Implementing Digital Marketing That Actually Works:
The Ultimate Planner

Written by Boot Camp Digital CEO, Krista Neher

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Implementing Digital Marketing That Actually Works: The Ultimate Planner is a companion guide to Digital Marketing That Actually Works: The Ultimate Guide. In this book you’ll find resources to support implementation and that’s what it’s all about, putting what you learned into action.

What’s inside…

This Digital Marketing Action Planner + Quick-Start Guides, Tip Sheets, and Checklists will guide you in creating a clear and effective digital strategy for your business or organization. To make the most of out of this guide, consider the following tips:

  • Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the answers. Get as close as you can and move on. Done is better than perfect.
  • Prioritize the areas that matter most to your business. Don’t complete sections that aren’t relevant to you. Focus on what will get you results.
  • Change your plan as needed. Remember that this isn’t set in stone. You can and should learn as you go and adapt. Don’t stick to a plan that isn’t working.
  • Think strategy over tactics. While some tactics or tools might be exciting always link back to how it contributes to your business goals or objectives.

If you’re ready to shift your focus from chasing the newest shiny gimmick that works today to thinking about real impact that future-proofs your online presence, then you’re ready for digital marketing that actually works!

What People Are Saying About Implementing Digital Marketing That Actually Works: The Ultimate Planner

Easy read with actual steps you can follow!

I am a team of one digital specialist at a small scale ad agency so I am often tasked with building the strategy, executing and reporting and sometimes I need some new fresh ideas on better ways to build and implement my digital plans. This book was a great guide and included some awesome tips on how to think about strategy building in the digital space differently. I definitely recommend this book, especially if you’re just starting out and need some guidance.

– Samantha Elias

I adored this book.

It’s chock full of useful information that is succinct and understandable. While the world of digital marketing is constantly changing, the hallmarks described in this book are timeless. I highly recommend it.

– Emma Criswell

Great digital marketing book.

I used this book to explain the digital marketing world we live in today. It has great information how to use all the media to market my product. It’s an easy read. I was surprised to read all the great info.

– Darren Alcock

Even software engineer understands this.

I am a software engineer that is starting her own business. I understand the impact of a good marketing strategy but I have no idea of how to think of it, how to execute it, or how to implement it. All this topic seemed abstract and strange for me. After reading this bookI have a clear idea and I know exactly what to do. I like how structured and simply written this book is. I recommend it to everyone starting or running their business.

– Olga Filipova

She has been one of the secret weapons of my career.

When Krista told me she was writing a book on Digital Marketing I got worried. She has been one of the secret weapons of my career and I didn’t want to share her brain with the general public. Upon reading her book my feelings changed because this book is important. Rare is there a guide that really goes deeper than the superficial and helps the reader as if the person was there and this book does.

– Saul Colt,
Founder, The Idea Integration Co. and Internet Celebrity

Provides tools and frameworks marketers at organizations of any size can use.

With today’s rapidly evolving media landscape, marketers struggle to keep up. In addition to needing tactics for these new social and digital channels, they also need help with the underlying strategy, budget questions, and measuring ROI. Krista Neher’s new book is aptly named. Digital Marketing That Actually Works provides tools and frameworks marketers at organizations of any size can use. Read this book and you’ll be on your way to rethinking your marketing at a time when marketing is rethinking itself.

– Nick Westergaard,
Author of Brand Now and Get Scrappy

This book will take you through all the stages of creating and implementing a digital marketing strategy.

Follow the Leader(ship)! Digital Marketing explained so you can actually do it, too! This book is a must-read for those struggling to understand how effective their current marketing is and for those who are finally ready to not just work hard, but also smart! Many gurus and influencers out on the web spout off “how-to” and “do-this” theories yet not give you a blueprint of each step to take along the way. This book will take you through all the stages of creating and implementing a digital marketing strategy. Krista shows how all parts work together; social media marketing, email marketing, advertising, SEO, etc. The power tips, tools and action items allow you to use this book as a field guide to your digital marketing needs. If you are ready to see measurable results, actually go purchase, read and implement the strategies in this book.

– Dorien Morin,
van Dam

This is THE blueprint you need for your Digital Marketing Success.

I love the step by step approach, roadmap, exercises, and bonus 30-page action planner. So much value and impact in this book. If you are in digital or need to up your game in your organization this is a must read. Not only is it a book but they have build excellent training programs around the material as well. Book + Training = Success!

– Kendra Ramirez

This is a great digital marketing guide.

It has tried and true practices, covering everything you need to know and more. I love how the book has sections for written notes where you can reflect on your goals and develop ideas. I’ve worked in digital for years, but even I learned some new pieces of infor that were really helpful. I think anyone, digital marketer or not, can find this helpful. Great read!

– Alana Frew

The best book on digital marketing and media I have ever read!

I am very impressed with this book. Having known Krista Neher for many years I will have to say this is her best book yet. I purchased her earlier works and used them extensively in my business and with my business clients to great advantage. This book builds on her early successes and capitalizes on her many years as a digital media professional with her instructing and leading within the digital media world. Her first recommendation that all digital media campaigns start with an evaluation and analysis of a company’s Goals, Strategies, Objectives, and Tactical Needs and Requirements is spot on. Too many wasted man hours and funds are spent on looking for the “next big thing” as she calls it. The bottom line for any company is to be where their audience is, and Krista makes this point and gives many strategic and deliberate ways to accomplish this in her book. Many businesses want to piggyback on influencers to promote their businesses thinking this is a shortcut to success. Krista correctly warns that many of these “influencers” paid their follower numbers and are not actually influencing anyone except businesses who want to engage them. This is a serious book that will help any business, large or small, to improve their digital marketing, reduce costs, and increase effectiveness for funds spent. I highly recommend this book to everyone who is in business. Well done Krista!!

– Nancy Lunney