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Fastest Growing and Most In-Demand Marketing Jobs are Digital

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5 Most In Demand Digital Marketing Jobs and How to Get them

Krista Neher

Nov 16 2021

LinkedIn recently shared the fastest growing and most in-demand marketing jobs. It shouldn’t be a surprise that they are almost all digital.

Even the roles that aren’t strictly digital like Copywriter or Marketing Assistant likely look for digital skills in the job description. If your digital skills aren’t up to date, now is the time to act. Earning a Digital Marketing Certification is a great way to round out your skillset and demonstrate that you have the broad digital knowledge required in marketing today.

Here are the most In-Demand Digital Jobs and how to acquire the skills needed to succeed in them.

Job: Digital Marketing Specialist

A digital marketing specialist is a marketer who has responsibility for the implementation of digital marketing. This role is usually expected to have a broad understanding of digital strategies and tactics, and know what to do when.

To upskill to become a Digital Marketing Specialist: Digital Marketing Certification

Digital Account Executive

A digital account executive is the primary interface with customers on their digital marketing strategies. This role must have a solid understanding of the strategies and terminology used in digital. While implementation-level knowledge isn’t usually required, understanding digital channels in-depth will allow a Digital Account Executive to make stronger recommendations to clients.

To upskill to become a Digital Account Executive: Digital Foundations Certification

Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager is responsible for the strategy and implementation of social media in an organization. This role usually requires capabilities from strategy to execution to measurement. In-depth knowledge of social networks and community management is required to build a business presence on social media.

To upskill to become a Social Media Manager: Social Media Certification

Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager is usually tasked with the strategy and execution of the digital marketing plan. This role may be hands-on or supervisory depending on the size of the organization. The digital marketing manager should be able to create a strategy, communicate it to the organization and measure success.

To upskill to become a Digital Marketing Manager: Digital Marketing Certification

Digital Strategist

A digital strategist is tasked primarily with the strategy of digital marketing. This means understanding the organization and business goals and translating those into digital marketing strategies. The Digital Strategist should also be able to prioritize among digital tactics and choose those that best match the organization’s objectives. This role also needs a strong understanding of measurement to judge how the strategy is impacting KPIs and ROI for the organization.

To upskill to become a Digital Strategist: Digital Marketing Strategy + Digital Marketing Measurement

Regardless of whether you aim to hold a specific digital job like those above or simply work in a marketing generalist role, digital now accounts for over 50% of spending. This means that it is an integral part of marketing and you can’t afford to not know it.

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