July 2016 Social Media Round Up

Social media news monthly round up

Check out our round-up of the biggest changes in social media and digital marketing from the last month. Let us do the work for you, we gather the updates, you reap the benefit of having all of them in one place!

We read all of the latest social media news so you don’t have to.

As a value add for our All Access Pass Members, we provide a monthly call where in 30 minutes we share the biggest changes in social media and importantly how they impact your social media strategy and 30 minutes of open Q&A where we answer questions from our members!

The top news in social media that we covered this month includes:



  • Get the down low on setting up your business account and using analytics – Last month we discussed new Instagram business profiles – they were hot off the press and we didn’t have all of the details on them. Check out this great post for more details on how to access and take advantage of business profiles.
  • Instagram allows businesses to moderate comments – As expected, Instagram will continue to roll out business features to entice businesses to switch to business accounts. The latest is comment moderation available for business accounts – this is a great way to combat all of the SPAM comments that are becoming commonplace on Instagram.



  • Pinterest adds functionality around Buyable Pins – Pinterest is one of the best sites at driving purchases – new features allow you to add products from multiple merchants into one bag. If you have e-commerce you need to pay attention to this. They also announced new search and merchant profiles.



  • 3 new features – tweet embeds, replay highlights and live autoplay – Periscope continues to grow their functionality in an effort to beat Facebook and  YouTube in the live streaming space. Highlights automatically creates a trailer for Periscopes. Periscopes can be played by embedding Tweets making them more accessible online. Broadcasts will autoplay on the Android app when you login.

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Digital Marketing 101: The Core Things that Every Marketer (or business professional) Needs to Understand

Digital Marketing 101 blog post

When it comes to digital marketing, many business professionals are intimidated and don’t know where to start. That is understandable – it is a large and confusing world.

If you aren’t sure where to start or what you really need to know about digital marketing, consider starting with the Digital Marketing Foundations that every business professional should know.

Social Media: More people check Facebook every day than read a newspaper or listen to the radio (actually more people check Facebook every day than shower). Social media is the #1 activity online. This means that you can’t afford to ignore it. Regardless of your business you need to understand this powerful tool and how it impacts you.

Search Engine Optimization: Most people start with search when buying anything. You can’t afford to not understand how search engines actually work and understand how your business is represented on search engines. It blows my mind how many businesses are DEFINITELY losing out because they don’t look at how their business shows up in search engines.

Website Optimization: It is amazing how many websites still don’t work well. Most businesses hire a website company and end up dissatisfied because they feel like their site doesn’t work well…. They are usually right. Your website is the core of your digital marketing and the center of your online presence. Learn about usability and user design so that you have a website that doesn’t just look pretty, but actually serves a purpose.

Conversion Optimization & Planning: All marketing and all digital marketing is about getting people to do something. Conversion optimization is about getting more people to do what you want them to do. Conversion planning is about building a roadmap to drive people to take action. If you want results from digital marketing, you’ll need to convert people.

Content Marketing: Content marketing really sits at the intersection of a number of digital marketing areas – social media, conversion planning, search engine optimization and more. The big idea is that creating great content improves your online presence and helps with your marketing. Understanding content marketing will help connect the dots between your marketing strategies.

Online Advertising: Online advertising is an incredibly valuable tool – any business of any size can easily run ads with a budget of any size. The targeting opportunities mean that your advertising can reach exactly the audience that you want to get in front of. Businesses ignoring online advertising are missing out on a huge and simple way to get new customers.

 Email Marketing: Email marketing has been around for a long time, so many  people forget about it… it remains one of the most effective digital marketing tools  and one of the best ways to drive action from people who are interested in your  business. Yet most people send out the same boring emails without ever thinking  about how to optimize them to get better results.

Mobile Marketing: These days mobile marketing shouldn’t be a silo – the reality is that we are marketing in a mobile world. This means that mobile should be a consideration in everything you do….. from your website to email to your in-store experience.

In 2016 – if you are a business professional you can’t afford to ignore these powerful tools and at least understand how they work. Take some time to educate yourself on Digital Marketing Foundations so that you can have success in 2016!

B-to-B Instagram Case Study: Awareness, Branding & Sales

B to B Instagram Case Study Blog

Instagram is one of the most powerful social networks – it is growing quickly and Instagram users are highly engaged.

Many businesses and social media marketers wonder if Instagram is right for B-to-B businesses… The long answer is that it depends on your marketing objectives and the nature of your business. The short answer is that it is worth exploring Instagram – even for B-to-B businesses.

The Challenge

Boot Camp Digital wanted to use Instagram to grow brand awareness with new audiences. The target audience uses social media in a limited capacity and wants to learn more about how to strategically use social media professionally.

As a social media company, it made sense for Boot Camp Digital to participate on Instagram to demonstrate thought leadership…. But can Instagram actually generate clients for B-to-B businesses?


