Social Media Cat Meme Monday

Happy Monday! Here at Boot Camp Digital we were looking for a way to cure our fans and followers of their post-weekend blues. But we also wanted this new weekly tradition to be educational. So naturally, we decided to combine cats and social media. Each week we’ll use a new picture of my sister’s crazy cat, Margeaux, to share some silly but helpful social media tips. So today is our first official Margeaux Meme Monday – enjoy the humor and education, and share it with your friends! We’re also going to create a pinboard with Margeaux Memes – so be sure to follow us on pinterest at 


  1. [...] Looking for a way to cheer yourself up on this gloomy Monday? Boot Camp Digital has started a weekly tradition of Cat Meme Monday – pictures of my sister’s crazy cat, Margeaux, with some tips to keep in mind for your social media marketing! Enjoy our meme and check back next Monday for another. You can also view last week’s social media cat meme. [...]

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