Four Ways AI is Revolutionizing Video Marketing

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Four Ways AI is Revolutionizing Video Marketing

Krista Neher

Apr 09 2024


Video content has emerged as one of the top ways to captivate audience attention and drive brand engagement.

Whether you create vertical videos through TikToks, Reels, Shorts, or long-format videos, marketers constantly seek ways to improve their video strategies. With the integration of generative AI, we have a real game changer that goes beyond content creation. It empowers marketers to use it for optimization, analysis, and personalization. Here are four ways AI is revolutionizing video marketing.

1. Elevating Video Quality

Not only are we seeing breathtaking start-to-finish AI videos (hello, SORA), but video editing tools are now enabling marketers to create high-quality content. These tools allow them to create AI videos more efficiently by automating videos and editing tasks. Tools like Adobe’s Premiere Pro help marketers save time and resources. A solid understanding of prompt optimization and AI tool mastery is the key to creating AI video content success.

2. Enhanced Accessibility and Inclusivity

Auto-captioning is one of the best AI features for Reels, Shorts, and TikToks! You can try it by adding the captions sticker to a Reel or using the captions feature on TikTok or YouTube. AI translation tools are also being added to apps like Zoom to enhance meetings and make content more accessible and inclusive. Before posting a video, look for tools available for captioning or translations, like Veed.io and Rev. At Boot Camp Digital, we use captioning and translations for all of our new courses.

3. Real-Time Data-Driven Insights and Optimization

It’s all about video strategy! With generative AI, you can access your data and make real-time decisions to inform it. You can analyze your metrics and KPIs by utilizing ChatGPT or other generative AI. You can also uncover actionable insights to strengthen your video content for better, faster results. Many social scheduling tools offer insights, but you can find further insights from tools like Agency Analytics, Rival IQ, and Oracle. Learning how to refine your data with AI will accelerate a marketer or business ten times faster than those who choose not to use AI.

4. Personalized Content Creation

AI tools launch daily to help content creators do more than write good copy. Some newest tools will convert URLs, text, or scripts into videos. So many marketers use them to repurpose their blogs and newsletters into new content. Tools like Runway and Invideo AI dive deep into AI video editing. A plus for these tools is that they are more user-friendly than advanced tools like Premiere Pro. Another tool we use at Boot Camp Digital is OpusClip. This tool has been a game changer in our productivity. OpusClip helps you repurpose long videos into Shorts. We take our webinars, and in a few quick seconds, it generates 20-30 content ideas that are easily editable and personalizable within the app.

Generative AI is revolutionizing how video content is created, optimized, and personalized. Marketers and content creators no longer need elaborate sets to create and generate great video content. Instead, they can create content at scale, faster, and more efficiently than ever. AI-powered tools empower marketers to push the boundaries of creativity, engage their audiences in new, meaningful ways, and elevate accessibility and inclusivity. With the right tools, marketers can strategize their video marketing to drive engagement, brand visibility, and, ultimately, brand success. Businesses and marketers who start integrating AI tools into their marketing strategies will see faster results and more success than those who choose not to.

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