Boot Camp Digital shares content on Instagram regularly to engage with those interested in learning more about social media marketing and digital marketing.

The content posted to Instagram includes social media tips and tricks, as well as live pictures from the Boot Camp Digital social media training.

Boot Camp Digital posts a few times a week with content that builds the brand and is useful to marketers.


Boot Camp Digital was successful in building brand awareness through Instagram – even business related posts and quotes received 20+ likes on average and a few comments.

The engagement on the posts showed that Boot Camp Digital was achieving their strategic objective of building awareness and connecting with the Instagram audience.

Surprisingly however, the results went even further. A post about a live Social Media Boot Camp workshop generated a comment from an Instagram user who was interested in our training. The conversation was taken offline where Boot Camp Digital could share more details about the training.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 4.00.53 PM

Bottom Line

There are a few things that this case study demonstrates:

  1. There is an interest in B-to-B content on Instagram.
  2. Instagram can drive awareness and be used as a brand-building tool.
  3. You never know where your customers will come from – the more great content you put out the more opportunities you’ll generate.

Find out more about what Boot Camp Digital shares on Instagram

Announcing 2016: Digital Marketing Training Workshops

Announcing 2016 DM Training

I’m extremely excited to announce that coming to you in 2016 – Digital Marketing Training Workshops – covering both social media and internet marketing.

Starting in 2016, our top-rated training will expand to include more digital marketing topics based on demand from attendees.

In the past year, we’ve had attendees from around the globe including as far away as Indonesia, Nepal and Haiti. To provide a more in-depth training opportunity, we’re expanding our course offering.

In addition to our best-selling 2-Day Social Media Marketing Boot Camp, we will now offer a complete 4 day Digital Marketing workshop. The new 4-Day Digital Marketing classes include 2 days of Online/Internet Marketing training and 2 days of Social Media Marketing training.

Participants can join the entire for days or choose to attend:

Day 1: Online/Internet Marketing Strategy Workshop

The first day kicks off with trends and the future of digital marketing. Discover how to build a strategy for your business that gets results. We’ll also dive in to the internet marketing tools that can grow your business including:

  • Websites: Usability, design, UX
  • Conversion Planning & Optimization
  • Website Analytics
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Reputation Management & Review Sites

Day 1 ends with a Happy Hour (drinks are on us)

Day 2: Online/Internet Marketing Workshop Continued

We continue day 2 with continued exploration of the most important online marketing tools including:

  • Email marketing
  • Online advertising: Search ads, display ads, video ads, mobile ads, social media ads
  • Mobile marketing: Mobile website optimization, mobile search, mobile ads, mobile email, mobile app, mobile shoppers, the future of mobile + trends
  • Managing digital campaigns
  • Creating a digital strategy and measuring success (ROI)

Day 2 ends with an open Q&A period

Day 3: Social Media Strategy Training

We will kick off the social media marketing training by starting with the state of social media as well as trends and future opportunities. The first day will cover:

  • Social media strategy and the steps to building a social media plan
  • Social Media best practices
  • Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

Day 3 ends with a Happy Hour (drinks are on us)

Day 4: Social Media Training Continued

On day four we’ll continue to dive into social networks and explore how smart businesses are using them.

  • Social Networks: Blogging, Instagram, YouTube/Video, Google+
  • High-level overview of emerging social networks: Snapchat, Tumblr, Vine, Periscope/Meerkat, Slideshare, Flickr and more.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency including tools, workflows, time management and strategies for success
  • Measuring social media, reporting, KPIs and ROI
  • Getting started successfully and implementation tips

Day 4 ends with an open Q&A period

As you can see, there is LOTS of content in the new Boot Camp training format. Based on the success of our training last year, we will continue to offer the Boot Camp in locations across the United States. Our 2016 Digital Marketing Workshop schedule includes:

San Diego, CA – February 23-26, 2016

Washington D.C. – April 26-29, 2016

New Orleans, LA – June 21-24, 2016

San Francisco, CA – September 20-23, 2016

Miami, FL – November 1-4, 2016

5 Social Media Mistakes that are Sabotaging Your Success (and how to avoid them)

5 Social Media Mistakes Blog

As social media has grown and evolved, getting results has become more and more difficult. Many businesses still struggle to get results from their social media marketing. Not because social media doesn’t work, but because they are making simple mistakes that are sabotaging their success.

1) Your Content is Totally Boring

This is probably the number one mistake that most businesses make when it comes to social media. They post stuff that isn’t awful, but it isn’t awesome.

Social media is a competitive space. Mediocre doesn’t cut it. You need great content that is interesting if you want to grab attention and break through the noise. Most businesses post boring content.

