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3 Fixes For Underperforming Facebook Ads

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Krista Neher

Aug 21 2018

If you’ve never experienced it, you’re among a small minority of Facebook marketers who get that dreaded notification. You have underperforming Facebook Ads. Now what?

For almost any Facebook ad there are three things to look at to understand underperformance.

1) Content performance

Often we get caught up in the buying, but here’s most important question to ask. Is the content relevant to the people I want to reach? 

Facebook uses a relevancy score between creative and audience. Meaning, is the creative a good fit for my audience? If I’m a dog food company, am I showing pictures of dogs to people who own or work with dogs?

While Facebook doesn’t recommend you optimize your ad for this relevancy score, it’s still a good measure. The implication of a low score, you typically pay more per click. Not always, but usually.

2) Audience fatigue

Underperforming Facebook Ads can occur because you’ve run it for too long and your audience has gotten bored.

If you’re running an ad for the same or similar audience for longer than a week, be sure to refresh the creative about once a week. While this strategy depends on the ad objectives, refreshing the creative will give you the biggest bang for the buck.

Also consider looking at your ad sets and evaluate.

  • How many audiences have you set up? Each target audiences responds differently. Is there an audience to break larger audiences into more specifically-targeted smaller audiences?
  • Are you testing different audiences?

3) Test creatives!

Often ads with optimized creatives that get the best results also produce the cheapest results! It’s not always immediately obvious what an audience will respond to. Test, test, test. Then test again and capitalize on the results.

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