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Realtors: Hot on the Market because of Social Media


Nov 17 2010

While the real estate crisis has been a difficult time for many realtors, agents are creatively overcoming this obstacle through the use of social media and are seeing substantial, rewarding results.  A survey showed that 84% of realtors and brokers...

Social Media Speaker Krista Neher to Speak at PubCon Las Vegas 2010


Nov 10 2010

CINCINNATI – Krista Neher, CEO at Boot Camp Digital and internationally known speaker on digital marketing, is honored to be speaking about online brand management strategies on November 11th at PubCon’s Las Vegas Internet Conference 2010 at the Las Vegas...

Ad Agency Training: Can the Agency be the Voice of the Brand Online?

Krista Neher

Oct 15 2010

I ran a private corporate training session a few weeks ago for ad advertising agency....  These types of training sessions are always  great - not only because I get to help agencies understand social media and internet marketing, but also...
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