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Most Popular Digital Marketing Workshops in 2021

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Krista Neher

Jan 05 2021

Boot Camp Digital works with hundreds of global clients each year providing top-rated digital marketing training workshops. As we look ahead to 2021 there are a number of popular workshops that show some trends in digital marketing capability development. As the value of digital is no longer in question, businesses are investing in their people to grow their impact and results.

In working with corporate clients on their 2021 Digital Marketing Capability Plans, we’ve found a number of top training programs emerge. Content is gaining importance but the Foundations and Fundamentals still matter.

1. Digital Marketing Foundations Workshop

While many businesses are more advanced in digital, the reality is that most of us still haven’t mastered the foundations. Digital marketing foundations is an excellent level-set program for an organization wanting to get everyone on the same page and speaking the same language. This isn’t a beginner program – it is a practical program that can be adapted for any organization.

2. Content Testing Workshop

As businesses begin to get a handle on the foundations of digital marketing they often find that their content isn’t getting the results they would like. In the past, we discussed and debated creative to determine what we ran. Now with digital, we can test content to make sure that it is actually performing well. This highly interactive program allows businesses to actually test their content to maximize their performance and results. Testing content is vital to growing the success of your digital marketing.

3. Digital Content Optimization Workshop

While businesses are investing in digital many aren’t getting the best results possible because their content just isn’t good enough. In digital attention is scarce and businesses must earn attention to drive impact. Content optimization focuses on crafting content for a digital-first environment based on best practices. Many businesses struggle to create engaging content for each channel, and this workshop provides a hands-on opportunity to craft compelling content that gets results.

4. Digital Marketing Mastery Workshop

As marketers have a solid understanding of the foundations, many want to take their knowledge to the next level. Our digital marketing mastery workshop is a more advanced program that goes beyond the foundations. This program includes actionable strategies, tools, and tips to get better results. We usually tailor this program to match the industry and focus areas of our clients.

5. Facebook Advertising Workshop

Facebook ads are becoming a staple in most digital marketing executions, yet many businesses aren’t executing Facebook ads in a way that maximizes their value. Facebook ads can be incredibly powerful when created correctly. This program focuses on our OCTO model to Facebook advertising success and includes advanced topics like testing, optimizing, structuring and workflow to maximize your value from Facebook Ads. This program is hands-on to allow participants to really understand how to harness the power of Facebook Ads.

6. LinkedIn for Sales Workshop

Sales professionals have a tremendous opportunity to harness the power of LinkedIn at every stage of the sales cycle. While most sales professionals have a presence on LinkedIn, few are truly taking advantage of the power of it. This workshop can run from as short as an hour or two as a part of a sales team conference to a full hands-on 2-day workshop that allows participants to implement what they learn as they go. This workshop drives sales professionals to take action with specific and advanced strategies on how to make full use of LinkedIn.

7. Personal Branding for Business Professionals Workshop

People are Googling you. They are searching for you online to assess your credibility and build an impression about you. Google and LinkedIn are your first impression. This hands-on program helps business professionals to evaluate their personal brand online based on our successful Launch Yourself Personal Branding program. Participants learn how to define, design and deliver a powerful personal brand online. This program can benefit any professional and is especially popular with executives, consultants, sales reps, business development professionals, entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and speakers.

8. Influencer and Ambassador Workshops

More and more organizations are relying on ambassadors and influencers to help grow their business presence. Smart businesses accelerate and empower their ambassadors with support in both growing their own presence and promoting the business that they partner with. Our influencer and ambassador workshops include interactive and hands-on elements and are a great way to strengthen your relationship with your influencers while helping them to achieve better results.

9. Employee Advocacy Training

More and more businesses are realizing that their employees can be their biggest assets in marketing, recruiting and growing their business presence online. LinkedIn Elevate and other tools have grown in popularity because they help businesses achieve this objective. That being said, many employees struggle with how to advocate for their employer online in an appropriate way. This program inspires and empowers employees to advocate and share on behalf of their employer, and can incorporate any internal guidelines or social media policy as well.

10. Social Media Marketing Foundations Workshop

Social media continues to be one of the most powerful yet complex digital marketing tools. Our social media foundations program goes beyond the basics and covers the foundations that business professionals and marketers need to understand about social media. This program is great to level-set your organization and get everyone speaking the same language with the same understanding of social media. We can customize this program for your audience knowledge level, business objectives and industry.

11. Social Media Marketing Mastery Workshop

If you already have a strong foundational understanding of social media but want to bring your results to the next level, this mastery workshop is for you. This can be customized based on your industry, focus areas and knowledge levels and includes hands-on, practical and actionable strategies, tactics and tools to bring your results to the next level. If you want to grow your results and understanding of social media to become more advanced this advanced social media workshop is a great idea.

12. LinkedIn for Business Professionals Workshop

LinkedIn is the biggest professional social network yet many business professionals still aren’t using it well. When it comes to LinkedIn having employees with strong profiles benefits both the employer and the employee. Employees can build their presence and your brand on LinkedIn when they use the tool well. Studies also show that the reputation of the CEO or business contact is vital when choosing who to do business with. This hands-on workshop shows business professionals exactly how and why to harness LinkedIn to establish and grow their presence. This program is popular for executives, sales professionals, business development, consultants and business leaders.

13. Digital Marketing Analytics, Data and Insights Workshop

The only real way to grow results from digital marketing is to look at (and understand) the data. Many businesses still aren’t fully taking advantage of the data readily available to them in digital marketing channels. This interactive workshop focuses on understanding data that is available and how to analyze and interpret it. We use our 3W Model to drive insights from data and show marketers how to become data-driven to grow ROI and results.

In addition to the workshops above, we provide custom workshops on a number of social media marketing and digital marketing topics. Contact us to see how we can create a customized program for you. As a bonus, click here to get a sample of the resources you’ll receive in our trainings.

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