12 Most In-Demand Digital Marketing Skills in 2021

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Krista Neher

Jan 23 2021

Marketing is only getting more competitive and with the explosion of digital marketing there is more to know than ever before. Smart marketers stay ahead of the curve by gaining the most in-demand skills quickly.

1. Digital Marketing 101

The foundations of digital marketing are now vital skills – and not just for marketers. Your organization needs to understand the most important parts of digital marketing and know how they work strategically. This 101 information is key.

2. Social Media 101

Social media continues to be where more people spend more time online, and it is only growing. If you don’t understand the foundations of strategy, the channels and measurement you can’t make smart choices. Social media will continue to dominate online media, so this is a must for all business professionals.

3. Content Marketing

Content strategy, creation and optimization are all vital skills for online marketers. All digital marketing has content at the core of success, so this applies to all aspects of digital marketing. Marketers must know how to create and optimize content for digital to succeed.

4. SEO

Microsoft recently named SEO as the most in-demand skill for marketers. This is because SEO is a proven strategy to grow businesses and drive results. Many marketers know it is important, but lack a fundamental understanding of how search engines really work and how to optimize for them.

5. Copywriting

Copywriting includes everything from emails you send to colleagues and clients down to marketing emails, social media, website copy and more. Writing great copy is more important than ever in a cluttered online space. Marketers must write compelling copy if they want to break through the noise and be heard.

6. Digital Marketing Strategy

While everyone THINKS they have a strategy, few have a clear and focused strategic plan for success. We use the GSOT model (Goal, Strategy, Objective, Tactic) to create clear strategies for digital. The idea is that every choice in digital execution is laser focused on delivering against the GSO.

7. Social Media Strategy

Understanding how to strategically use social media is vital. Social media strategy is about connecting your goals to your execution to your measurement. Having a clear strategy will lead to better results and internal alignment.

8. Digital Advertising

Most advertising dollars are now spent on digital. This means that you need to really understand how it works, the value of different channels and the opportunities for your business. Advertising channels are evolving quickly and you can’t afford to not have a strong understanding of these.

9. Digital Marketing Measurement

Measurement continues to be a hot-button issue. Partly because it can be challenging to setup a framework for digital marketing measurement. Creating clear KPIs that directly link to your strategy is key and having a measurement and improvement plan will step-change your results.

10. Analytics

Interpreting the data and turning it into actionable insights is important to grow ROI and results. We need to know what is and isn’t working and why is required to make changes that grow results. We use the What -> So What -> Now What framework to move data into action.

11. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is only growing in importance as more professionals use it more often. All of the key metrics for the site are growing. This means that it is a huge opportunity for business professionals and you can’t afford to ignore it. Invest in yourself by making sure you have a great LinkedIn profile.

12. Trends and the Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is always evolving and the best marketers are those that can spot meaningful trends and take advantage of them. Or see when a strategy is no longer working and pivot. Staying up-to-date on emerging channels and platforms is key to long-term success and leadership roles.

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