Certifying 2000+ Global Marketers for a Healthcare Medical Device Digital Transformation

Global marketers completed customized e-learning digital marketing certifications (beginner and mastery) to support their global digital transformation. The training program was top-rated by participants with 95% rating great and above and
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In this case study, a global healthcare medical device company underwent a digital transformation. The central global digital team wanted to upskill global marketers to meet the challenges and opportunities of digital marketing. Medical device marketing is rapidly evolving with digital, and the organization wanted to capture this opportunity.

Boot Camp Digital created two customized certification programs.
Over 2,000 global marketers were certified in foundations and advanced tracks. The custom training created a strong return on investment for learner time and allowed the team to integrate internal thought leadership.

Business Challenge

As a part of the global digital transformation for the healthcare company, the central digital team focused on best practices and scalable solutions. The biggest challenge was transforming the skills of marketers in the regions globally.

These marketers were responsible for day-to-day marketing. Their digital knowledge and skills varied dramatically. They weren’t implementing digital. They were responsible for making decisions, managing agencies, understanding results, and overall business performance.

The training needed to cover best practices and integrate internal thought leadership, models, and training. The training needed to feel customized and branded (with off-the-shelf). It needed to easily scale globally.

The training was highly rated by participants.


Our Solution

To upskill the global healthcare organization at scale, Boot Camp Digital created customized digital marketing certifications.

The global healthcare company needed both Foundations and Advanced tracks. Tracks and messaging were further customized by business groups and regions.

The certifications seamlessly merged off-the-shelf training with internal thought leadership, resources, and training assets.


This resulted in a customized, cohesive, and branded training program that specifically matched business needs.

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Key Deliverables

1. We created a customized learning portal with messages from leadership and internal resources.

2. We created two custom digital certifications (Digital Marketing Foundations and Digital Marketing Mastery). The content strategically matched the transformation objectives and aligned with global digital centers of excellence.

3. The program was designed to be completed over a set timeframe with weekly assignments. The length and pacing maximized adoption within a self-paced format.

4. Internal content from the central global digital team was integrated into the off-the-shelf content.

5. Learners received custom messages each week to keep them on track. These messages included internal resources, COE best practices, and leadership messages. This wasn’t just on-demand access. A dated deployment plan with custom messaging drove higher completion rates.

6. The training integrated gamification, awards, and unique messages to motivate learners to complete the training.

7. Internal messaging, branding, and thought leadership were seamlessly integrated into the entire learning experience.

8. Customized reporting was available with on-demand dashboards. The impact and results of the training were continuously monitored.


BONUS: Learners received access to the entire Boot Camp Digital library, and over 50% took advantage of additional training.


The organization was able to roll out a global upskill program to markets comprehensively. The scaled program exceeded benchmarks for completion and impact on organization results.

Additionally, the global healthcare company saw that learner ratings rated “excellent” or “great” were at 91% overall. When broken down by tracks, the Digital Marketing Foundations (8-hours) received 95% ratings of “excellent” or “great,” and the Digital Marketing Mastery (40-hours) received 88% ratings of “excellent” or “great.”

Boot Camp Digital Case Study Certifying 2000+GLOBAL Healthcare providers- Results

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