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Our Top 2017 Posts to Shape Your 2018 Digital Marketing Strategy

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10 Top 2017 Posts that will shape your 2018 digital marketing strategy

Melissa Byers

Dec 27 2017

Smart marketers will use their 2017 analytics to help shape their 2018 digital marketing strategy.

We’re just like you. We take time at the end of the year to review analytics that often drive strategy for the upcoming new year. These metrics tell us what our audience is most interested in and on which topics we should focus our energy on in 2018.

1. 5 Google AdWords Best Practices

How do most people find information about your business? Google search results. Are you doing everything you can to get them to your page? We’ve got AdWords best practices to get and keep you on the right track to SEO success.

Google AdWords Best Practices

2. 2018 Digital Marketing Training Workshop Dates Released

Our 2017 Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, and Social Media Marketing training workshops sold out! The highly-anticipated 2018 dates and locations were released recently and seats are filling up fast. If you’re interested in learning more, don’t wait and possibly miss out.

2018 Digital Marketing Training Workshop

3. Are Google AdWords Necessary if You Rank First Organically?

This is one of the most commonly ask questions we get. While there are only a few reasons why you’d purchase AdWords if you’re organically ranking first, but they’re extremely important. Don’t let you competitors edge you out

Google Adwords

4. Is a Facebook Boost Right for Every Post?

Facebook has become a “pay to play” environment for digital marketers, but is every single post worthy of a boost? You can ask yourself this one question to determine whether or not you should back it up with dollars.

Facebook boost, facebook marketing

5. Which Social Network is the Best First Step?

Should you get on all of the main social media networks at once? Is there a best one to start with? We can help you sort through these questions!

social media first steps for business, social media for business

6. #Hashtag Like a Pro: 5 Tips for Use Hashtags on Each Social Network

Understanding how hashtags work on several of the most popular networks will help your audience effectively find out, help you connect with new audiences, and find your core audience.

hashtags, social media, facebook, twitter, pinterest, snapchat, instagram, linkedin

7. 5 Tips for Boosting SEO By Using Social Media

SEO and social media are intricately connected. Good social media can boost your SEO in multiple ways. Neglect them and you’ll miss out on huge opportunities.

boosting seo

8. How Can Executives Get Digital Savvy When Business Schools Aren’t Preparing Digital Leaders?

You’re not wrong. Recent grads are tech savvy, but not prepared to be digital leaders. Why? We have the answer and

digital leaders

9. 5 Global Digital Marketing Trends the US Hasn’t Adopted Yet that are HUGE!

If you’re ready for a global audience this is for you! The environment in which digital marketers in other countries operate looks different than the one we have in the US. Learn where you can make changes that help you reach a larger audience and drive results.

digital transformation, digital transformation training, digital marketing training

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