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Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 12.13.47 PM HealthCare and Pharma companies have special considerations when it comes to social media and digital marketing – and for good reasons – the legal regulations, privacy concerns and risks make social media more difficult for many health care organizations to manage. That being said, consumers, patients and doctors are all adopting social media quickly, and they expect YOU to be there.

  • Many surveys show that empowered patients look online for information.
  • Doctors look to internet resources for information and are influenced by web resources on the medications they prescribe.
  • Health care has huge opportunities in digital and social media because health care is an involved process.

We’ve worked with a variety of well known hospital groups, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and health care advertising agencies to educate and empower them in their digital marketing and social media marketing efforts. We can provide your organization with the training and motivation required to truly be successful in digital and social media marketing.
“Krista is passionate about the subject and has tremendous knowledge and skill in all aspects of social media strategy and implementation. She is energetic and entertaining, and is interactive with her students. I would highly recommend Krista’s training courses to anyone or any business that is looking to expand their social media knowledge.” – Amanda Lienemann; program participant

We Are Experienced In HealthCare and Pharma Digital Marketing Training

Boot Camp Digital specializes in working with HealthCare and Pharma organizations to increase organizational knowledge and keep your organization at the cutting edge. While there are a variety of legal and regulatory challenges, healthcare and pharma are both beginning to take steps into social media and digital marketing – you can’t afford to ignore it any longer. Our highly rated training programs will help increase the Digital IQ of your agency.

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Meet our Healthcare Digital Training Specialist

Jonathan Richman
To meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations, we have a healthcare digital training specialist who brings over 18 years of pharma, healthcare and digital marketing experience. Jonathan Richman is an international trainer and speaker, Principal at Dose Marketing, a respected thought-leader and award-winning blogger on digital marketing in healthcare.

Jonathan has deep roots in both healthcare marketing and digital strategy and marketing. He spent the last few years as the Vice President of Product Development at an innovative technology startup leading product development and marketing. Prior to that he was Group Director of Insights and Planning at Possible Worldwide, a global digital marketing agency owned by WPP. While at Possible, Jonathan provided strategic direction and leadership for healthcare and pharma clients. He also created and authored the industry-acclaimed blog “Dose of Digital”, which was an AdAge Power 150 top marketing blog.

He has been a regular speaker at major national marketing conventions and featured as a thought leader in publications including The Wall Street Journal, NPR and The Washington Post. He was invited by the Food and Drug Administration to speak at its public hearings on social media in pharmaceuticals.

Prior to joining Possible Worldwide Jonathan spent 11 years at AstraZeneca holding positions in sales, training, sales leadership and marketing.

Customized Programs for Pharma and Healthcare

We don’t give you out-of-the-box social media training with unfocused programs. We create a customized training program based on your specific learning objectives, industry and the digital fluency level of your organization.
We can create a customized training program to match your budget and bring your organization up to speed on digital marketing. Some of our training solutions include:

  • Boot Camp Digital Corporate Training OptionsOur signature 2-Day Boot Camp
  • A shorter 1-Day Boot Camp
  • Continuous webinars to stay at the cutting edge
  • Short 1 – 2 hour workshops on specific topics
  • Online learning programs for anytime, anywhere access
  • Comprehensive learning programs
Whether you are looking for one-time training or to build a learning program for your organization, we’ll work with you to understand your learning objectives and current knowledge level. From there, we’ll create curriculum to excite, educate and engage your organization.

Our programs are highly interactive and will include relevant materials to maximize the continued success of participants:
  • Exercises and examples to reinforce key points
  • Case studies from your industry to make it relevant
  • Handouts and summaries
  • Templates and tools
  • Copies of learning materials

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Our Results Speak for Themselves

  • Our year-long digital marketing training program with a global pharma agency was expanded to include 2 additional locations after initial success.
  • Our average score for a recent training program was 9.8/10
  • Clients of our advertising agency partners have requested our training program after hearing great things from their agency.
  • An advertising agency that we trained used our social marketing method and won their first social media contract (a 6 figure contract).
Boot Camp Digital is consistently top-rated by program attendees. We get great feedback because we are:
  • Passionate and enthusiastic
  • Knowledgable experts on the topic
  • Dedicated to creating a productive learning environment
  • Engaging by integrating case studies and real world examples
  • Fun and approachable
  • Focused on education and providing you with the best possible experience
  • Our training programs are always customized for your audience and learning objectives

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Training Topics

We can cover a wide range of topics in our training programs, and create a customized curriculum to meet your needs. We’ll work with you to develop relevant learning objectives for your organization.
While we can create unique content specifically for your organization, some of our more popular topics include:
    • Social Media 101
    • Social Media
    • Social Networks (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc)
    • Blogging (Platforms, Technical Choices, Strategy, Execution, Writing, Marketing)
    • Microblogging (Twitter)
    • LinkedIn for Business Development
    • Community Building
    • Community Management
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Display and Pay per Click Campaigns
    • Social Media Outreach
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Online PR
    • Content Marketing
    • Introduction to Social Networking
    • Social Media for PR, HR, Customer Service, Marketers, etc.
    • Integrating Digital into Traditional
    • Twitter for Marketing
    • Mobile Applications
    • Internet Marketing 101
    • Online Brand and Reputation Management
    • Corporate Websites (design for success, landing page optimization, usability, etc)
    • Measuring Return on Investment
    • Blogger and Influencer Outreach
    • Analytic Reporting
    • Word of Mouth Marketing
    • Content Development
    • Strategic Marketing
    • Viral Marketing
    • Multimedia Marketing (video, photos)
    • Digital Strategy
    • Social Media for Big Brands
    • Selling Social Media to Clients
    • Pinterest and how it Impacts Business
    • 10 Trends in Digital Marketing
    • Facebook for Marketing