How to fix it: Spend some time looking at really great stuff for Inspiration. Checkout Pinterest. Look at how leading successful organizations position, package and structure their updates. Learn from other businesses that have figured it out.

2) You Don’t Have the Right Resources

Many businesses don’t have the right resources to be successful. It is 5% – 10% of a job (and that person knows nothing about social media). Success isn’t magic (or everyone would be successful).

How to fix it: Evaluate your biggest social media opportunities and be strategic about where you invest your time. Do a few things well vs. many things poorly. Make sure that social media is a priority for at least one person, and agree with them on the resources needed to do it right.

3) You Ignore Analytics

So many businesses don’t spend time with analytics. They post and occasionally create reports for their boss or leadership. The problem is that the only way to really know what works in social media for your business is to look at your analytics.

How to fix it: Review your analytics monthly (put it in your calendar) and look for actionable insights that you can use to adapt and improve your execution.

4) You Aren’t Strategic in Where you Spend Your Time

Many businesses don’t have a clear strategy around what they do and where they spend their time (or $$) when it comes to social media. This leads to a lot of effort going in to not a lot of results.

How to fix it: Determine the resources that are appropriate for each tool, and stick to it. Every social network should have a clear resource allocation so that you know that you are spending your time on the things that matter most.

5) You Don’t Stay Up-to-Date

Many businesses don’t stay up-to-date with social media, so they are implementing strategies that worked 5 years ago. Social media changes quickly and this means that you have to stay on the cutting edge if you want to stay relevant.

How to fix it: Check out our social media training diet or join a social media training program that includes regular updates and keeps you current on the cutting edge of social media marketing. You can also sign up for our monthly email updates!

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21 Social Media Marketing Tips

21 social media tipsI’ve been doing social media marketing for many years now, and I wanted to share with you some of my favorite quick tips.

  1. You beat your competition by doing things smarter, faster and better…. Not by doing the same things the same way.
  2. Everyone is a marketer
  3. Do a few things well instead of many things mediocrely.  #SocialMedia
  4. Stop vomiting boring content on the internet.
  5. Start with the end in mind: What do you want to achieve?
  6. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. What is your social media strategy?
  7. Which social networks should you join? Fish where the fish are.
  8. Don’t buy in to national averages on “the best time of day to post”. Do what is best for your unique audience.
  9. Our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. What is your visual marketing strategy? #VSMM
  10. You get out what you put in. You won’t magically get results from social media just because you start posting content.
  11. ABA: Always Be Analyzing. This is how you improve.
  12. Social media ROI is improved by doing things a little better every day.
  13. Integrate social media into your day – it doesn’t have to be a separate task.
  14. The ROI of social media? What is the ROI of having a phone line, a website or email?
  15. The bar in social media marketing is constantly being raised – are you raising your game?
  16. A picture is worth 1,000 words – are you making the most of them? #VSMM
  17. Don’t jump on the latest shiny object in social media. Have a strategy and evaluate.
  18. You have 2 ears and 1 mouth. Listen on social media 2x as much as you talk.
  19. Social media 5 minute rule: Spend 5 extra minutes on each post making it better.
  20. We “like” businesses on the internet that we actually like.
  21. WIFM? Your fans are asking: “What’s In It For Me?”
  22. Marketing today is customer centric. What do they want?

The Facebook Marketing Checklist [Infographic]

With well over 1.2 billion Facebook users, you can’t ignore that they are looking for your brand on Facebook – you need to make sure they can find you.

So how do you get their attention?

Facebook Brand Pages are facing more difficulty than ever to get in front of their target audience. It’s important to make sure your marketing efforts are effective and efficient. Here are a few key tips to master the basics of Facebook Marketing…

1. Optimize Your Page 

By using recognizable, branded images for your profile photo and cover photo as well as filling out your company description efficiently, you can improve your ranking in both Facebook and Google search. Give the important details your customers need to know – location, contact info, hours of operation, etc..

2. Connect with Your Audience

Fill in the blanks about your brand by telling our story using Facebook milestones – include founding dates, when products were added, and other big moments. Bring in your audience from other sites by promoting your Facebook page on your website and other networks. Create a brand personality and share a variety of relevant content that your audience would find interesting.

3. Maintain Your Presence

You can’t just create a Page and walk away from it – stay on top of what’s going on by replying to messages, responding to posts by others on your page, and create a calendar of fresh content. Prioritize what you need to do so you aren’t wasting time.

4. Improve and Refine

Facebook analytics offer a huge amount of information. Spend time analyzing demographics of your audience as well as what posts have done well to learn from both. Test ads and boost posts to see what your audience responds to most. Finally, don’t try to reinvent the wheel – take a look at your competitors’ Facebook Pages to see what’s working for them.

Use the Facebook Marketing Checklist infographic to make sure your Page is on the right track. Pin it, tweet it, share it, and keep it in your pocket to use next time you visit Facebook. Check out our Facebook Marketing Training to learn even more.

