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4 Steps to Getting Positive Reviews

Krista Neher

Jan 10 2023

Getting Positive Reviews Some businesses assume that if they have a good product or service, word will spread, and they will generate positive reviews. This isn’t the case. Businesses that want to create a powerful and positive online presence must...

6 Spots Where Online Reviews Take Place

Krista Neher

Jan 03 2023

Where Do Online Reviews Take Place? Online reviews can take place and be displayed in many different places. Based on your industry and business, you may use one or more of these sources of reviews to establish your credibility. On...

Digital Content Decisions: Brand Value vs. User Value

Krista Neher

Aug 09 2022

Brand Value and User Value  The key to digital content is finding the right mix of brand and user value. Brand value means that the content is strategically created to build the brand. User value means that it is interesting...
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Digital Marketing GSOT for the ROI Win

Krista Neher

Jul 12 2022

Define your digital marketing GSOT In digital marketing, in order to clearly define what you want to achieve, it is helpful to think in terms of Goal, Strategy, Objective, and Tactic. This isn’t a framework that I invented; it’s a...

9 Digital Marketing Goals To Inspire Your Strategies

Krista Neher

Jul 05 2022

Defining Digital Marketing Goals Deciding on digital marketing goals is usually pretty straightforward for most businesses – the goal is ultimately what you want to achieve with your efforts. Depending on the size and scale of your organization or business,...

37 Digital Marketing Objectives to Use Right Now

Krista Neher

Jun 28 2022

Defining Digital Marketing Objectives Digital marketing objectives should be specific and have a number attached to them. For example, your objective could be generating 5% more leads. Maybe it's tied to increasing sales or reducing downtime. If you're struggling to...
Planning Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2022

Planning Your Digital Marketing Investments for 2022

Krista Neher

Nov 18 2021

2022 is around the corner and many businesses are starting the planning process. But with so many options on where to spend money and focus, how should you focus and prioritize your plan for 2022? There are so many "trends" and ideas...

Digital Marketing Strategies vs. Tactics: Is your approach driving results?

Allison Chaney

Aug 03 2021

If you are not getting great results from your digital marketing, it's probably because you don't have a strategy. When it comes to executing digital marketing strategies vs. tactics, businesses of all sizes often start with tactics. In our recent...
8 steps to a strategic digital marketing plan

8 Steps to a Strategic and Successful Digital Marketing Plan (Infographic)

Krista Neher

Apr 15 2021

Success in digital marketing all starts with a strategic plan.  Starting with a clear plan is vital to your success. It maps out the pathway from idea to execution to optimization. Many people confuse a digital marketing strategy with a...
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