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About BCD


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Krista Reigns Over the Social Media Landscape
Krista Neher is certainly a step ahead of the game.  She reigns in an ever changing social media landscape and presents depth and breadth of information that is intuitive and easy to grasp.  Very, very practical.

Matthew Dooley

10 Out of 10
Great content, awesome presenter.

Connie Kreutzjans

I LOVE the Boot Camp Digital Training
Krista’s engaging personality, professional presentation skills, and top-tiered marketing and social media knowledge combine to create a fun, knowledge-based, energy-filled experience. I value the times that I have participated in one of her seminars and would recommend Krista with a virtual megaphone.

Joanne Maly

Boot Camp Digital Training Review
What I thought would be a refresher course for someone who has grown up using social media was so much more insightful.  I now have the knowledge to implement a campaign and measure it's success more efficiently!

Chelsey Bieser

On a Scale of 1-10: 11!
Krista is very knowledgeable in social media and how she discusses it is very traceable.  She has experience and knows what she is talking about.  If I could give her an 11 I totally would!

Marthe Church

By Far the Best Information on Social Media
Very knowledgeable about social media.  I have seen a few different people talk about this subject and you have by far given me the best information on the topic.  Thank you.

Hilary Yacobucci

Highly Interactive with Students!
Krista was wonderful at her Social Media Certification Program at Cincinnati State. She is passionate about the subject and has tremendous knowledge and skill in all aspects of social media strategy and implementation. She is energetic and entertaining, and is interactive with her students. I would highly recommend Krista’s training courses to anyone or any business that is looking to expand their social media knowledge.

Amanda Lienemann

An Indispensable Resource for Social Media Training
Krista Neher is in a class on her own in the world of digital marketing and branding. Her innovative thinking and knowledge of current mediums coupled with her marketing background make her an indispensable resource for anyone looking to maintain relevance in today’s atmosphere. I have had the pleasure of attending many of her workshops and look forward to the next one!

Ben Baker

Looking Forward to Future Trainings…
Krista is a great mentor on social media marketing! I attended her bootcamp course on building a successful blog. Not only did she do a great job presenting I walked away with a great guide book to reference those next steps to implement. Looking forward to future courses.

Vicky Carlton

I Highly Recommend Krista!
Krista spent six hours with our senior executive staff at, critiquing the current state of our social media and facilitating the development of a social media plan for 2011 – 2015. Krista’s input was exceptionally well-researched and insightful. Her book is right on target, and a good tool to keep social media efforts targeted and productive. I would highly recommend Krista.

Leslie Linevsky

I Was Already Active in Social Media & Still Learned So Much
I came to the session thinking I probably already know the majority of what would be covered since I’m very active in social media.  I was wrong – Krista definitely gave me a whole new perspective of social media and everything tied to it.  She knows her stuff!

Crystal Decker

The Best Way to Learn Social Media Marketing
Boot Camp Digital is an excellent way to not only learn about social media and internet marketing, but feel comfortable talking about it with anyone after.  Krista provides useful information in easy to understand presentations!

Mike Brown

Learned a Ton About Blogging and Social Media
I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Krista through Ad2 Cincinnati. She’s a wealth of knowledge, and she has taught me a lot about blogging and social media.

Allison Tracy

The Most Useful Class I’ve Ever Attended…
I found the socila media presentation today to be the most useful and relervant information on the subject I have ever attended.

Darlyne Koretos

A Clear and Easy Approach to Understanding Social Media!
The boot camp was amazing. I took 30 pages of notes and that’s not something I’ve ever done at a seminar before. I’ve been using what I learned to expand the social media footprint of my business in ways I hadn’t considered before the seminar. Thanks for putting together a clear and easy to understand approach to social media. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone that is interested.

Clay Caldwell

This Is Huge!
I had no idea about the value in social media marketing. Krista opened my eyes to all the free tools available to help promote her agency. As a non-profit organization, this is huge. Thank you!

Denise Bryers

Krista’s the Social Media Guru!
Krista’s presentation and materials are so helpful and comprehensive.  After attending I feel like I have what I need to be successful. She is the guru!

Carrie Phillippi

Leading Edge in Social Media
I met with Krista when she first started this business and was impressed with her professionalism and knowledge of the industry. Since that time I have seen her publications and watched her grow the company and continue to see her at the forefront and leading edge in social media. I would recommend Krista to anyone who desires a greater understanding of social media and its usefulness in business.

Don Schlunt

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