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Ad Agency Boosts 96% completion rate of customized team training designed to level-set and upskill their teams in digital marketing.
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In this case study, an advertising agency wanted to level-set and upskill their teams in digital marketing. They wanted to drive best-in-class executions and grow results for clients and revenue for the agency. Boot Camp Digital certified 96% of the team in customized certification paths.

Business Challenge

The agency was looking to train its team to upskill digital marketing. They wanted to provide better campaigns for clients and improve the results. Knowledge levels varied across the organization. They needed both level-set and mastery training. All teams needed better alignment. They had different understandings of digital strategy and used different terms. Best practices needed to be used and understood consistently.



The agency had three primary training objectives:

1) Strong Digital Foundations

The entire agency needed to understand the foundations of effective digital marketing. Specifically digital fluency, best practices, and understanding channel strategy.

2) Proficiency To Execute

The agency needed to effectively execute digital marketing strategies and tactics using best practices. The Client Services, Accounts, Strategy, and Execution teams needed a common understanding of how to drive client results.

3) Attain Accreditation

The agency wanted externally recognized accreditation and certification to grow credibility by showcasing certification credentials on LinkedIn and with clients.

Our Solutions & Key Deliverables

Boot Camp Digital created custom certification tracks. The certification is accredited in the US and globally and aligned with Facebook Blueprint and Google Certifications.

1. Digital IQ Test

Boot Camp Digital deployed its Digital IQ Test and survey to gauge current knowledge levels. This created a benchmark of knowledge for the agency. We benchmarked vs. other marketers, other agencies, and within agency teams. This provided insights used to customize the training.

2. Customized Digital Marketing Certifications

The customized certifications were based on agency objectives, the growth goals for clients and service lines, and the Digital IQ Test scores. Boot Camp Digital created customized certification learning paths for each department based on their learning objectives.

a. Account Services Digital Marketing

b. Creative Services Digital Marketing

c. Social Media Marketing – Agency Wide

3. Virtual Live Kick-Off Session

To start strong, we delivered a live kick-off session. This covered the latest trends in digital and built excitement for digital projects and certifications.

4. Customized Deployment + Communication

The certifications were deployed with a timeline and cadence to drive compliance. Participants completed three hours weekly of training over a 3-month period to earn each certification.

5. Reporting and Tracking

Boot Camp Digital provided real-time tracking and reporting. A self-serve dashboard allowed agency leadership to see the impact of the training.

6. Internal Communications and Compliance

High completion rates were driven by the Boot Camp Digital course design and strong internal communications. The agency required all employees to complete the certification. They shared a leaderboard, and leadership followed up with learners who had not completed the program.




The agency had best-in-class completion rates, high
participant satisfaction, and additional real business benefits
to the training program.

  • 96% completion rate
  • 92% would recommend the training
  • 100% increase in digital knowledge
  • Used for new hire onboarding
  • Employee attraction and retention tool
  • Growth in digital business
  • Able to increase digital service offerings


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