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4 Ways of Working with Influencers

Krista Neher

Feb 07 2023

4 Ways of Working with Influencers  There are a few different models that businesses use when working with influencers. For brands wanting to run large-scale influencer programs, some agencies specialize in working with them. Simple Quid pro Quo The easiest...
6 Influencer Marketing Pro-Tips

6 Influencer Marketing Pro-Tips

Krista Neher

Jan 31 2023

6 Influencer Marketing Pro-Tips Influencer marketing is an incredibly popular way to influence your target audience, but it can be tricky to execute effectively. After working with thousands of businesses and organizations that use influencers, here are six pro-tips to...

The Two Questions Every Business Should Ask When Building A Brand

Allison Chaney

Apr 20 2021

I just completed a workshop for The Rosie Network, an organization that develops entrepreneurial programs for active-duty, veterans and military spouses. The topic of my conversation with this group of entrepreneurs was branding. I was asked to speak about branding...
Demand for Digital Marketers is out of Balance with Supply

Demand for Digital Marketers is out of Balance with Supply

Allison Chaney

Apr 13 2021

There’s no shortage of applicants for digital marketing positions, yet many of them are not able to produce results once hired. This leaves the organization frustrated and the marketer feeling defeated. The problem is a lack of digital marketing skills....
Marketers Lack Skills Needed for Success

Statistics Show Marketers Lack Skills Needed for Success, Scoring 36% on Digital IQ Quiz

Allison Chaney

Mar 12 2021

Digital Marketing Skills Research Report: Digital IQ Quiz Results We surveyed over 2000 people to test their digital knowledge and compiled the data that highlights the top skills that digital marketers need to improve on most. Our report also includes...

Do I need a Digital Marketing Certification?

Krista Neher

Feb 25 2021

As a digital marketing certification company, you may expect our answer to be YES. But the truth is, it depends. Certification isn't right for everyone. There are advantages, but that doesn't mean that everyone needs one. Whether or not you...
how to become a digital marketer with no experience

How to become a digital marketer with no experience

Allison Chaney

Feb 02 2021

Digital marketing is an exciting career and digital marketers are in high demand. Every business needs it to be successful. Important messages can be amplified with digital strategies and tools. If you have digital marketing skills, a world of opportunities...
The digital marketing landscape and ecosystem

The Digital Marketing Landscape and Ecosystem

Krista Neher

Jan 19 2021

Digital Marketing continues to grow and evolve, but despite the constant "shiny new thing" and "top trends for 20XX" the reality is that the staples of digital marketing, the tried and true ways to grow your business and get results,...
Digital marketing investment priorities

Prioritizing Digital Marketing Investments: Innovation, ROI, Hygiene

Krista Neher

Sep 15 2020

One of the biggest challenges that businesses have is in prioritizing their digital marketing investments. There is no end to what you could do in digital marketing, the question is what you should do. We consult and train global businesses of all sizes,...
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