The Facebook Marketing Cheklist 

This is only the beginning, our Facebook 101 Training will cover everything you need to know to start seeing results for your brand’s Page on Facebook. Register today!

Announcing LinkedIn 101 Online Training: Putting LinkedIn to Work for You

LinkedIn is becoming one of the most important networks for professionals with over 277 million active users. Being your virtual resume and Rolodex, LinkedIn can help you organize contacts, give opportunities to meet others in your industry, and more.

Why is LinkedIn so important?

linkedin trainingHave you ever Google-d yourself? If you’re an active LinkedIn user, a majority of the time your LinkedIn profile is the third or fourth result in search. LinkedIn isn’t just about searching for a job. This growing network is consistently adding new features and benefits to help you connect easily with like-minded people.

Millions of people and companies are taking advantage of LinkedIn and seeing huge results, here’s a few reasons why…

  • 2 new LinkedIn members join every second
  • 40% of LinkedIn users check in daily
  • 3 million businesses have LinkedIn company pages
  • 94% of recruiters vet candidates from LinkedIn
  • 84 million of LinkedIn users are in the United States

Our upcoming LinkedIn 101 Online Training: Putting LinkedIn to Work for You will cover everything you need to know to optimize your personal and company page to see results. LinkedIn is where professionals go to learn about you and assess your credibility, our LinkedIn training will help you create a strong page that positions you as an expert and someone who everyone wants to connect with.

Through this LinkedIn class, you will learn the best practices and killer tips to connect with others and grow your visibility effectively through your personal and company page.

These classes always fill up quickly so register now!


Live-Online Streaming – March 6th, 2014 @ 1pm EST

Register NOW! http://bootcampdigital.com/linkedin-101-training/

Can’t catch the live streaming? You can always watch the recorded version shortly after.

See you there!

Reserve your seat today for the social network you need to be on!



5 Ways to ROCK Vine [Infographic]

Vine has only been around for a little over a year but has racked up a following and trend that is not likely to die down anytime soon. Brands who have begun using this hot network are starting to see huge results.

Here are a few key facts to remember:

  • 5 tweets per second contain a Vine link
  • A branded Vine video is four-times more likely to be seen than a regular branded video
  • From June 19 to July 19, Vine videos got .0206 percent average engagement rate and an average of 20 retweets

Short-format videos are taking over but it’s not as easy has hitting record then upload – it requires thought and strategy to execute effective 6 second videos. Through Vine marketing training in our Marketing in 15 Seconds or Less Social Media Training, learn more easy ways to maximize your Vine videos and grow your brand using Vine.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before you shoot your next Vine video… Tweet it, pin it, share it, and download this infographic so you don’t miss these extra ways to optimize your videos and brand on Vine.

5 Ways to Rock Vine

Not sure what Vine is or how your brand can benefit from it? Tune into our Marketing in 15 Seconds or Less: Snapchat, Instagram Video, and Vine Marketing Online Training.

The LinkedIn Checklist [Infographic]

LinkedIn has over 277 million users with 2 new members joining every second. While paper resumes continue to be replaced by LinkedIn, it is vital to optimize your profile whether you’re looking for a new job, working on your personal brand, or just opportunities to network.

You need to be on top of your game with a professional, appealing profile that attracts connections and potential employers. Unlike other networks, LinkedIn isn’t just about having a profile – tune into our LinkedIn 101 Online Training for more tips and strategies. In the meantime, here are a few things to keep in mind…

  • First impression is everything. True in person and now online, your online brand and profile is the first thing people see and make quick decisions. Having a professional photo (one of only you in professional attire) is important but so is the 120 character headline. The headline is prime real estate to promote yourself and more to catch the viewer’s attention. Click here for more awesome tips to create a stellar LinkedIn headline.
  • People are searching. Many spend time searching for jobs or connections on LinkedIn – so are the companies. Creating a profile with rich content and keywords for search in your summary, job descriptions, etc. is important to showing up in search results and getting noticed. 
  • Don’t just sit and watch – be active. Actively connecting and participating in groups will help connect with converse with like-minded people while building your credibility and growing your reputation.

Take a few minutes to audit your profile using the LinkedIn Checklist below and see how you’re doing so far. Write down some notes on areas you want to work on but also take this time to make sure your profile information is up to date.

LinkedIn Checklist

Save this infographic – tweet it, pin it, share it, and email to colleagues who understand how important LinkedIn is and will continue to be. Taking a LinkedIn training course can help you get to the next level – join our LinkedIn 101 Online Training to learn the best practices to create a successful LinkedIn profile and put it to work for you.

For more information and to register for our LinkedIn class, visit http://bootcampdigital.com/linkedin-101-training/.

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