explore page allows you to explore related content based on posts you’ve liked and people you follow. Be strategic about the posts and accounts you like to discover relevant content and people. Learn more tips from Instagram.

PROMOTION. Are branded hashtags worth it? 

Using a simple branded hashtag will not only help you find content posted by others, but can expand your brand awareness. I use #bootcampdigital in my posts to help me find content by users.

Power Tip: Use a promotional or branded hashtag to track an incentive for your users.

NUMBERS. How many hashtags should I use on Instagram? 

This is always a big question. According to Instagram, you can use 30 hashtags on posts and up to 10 on stories.  However, should you? My suggestion is to find the sweet spot for you. Often it is somewhere between 10-15, but some creators have noticed that 3-5 relevant hashtags work more effectively for them.

Let the data do the talking and see what numbers do better for your audience and content.

POPULARITY.  Is it okay to use popular hashtags in my posts? 

Yes, BUT….. you do not want a string of popular hashtags that have no relevance to your content. I sell digital marketing training, so I will not have #ootd on my posts, even though it is super popular and trendy.

Additionally, when I add trending hashtags, I only add 1-2. Remember, your goal is to make content for your target audience and to attract them to your profile. Too many popular or trendy hashtags will not reach that goal.

Learn more about creating powerful organic content here.

Power Tip: Use a hashtag generator or search tool to find hashtags that are relevant to you.

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